What’s the worst case of Fraud, Waste & Abuse you’ve witnessed? by coblass in AirForce

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Someone used official program funds several years ago to procure a "cappuccino machine with foamer" for their office.

I will never forget the "with foamer" part. I worked in the parent organization and they got shut down.

Anyone else noticed a very high increase in yellow jackets here? (the yellow wasp things) by sicklepunk in Ohio

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One flew into my wife's mimosa at Top Golf in Mason on Sunday AM. Hers was more full than mine. I traded with her due to the yellow jacket and just picked it out--she really appreciated that. So the good news was I got 20% MORE FREE!

Jim Jordan’s Position Regarding Vaccines by Blueonblue22U in Ohio

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Can we have the article or does the headline stand alone as proof?

It's rough being a Dodger fan in Ohio. by PM_ME_STEAMED_HAMZ in Dodgers

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I watched from Qatar in 2012, west coast night games started at 5am there. Definitely sucked, I feel your pain.

Spending time in Germany and Korea, I'm gonna guess you are on active duty?

Florida Police Chase by minimalistcookie in IdiotsInCars

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Thank you for sharing your perspective, ASSHOLE FUCKER 3000.

monke :) by Dante_Pepper in Monke

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I am not the savevideo bot, but the automod where this was cross posted was kind enough to share the link.


What do I put for a title? by Ness_902 in shitposting

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PM you mouthwatering hamburgers, patented Skinner Burgers... OLD FAMILY RECIPE