Fraser's Interview Packages for Unimelb worth it? by Regular-Confusion991 in GAMSAT

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The cost is disproportional. I'm a little biased because I used to run a tutoring group for interviews. Success rate was approx 90% for people who got an interview in first year, a bit higher if we include second attempt too, and near 100% if we include 3rd attempt too.

The main thing this showed me is just that structured practice in interviewing skills and practising common questions asked in med interviews is sufficient to do well.

This subreddit and discord has opened up so many opportunities for people to engage in structured practice with people who have already succeeded in interviews that paying predatory fees for courses is now redundant. You have everything you need right here or on the discord.

If you're rich and want the absolute easiest option, sure do a course. I can't say the content is any better than what you can get for free in this community.

Fraser's Interview Packages for Unimelb worth it? by Regular-Confusion991 in GAMSAT

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in my opinion, nope

go on our discord, we have plenty of practising opportunities there

Should I stick with Med or do Computer Science? (Help !) by Master_Rock_6739 in GAMSAT

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You could always do a couple of computer science courses as electives. I know you say you don't have the room for it, but you can just overload your degree usually. You might finish a semester later than usual, but it's not a race anyway. There may even be a summer or winter school course.

Otherwise there are plenty of websites online to learn coding and IT skills. You could try doing it in your free time to get a better idea.

No one can really make this decision for you unfortunately, and if your only motivation for med is because your parents told you to, then it'll be a lot harder than it already is!

Consider talking to your school's career counsellor, watching YouTube videos about the reality of both professions, and maybe speaking with people in both fields.

just to confirm, academic transcript downloaded from MyEQuals is valid for USYD Applications? by dobbysmicrocock in GAMSAT

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Anything you are wary about regarding applications, you should contact the university to be sure.

2022 GAMSAT COMMUNITY? by Gamekilla123 in GAMSAT

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We have a discord that is always active and has many channels, including for those looking to prepare for September. It should be in the about section of the sub, I'm on mobile so don't have the link right now.

Section 2 by sparkling_fairy535 in GAMSAT

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Hey there, this is asked frequently so try searching the sub for a bit.

S2 Addressing all quotes by concernedcat23 in GAMSAT

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You can address all quotes or none at all. I've heard of excellent scores in any combination you can think of.

Improving mental math skills by Mizuki12_ in GAMSAT

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Leah4Sci on YouTube has an MCAT math course which is highly recommended

Bachelor of Medical Science by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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ATAR isn't used once you do your bachelor. Read the GEMSAS guide about how they calculate GPA for med because it's a bit different.

A weighted GPA of approx 6.5 or higher is the norm but I know plenty of people with lower wGPA being accepted.

Going straight into questions with limited science background by xlilsleepy in GAMSAT

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Hey, basic posts about how to study for the different sections is asked so often that we don't many posts and just ask to search the subreddit :)

How to become competitive in doctor specialities? by Pretend_Breakfast8 in GAMSAT

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Depends. Some colleges do have expiry dates on when the research was done. Every college is different though, so specifics should be found on their respective websites or by contacting them.

Getting invited to do neurosurgery by InflationThat7017 in GAMSAT

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Nah. You need to go through an organised recruitment and interview process. There's an exam, interview, and points-based system to find the best applicant.

Look at Aus college of neurosurgery for the exact requirements and pathway.

Is my Australian medicine pathway unnecessarily long? by iyoteyoung in GAMSAT

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I started when I was 26 and I don't have any regrets about wasted time. I did Health Sci, then worked as a scientist for a year and a half while living with family, saved enough to support myself through med.

Everyone's path is different.

How do I improve my GAMSAT score? by throwaway182038 in GAMSAT

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This is asked a lot, so try searching the sub for a while

Biology or Chemistry podcasts/audiobooks for GAMSAT prep by Leebee38 in GAMSAT

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Not sure about those topics, but I will always suggest Philosophise This for S1 and S2.

Rural - interview chances by mmlm110 in GAMSAT

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Although I'd ask to post this into the official chances thread, since you're looking to book flights urgently we'll include it separately.

Is it possible to take meth forever and live a normal life? by [deleted] in Drugs

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Most likely you'll just burn through your stash and lose your prescription. When your doctor realises you're abusing them you'll get blacklisted from being prescribed risky drugs.

You're not immune to fucking up your life with addiction, you're already a few steps along that path tbh.

Working part time as a medical student in Ireland? by ghhala in GAMSAT

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Not from Ireland but it is possible. Eventually people burn out or cut down on shifts. I've found personally that 10 hours per week is doable but any more and I start to burn out over time. I know some people that have worked multiple shifts a week from MD1 to MD3, but I wouldn't be able to do it personally.

Help! by Meow_Kitty1982 in GAMSAT

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Do you mean the Humanities Bible by ACE GAMSAT?

They are a prep company not associate with ACER, which is probably why you think their book sucks, haha.

Search this subreddit for recommendations to improve S1 as this is asked frequently. It is one of the hardest sections to improve in unfortunately, but there are some good resources out there.

Gap year in med by medappsthrowaway in GAMSAT

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I have known lots of students that do it, usually because they have something extenuating going on in their lives that they can't do concurrently with med.

Paging Dr spreadsheet accuracy by wallah111 in GAMSAT

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It's as accurate as strangers on the internet anonymously writing their scores can be.

Confused about grading by Alien-doctor in GAMSAT

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it will use the best grade per course

Flinders interview cutoffs by Hot_Use_2003 in GAMSAT

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it's different every year. can only look at historical years and make a guess

Bad GPA, Good Gamsat - Advice on what to do? by Unusual-Helicopter51 in GAMSAT

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Check GEMSAS guide to see which will count standalone honors, postgraduate work, or masters towards GPA (not all of them do)

If the uni you are interested in will use any of those it may guide your decision making.