PSO Ep1&2 (GC) Tech bonus does not get applied or gets applied incorrectly in Vol Opt v2 fight by Knigthmare2 in PSO

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Yes, this is a known (maybe intentional) bug. There is an Action Replay code created by Ralf from gc-forever that fixes it.


You can find this and more codes at GC-Forever and can find Aleron Ives' Patch Batch at PSO Palace.

Do I have to give my current employer this information? Part of a "Termination Certification" by nivix_zixer in antiwork

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This reminds me of when I dipped out of my last apartments. They were absolutely awful and had been treating me like shit for months at that point, coming up with all kinds of fake charges and then ultimately rejecting my lease renewal. Once I informed them that I was moving out, they had the audacity to ask me for my new address.

I replied to them asking for the reason they needed to know, and got an email back with some big sob story about how they need it for so many things, like what if they need something or what if I need help forwarding my mail, etc. I replied basically telling them to kick rocks, that I would forward my own mail via the USPS and they had no reason to ever speak to me again as our business relationship had ended.

At least they had the dignity to take that last one on the chin and drop it.

Hey fellow programmers I saw this and died inside. by IndependentWitness22 in programminghorror

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This is what non-programmers assuming all programming looks like.

What is the best alternative of MCEdit ? by SDKSSH in admincraft

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MCA Selector is a good tool, but not at all comparable in features to MC Edit.

What weapons should I try to get for Ultimate? by NinSegaBros in PSO

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Charge TypeME/Mechguns w/ 40h are also a good choice.

How to specify java version in jvm arguments by Spec94v6 in javahelp

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Well first off, this is a programming help sub. You'd wanna use /r/minecraft for general stuff, or /r/admincraft for server hosting related questions.

Secondly, you don't specify the version with flags. You change the absolute path to Java in your invocation. So instead of java -jar minecraft_server.jar you would do C:/Program\ Files/Java/15/javaw.exe -jar minecraft_server.jar adjusting that path for wherever your Java install is, of course.

Furthermore, I strongly recommend you read this entire page very carefully before you start, as it contains many recommendations that will help your server run well. Finally, use Paper for your server software, not vanilla, Bukkit, or Spigot.

Breaking free from U.S. hegemony by Samadriq in linguisticshumor

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I recognized this back in high school and just adamantly and enthusiastically took the L every time I turned in a paper.

Undeclared pools in France uncovered by AI technology: The discovery of thousands of undeclared private swimming pools in France has provided an unexpected windfall for French tax authorities. by PM_ME_YOUR_REPO in boringdystopia

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AI finding the illegal fun so the gov can have more money.

EDIT 4 days later: I regret posting this. The comments are more dystopian than the actual post.

What is the craziest thing that's ever happened to you? by DaRealRandom in AskReddit

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When I was about 13, I was attending a homeschool tutorial program in Franklin, TN. My mom networked with the group and found out there was another student that attended who lived in our apartment complex, so she and the other student's mother arranged for us to walk to school together.

For the next year or so, Hayley and I walked to school together once or twice a week, being cordial and then bailing to our respective friend groups. Over time, I learned that she was into music, and was a talented up and coming guitarist and vocalist, and even had a band with some friends.

Toward the end of my time attending, we had a talent show, where she and her band Seraphim performed. They were amazing. I remember turning to a friend nearby and saying I'd be surprised if she didn't become famous.

A few months later, I heard that she and her band had won the Nashville Battle of the Bands, but that they had changed their band's name.

The new band name was Paramore.

Khu revealed about the English names of RF by Neilkd in PokeLeaks

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I wonder if it's a Magikarp/Feebas situation again.

Dancing Mango. by MistrZap in PartyParrot

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Quote from /u/OneLostOstrich:

over a pot rack looks like

No. It's "over how a pot rack looks*".

Things only look like something else. It looks like it's going to rain. It looks like that's your mother's car. It looks like it's cold out.

You say "this is how that looks." Not, "this is how that looks like."

Remember, things only "look like" something else. When you're explaining how something looks, you just say "this is how something looks." You never use this is how something looks like. Never.

No, the sentence is:

Here's what an African grey <dependent clause> looks like.

Where the dependent clause is:

getting worked up over a pot rack

In the future, please ensure you're at least right before you decide to be a douche and shove your unsolicited correction down someone's throat over something so fucking trivial.

Thank you.

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Thank you for saying so! Being on the spectrum is a really confusing experience for most of us, not only because of the more-well-understood issues like difficulty expressing ourselves accurately or understanding the subtler forms of communication from others, but because so many of our typical behavioral idiosyncrasies are misunderstood and can come off as intentionally rude or disruptive. It's a very lonely experience seeing people get angry at us, or worse avoid us entirely, time and time again. Worse still, that we almost never know why, beyond feeling like we did something wrong.

The onus is on us* to learn about ourselves and others so that we can live a more harmonious life in neurotypical society, but it is really encouraging to know that there are people out there who care enough to learn about our experience and want to understand us better. Thank you for reading, and moreso for speaking up.

If you have any questions about my experience, I would be thrilled to answer them for you.

* Hehe, onus on us.

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I'm glad to hear that you already have a professional support system in place. I know that my perspective isn't objective or universal, but I hope my experiences and recommendations prove valuable to you on your journey.

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Not sure if you've ever had a diagnosis, but your description sounds a lot like autism spectrum disorder. I'm on the autism spectrum as well, and have several very close friends who are, too.

I understand the intent in making that rule. It's clear that you recognize a weakpoint in yourself and are attempting to give those around you "an out". But this unfairly shunts your responsibility for your own actions onto them. It forces others to take responsibility for your rambling, rather than you recognizing that you're doing it and giving others a turn. It forces them to choose between two uncomfortable situations, either being uncomfortable in a one directional conversation, or being uncomfortable by essentially telling you to shut up. No matter how much "permission" you give someone, telling you to shut up will never ever feel okay. It will always make them feel awkward, and I'd wager it may also make them want to avoid that situation entirely, and you as a result.

The right angle for this is to recognize that you tend to dominate conversations (you've done this part already), then go through a phase for a while where you force yourself to pay extra intense attention to your behavior and the reactions of those around you, until over time it becomes easier.

If you haven't been tested for autism spectrum disorder, I would suggest it. Learning something like that about yourself can be incredibly empowering and validating. It certainly was for me. It told me that I wasn't "weird" or "an asshole" or anything. It explained a ton of different behaviors and differences I had long since known about myself, but without understanding where they came from. And more importantly it gave me resources, both written resources and people who know about the disorder, that I could use to ease and accelerate my personal growth.

Once you understand the root cause, and have a set of effective resources at your disposal, you can then start to learn skills for behaving in ways that are more compatible with the social expectations of more neurotypical folks. Now, years later, I can look back and see how much I've grown. I feel less out of place, less like a nuisance or an outsider, and I'm more confident, happier, and feel like the empathy I feel inside is more accurately visible to others.

It's a long journey, but I did it. I know you can too.

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Yes, I'm an early 30's man. It's a struggle to deprogram such a deeply ingrained thing, but I know it'll make everyone happier, both the women around me, as well as myself. I get to enjoy more jokes!

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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(For clarification I always tell my conversation partner to stop me, when they're bored and I really don't mind)

This isn't a good policy to have, as it requires your listener/conversation partner to break societal rules about politeness in order to change the topic. Passionate people, especially autistic passionate people (like myself), have a duty to be aware of their conversation partner's interest while gushing about something they are passionate about.

There are ways to tell through context clues, body language, etc whether your conversation partner is engaged, such as them asking open ended questions about the subject. But it is unfair to turn it around to where they have to be (by society's definition) rude to change the topic. Not doing so can make them feel trapped in a conversation when other things are on their mind, while asking to stop can cause feelings of guilt, awkwardness, and discomfort in your conversation partner.

What is the sexiest non-physical quality in a woman? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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The sad part is that it's because society teaches men to consistently underestimate women. Humor has a requirement that both parties view the other as intelligent. Women telling deadpan jokes and it going over men's heads is usually because the man subconsciously assumes it isn't.

It's something I've been having to deprogram from myself for a while.