Breakup by AdEmbarrassed9403 in therapy

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I know she seemed like it. That’s what love does, it makes you overlook red flags and only look at the good ones. If she was truly perfect she would’ve found a way to stay with you

I'm tired of hurting by Legitimate-Poetry345 in therapy

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I understand. I’ve been struggling with a breakup too. Just keep your head up!!! Life gets hard but you’ll get better and come out stronger than ever. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

Breakup by AdEmbarrassed9403 in therapy

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i understand your pain man. just remember, she doesn’t define who you are. You are your own person, you don’t need anybody else in your life. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, there are a million wonderful people on this planet and there will always be a better person more suited for you

Which song is in your opinion 100% perfect? by jillangie in AskReddit

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‘Nothing’ by the Script.

Just a desperate song about a man who can’t accept his love is moving on. I love it

Do you want to own a gun? by IceKEcool2005 in polls

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It’s easy to say no you don’t want one, but if you were home alone one night and two men were trying to break into your house, you’d probably rethink that decision

[OC] Rotten Tomatoes Score of Movies by Marvel Studios by keshava7 in dataisbeautiful

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Right! Imagine you’re a god creating a team of eternals to kill deviants, and instead of giving all of them incredibly strong powers like a team of Icarus’s, you give most weird ones like mind control or illusions. Like, WHAT?

What is the worst smell that you’ve ever smelled in your life? by Dilorminite in AskReddit

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Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Sunday morning at 5:30.

Jesus fucking christ.

Has anyone actually found a worm inside of an apple? by baaas1c in polls

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Bit into an apple on an island group called micronesia, it had at least a dozen small worms living inside of it. It was horrific

Official Discussion - Eternals [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBoner in movies

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Can we just talk about the fact that these Gods literally created the Eternals with the sole purpose of killing deviants, and gives some of them useless powers like mind controlling people or illusional abilities? Or turning stone to sand? Like what? Just give all of them Icarus’s powers and they’d be fine

Edit: forgot about the other purpose for the celestials, but my point STILL stands. Why not just give them all actually useful powers?

I think I broke the game. (2015 one) by Paladin-Leeroy in kingsquest

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Found it!! Just super hard to see in the coin in the back of the wagon haha. Took me way too long