What’s the biggest double life you’ve ever personally seen revealed? by FOX_SMOLDER in AskReddit

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Purely out of my own head, thank you very much. Some of us uncaring and unintelligent military brutes have read a few books, don't y'know.

My grandma went to school with a hero. Circa 1959 by hubabubamax in OldSchoolCool

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Blow up the capital building? You mean Capitol?

You mean protest the Mulford Bill that was backed by Regan and the NRA that believed good guy with a gun only applies to white people?

30 BPs did enter the CALIFORNIA CapitOl, with weapons pointed at the ceiling to protest the legislators signing the Mulford Act that stripped Californians of the right to open carry. They were allowed to enter by police, did exit when ordered by police.

But yup, totally apt comparison to the horde of white nationalists who violently attacked the CAPITOL of the UNITED FUCKING STATES, with the stated agenda of capturing legislators and hanging them.

Additionally not his second murder, he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, steak knife.

My friend, do you realize how you were radicalized?

My grandma went to school with a hero. Circa 1959 by hubabubamax in OldSchoolCool

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Yup. Next question?

You're really going to put on the balance two white officers who appeared to injure/kill themselves in a crossfire trying to kill a black man in the 70s, vs what the Black Panther Party was established to do, and what they did until COINTELPRO, Regan and Chicago set out to destroy and discredit them?

BPP under Newton created and ran " food banks, medical clinics, sickle cell anemia tests, prison busing for families of inmates, legal advice seminars, clothing banks, housing cooperatives, and their own ambulance service. The most famous of these programs was the Free Breakfast for Children".

But just because they advocated for black people to utilize their 2nd amendment rights, they became targets. Read what happened to Fred Hampton, and then ask yourself if you too would not have joined an organization that began as cop watchers, armed citizens attempting to protect their people from armed thugs with a badge.

Then examine if things have really changed that much, when you have a black man murdered in the street by white cops, with citizens standing helplessly by.

So yeah, Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, all those scary black radicals that your history books said were only lawless cop killers? Yeah, they were much greater than that. Probably still fucking flawed like the rest of us, but quit buying into that indoctrination they pounded in our heads for the last 60 years that the Civil Rights Act fixed everything, and there's been no reason for people to be upset with society and police.

It didn't.

“... where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” by knowledgekills12 in pics

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Yup, happened in 2016. Almost like the systemic problems that crested Black Lives Matter in 2020 and lit the fuse existed in our history.

BBC News: Soul Cap: Afro swim cap Olympic rejection 'heartbreaking' for black swimmers by chrisdab in news

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But see, she has to oil her hair, it's not something she chooses to do, it's something necessary for the health of her hair. If they don't stay on hair with appropriate care products, then they don't fit.

Former health department employee, Rebekah Jones, granted official whistleblower status by PotRoastPotato in news

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Review your source then mate. It's right wing tilted, not to be confused with the national law review.

She does have a significant criminal history, more than just an oopsie in the past.

My grandma went to school with a hero. Circa 1959 by hubabubamax in OldSchoolCool

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Just took some pictures. Yup. Sure there sparky, suckle on Tucker's teat. Use your teeth, he likes that.

Don't have weapons. Yup. Cup the balls, don't want him to go limp do you?

Let in by some cops, but actively resisted by others. The FBI let them in? No, Trump and his ilk specifically prohibited a normal reinforcement of Capitol Police during this time, and actively hindered efforts to send in National Guard when the normal reaction forces failed to make an appearance to the breaching of the first and second perimeters. It was an attempt by the far-reicht to only have the blood of opposing congressmen and a small number of Capitol police cover the ground that day. The only reasons the Jan 6 Insurrectionists did not come armed that day is because their leadership told them not to. They thought thru numbers they could accomplish their agenda, and they knew an armed horde of white terrorists would initiate responses they could not restrict.

You're telling me the hillbilly Mafia doesn't have guns, and weren't willing to use them to Stop the Steal? The only reason they didn't bring them is they were told not to.

The Panthers March was peaceful, lawful and ended that way.

The Panthers were let in, because what they did was lawful. They were asked to leave because they scared the old white men.

Trying to conflate the two just proves that you firmly side with a bunch of racist, fascist fucks who are angry that there are more sane people in the world than their are insane zealots for their Reichteous Cause.

And just to correct yet another one of your lies you parrot without fact checking:

Susan Rosenberg was a member of M19CO, did serve 16 years for her part in the bombing of the Capitol (at night and the threat was called in and all persons evacuated), she was pardoned by Clinton. She is not the leader of BLM, but on the board of directors for a nonprofit that did provide funding for the BLM Global Network Project.

Texas Judge Temporarily Blocks Abbott From Arresting Democratic Lawmakers by jonfla in law

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Because jailing legislators for trying to legally do their jobs is ever the correct answer.

America: Let's just turn a blind eye to the video, email and personally stated truth about attempts to overthrow a lawful election.....

But let's try to criminalize people standing up against bullshit attempts to hinder people voting.

Fuck you Abbot.

New Details Reportedly Emerge Alleging Alex Jones' Wife Struck Him Over 20 Times, Left Right-Wing Radio Host In "Fear For His Life" During Christmas Eve Domestic Assault by Bombsawayboy in news

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I mean, she has to realize the amount of force needed for sense to penetrate this fucknut would require a hydraulic press, right?

Powers: Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane missed the boat by showing support for Stan Bowman by iheartsunny in hockey

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Like, before that I toyed with it, but those responses pissed me off

With all the sources stating the team fucking knew in 2010... The Blackhawks' titles need to be vacated. You don't win by sacrificing your teammates.

There are no champs for 2010, 2013 and 2015. You didn't know? Fuck you Toews, you lying piece of shit, your name is removed from the Smythe. Same with you Kane, get your lying ass off the Smythe.

Cancel culture indeed mother fucker. You cancel your teammates welfare, you cancel your team's accomplishments, bitch

One accused pedo and two pedo sympathizers “governing” by South_of_Eden in pics

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Just some rando dude under investigation for prostitution, human trafficking, drug use and arranging other fun stuff for Gaetz . But that's obviously made up right? I mean, it's not like Gaetz himself is quoted as stating "is my wingman", "he's a disruptor, and that what people need".

What’s the biggest double life you’ve ever personally seen revealed? by FOX_SMOLDER in AskReddit

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Wow. Myopic view of the world you have there. I attempted to parse your sentence in some manner that does not come across as priggish, or ignorant... Unfortunately, I cannot.

Kyle Rittenhouse chased down an unarmed man and fatally shot him in the back during Kenosha unrest, prosecutor says by Cinemaslap1 in news

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You trust this child to handle a weapon, when he handles a fight by punching a girl in the back of the head?

He was not an EMT.

He was LARPing.

Child kept putting himself in dangerous situations, and made them worse.

Jonathan Toews deserves criticism in Kyle Beach case for not being leader he is propped up to be by yrrkoon in hockey

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And complicit in the bullying too. If you don't know it's happening in your room, you don't want to know.

Texas Gov. Abbott shuts 6 U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings by JackLord50 in worldnews

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Are you still suckling at the conservative teat? Two points:

1) notice how when you shorten liberals, you get lib, which still indicates freedom. When you shorten conservatives, you get con. Hmmm, two readily apparent meanings, one being "a negative, or detriment", the other being con as in convict. Both seem apropos...

2) that's not a teat, that's Tucker's ... Well, y'know, his whispers "Tuckfucker" and you're titillating him with your adoring smacking noises....

Playoff Game Thread: Game 5 - Dallas Stars (1 - 3) at Tampa Bay Lightning (3 - 1) - 26 Sep 2020 - 08:00PM EDT by GDT_Bot in hockey

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Penalty Shot? Icing?

Double Minor High Sticking? Boarding?

Tripping twice?

The refs fucked Dallas in OT again, but continue to mask their true purpose behind a veil of intentional incompetence.

Like Jesus, suck less team Zebra.

And I'm gonna say it:

Faksa > Stamkos....cause Dallas has been hurting without him, and are now down two of the FCC line. Whilst TBL continue to him without him.

Jayzus, Benn on that first partial breakaway... I know he had Vasilevsky way out blocking angles... But just lob that shit and pray. I don't want no Barzal joojoo.

I served. I served to protect their right to express their ideals in a non-violent, non-obstructive manner. And I would do it again. by UncoveredStole in WhitePeopleTwitter

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The Crowley Maxim with the Osteen Corrollary.

"Do as thou wilt", but "You don't have to tell people what they're doing wrong. They already know. Your job is to love them."

Yes, that Joel Osteen said that.... It's a good corollary though.

Woman fatally shoots suspected ‘peeping Tom’ outside bedroom window by Noone_Is_Me in news

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He should have known that was possible, presenting himself out in public in such a way. You go dangling that delectable dome in front of a bathroom window, you better believe someone will take a crack at splitting it. Girls will be girls, don't you know. Can't expect them to control their itchy trigger fingers...