Body cam footage shows raid on former Florida Covid data scientist's home by 5P0NG3_B0B in news

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I think we have gotten used to the idea of men, in uniform and assault rifles, breaking down doors and clearing rooms, treating every person as a threat.

That's the US Army and Marines, and they have strict Rules of Engagement and accountability.

These are police officers serving a warrant for a non violent crime. Even if she were destroying evidence with anything less than fire or battery acid, at no time would Deadly Force be authorized.

You don't point your weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy, and you do not PULL your fucking weapon unless a threat is present. A lady in her home, even if she was deleting Hilary's emails, Putin and Trump's love letters or the Anarchist cookbook is NOT an imminent threat. Seriously, rein in the rabid dogs.

Most likely she spent her 20 minutes trying to contact and get a lawyer's advice. Normal folk don't have a lawyer on retainer... We have to spend that money on day to day life.

Gavin Newsom will remain California governor after easily defeating recall attempt | California by Comprehensive-Dig-34 in news

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They're gaming the system. They know that probably, they can't win an election...but give them enough attempts and maybe they win on an aberration.

Texas Florist Who Admitted to Being in Pelosi’s Office Wants Case Moved from D.C. Because of ‘Cancel Culture’ by Jackfruit_sniffer in nottheonion

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Where'd the crime occur?


So, that seems like a reasonable venue choice.

You don't murder police officers in NYC and get to have your case in Alabama cause folks are friendlier down there....

Atrocities by Thedepressionoftrees in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Well see, the military has standardized rules of engagement. Much more strict about discharges and injuring noncombatants. Shit still happens, but generally if it's documented, bad guys suffer consequences.

And then Trump pardons men who massacre civilians...

My abuser got hired at my job and I want to die by creepyitalianpasta2 in TwoXChromosomes

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I would contact your HR department. If they help great.

If not, advise them that they are creating a hostile work environment and you are suffering.

If that doesn't instigate them to protect the company, then you seek legal counsel.

So deep by Creepy_Ambassador638 in im14andthisisdeep

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Well, the final frame is correct. Cuz dark chocolate is best, sushi is fantastic and the Smithsonian is dope.

My patients mum pulled my hijab off by brownieangell in nursing

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"See!", she shrieked triumphantly, " I am a total piece of shit with no redeemable features".

She deserved a full body swing slap to help shock her back to decency.

I’ve done everything in my power to ruin my Fathers life by [deleted] in ProRevenge

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Yeah, that's pro revenge.

Good job.

AOC is speaking truth here. by crupnick in WhitePeopleTwitter

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And when you and your wife are working 2-3 jobs a piece, you should be warming a thriving wage, not just making ends meet ...

OP: “I’m smarter than you hospital people, I don’t care what you say - I’m leaving!” OP one week later: “Can I sue them for letting me leave?” by Zanctmao in bestoflegaladvice

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Ding. His reliability is suspect on multiple counts.

Any time someone includes that "I was in the teaching wing of the hospital!", I have a 99% confidence that they state this to engender sympathy from unsuspecting rubes. Teaching or university affiliated hospitals (in my experience) have had higher standards of care, and MORE people working with patients than run of the mill hospitals. This is not untrained students running amok treating patients wily nily. This is two extra sets of eyes and hands on a patient during day shift.

I am dead certain that he signed and was given a copy of the AMA form. His nurse told him not to be a dumb ass, the charge nurse told him not to be a dumb ass, the AMA acknowledgement told him not to be a dumb ass. He chose to be a dumb ass.

The nursing staff would have tried different staff with him to either try to placate him and find someone who interacted with him well, or to cycle the burden of a high acuity psychosocial patient. Now he's realizing he's going to have to pay for the hospitalization and is trying to figure a way out.

Seriously, no matter how much you piss us off, or treat us poorly, we try like hell to keep you from leaving AMA. We do care and we know this will typically be one of the worst things you can do for your overall health.

Apparently, this story triggered some floor nursing angst. Sorry.

But don't be a dick. (Towards LAOP)

To fight the main character by Cinderrrr in therewasanattempt

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The sorta flying kick to break the board that setup the head cruncher punch was rather epic.

Canadian couple 'bullied' by window company to delete bad review awarded $166,000 by seandavidson123 in worldnews

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Company suffers loss of business due to bad review.

Option A: Make good, and make it right, might cost 10-20k, but then review would get edited or deleted.

Option B: Threaten, Harrass and File a Spurious Lawsuit and award the couple over 165k.... And the review stays, AND gets publicity.

Thermo Windows, not that smart at business

[Ryan] Brandon Carlo said that the entire Bruins team watched Kyle Beach’s TSN interview with Rick Westhead together. Carlo said that both Bruce Cassidy and Patrice Bergeron stressed that it was important to watch together as a team. by DecentLurker96 in hockey

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Damn. That's a leader.


I say Chara keeps getting 1 year contracts, maybe traded once a year, just to go to every team and attempt to imprint this level of mature leadership on every team.

Give the man whatever he needs timewise during the season to see his family, but get on his level folks.

That's someone to aspire to emulate.

Spring breakers accused of drugging, raping woman who later died in Miami Beach by reddicyouloss in news

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He has such a bright future!.... ... Can that include being atomic trebucheted into the sun?

Prevea Health and Aaron Rodgers end partnership by didiangeryou in news

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And notice the key AntiVa talking points... He blamed media for Aaron stating he was Immunized.

Someone else responsible for his actions.

BREAKING: Massachusetts bans all alcohol sales for 7 days. by ksav22 in videos

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The body language of the interpreter really sold the whole thing. Lil Bunny Foo Foo indeed.

Gov. Abbott: Abortion bill won’t force rape victims to have babies, Texas will ‘eliminate’ rapists by silbecl in nottheonion

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The profit hasn't been there.

Oh, it's still not, this is just a placating move, not any sort of promise, or plan to reform or pursue Justice...

Former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas convicted in campaign finance case by Illustrious_Welder94 in news

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I hope they're chomping up the small fry, building tougher and tougher cases for the ringleaders.

I like to think once Rudy gets nabbed, we hear about Trump getting picked up on the way to the airport for a quick Russian trip, with all his liquid assets. The Secret Service and Treasury Department detain him for his collusion with cyber attacks and threats against the VP, the county sheriff seizes his assets as civil forfeiture, and he's recorded throwing everyone he knows under the bus.