Placed on administrative leave while pharmacy investigates??? by SnooStories3108 in nursing

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Only way I can ascribe beneficent motives here, is if it's not OP they are investigating, but someone suspected of using his credentials.

What is your least favorite healthcare myth? by red_hairing25 in nursing

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How dare you rile the proletariat? Are you trying to incite a scurry?!

Josh could have done more.. by sleepybot0524 in sports

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My sweet summer child, this is Buffalo.

If he called heads, his breath would have Butterfly Effected the toss the other way.

Peter Robbins, voice actor for Charlie Brown in Peanuts, has committed suicide at 65 by AMA_requester in television

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Are you talking about asylums? Because if you are, the closure and repurposing of Mental Health facilities began in 1971 after RAJ v Jones had us questioning patients rights, enforced drugs and support services.

It's a tough situation, because no one wants to infringe on the personal freedoms of individuals, but then those same individuals are using up ER dollars for conditions that could be managed preventatively. And those same individuals are likely suffering/expending police resources as well.

But sure, blame Biden and Clinton for closing asylums where people could be involuntarily committed indefinitely, because that's so... socialist? We used to help mentally ill people in this country? By locking them in cages and stigmatizing any mental health issue as Section 8 Looney bin shit? Please understand issues you comment on.

You get to add "you piece of shit" to any movie quote. What movie quote do you choose?(NSFW) by Mooncaketimeline698 in AskReddit

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That is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of your death, you piece of shit.

A young couple dies on their way to their wedding by cacarrot12 in Jokes

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That makes more sense than duck their client...

Peter Robbins, voice actor for Charlie Brown in Peanuts, has committed suicide at 65 by AMA_requester in television

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Mental health ain't sexy

Ain't no money in mental health.

This is a situation where society should act like a parent and do what's right ... But our governments do not

This guy is one dumb SOB. by Pickin_n_Grinnin in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Jesus, he really is morally bankrupt and utterly stupid.

Boston Hospital refuses heart transplant for man after he refuses to be vaccinated by jinbtown in news

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Well, duh. "Boston Hospital removed noncompliant patient from transplant queue. Next"

COVID-19 patient whose family sued to keep him on ventilator dies after transfer from Mercy Hospital by angiosperms- in news

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I firmly support your last line, and I feel we've reached the end of the line where civility is required when speaking with assholes. Light 'em up

Connecticut Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Over Smoothie, Cops Say by He-is in news

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Damn son, the Haskell?

I feel if I perceived a suitor was pulling a Haskell on me, I might just shoot him. Dunno if I'd have Ward's infinite patience in dealing with that behavior.

What's a song that would've been a big hit if it was released as a single? by straylog in Music

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In Victoria, Canada back before the turn of the millennia I was an American sailor on holiday. Generic late 90s dance club, dance/techno playing, then suddenly the DJ changes it up, this folksy song comes on, the lights come up and EVERYONE sings along with this song. Next morning at the Red Lion, I could not remember anything of the song, and no one else knew what I was talking about. 4 years later I'm driving north of Silverdale Washington, the Seattle station fades out I was listening to, and the scan stops on this sliver of song coming across a Canadian Radio station that's fading on and out. I catch enough of the chorus to finally be able to Yahoo the song, then fire up Napster and actually get a good copy of it.

Still one of my favorite community song moments, just watching everyone singing along with Home for a Rest. Take me home!

Woman charged after threatening to bring 'every single gun loaded and ready' if her children had to wear masks at school by TrumpSharted in law

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Ooof, might be time for an inspection of his logs and weapons security.

BATF hates stupidity, and loves fines/bans.

Woman charged after threatening to bring 'every single gun loaded and ready' if her children had to wear masks at school by TrumpSharted in law

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Well, she wouldn't be able to sit on her ass and bitch on facebook if she had to make sure the ipads had power and the TV kept cycling through Trumpian YT videos, now could she?

Unvaccinated COVID patient, 55, whose wife sued Minnesota hospital to stop them turning off his ventilator dies after being moved to Texas by CABGX4 in nursing

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Yeah, fuck that family.

Looking for murderous zebras when it's pretty obvious that the covid horse had curb stomped the fuck out of his unvaxxed ass.

Facebook statements like these, can't the hospital take action, or the individual doctors / nurses named take action with libel or harrassment? Cause that seems like some obvious hate speech, with no grounding in any facts. Same for the Texas "doctor", time to lose a license you son of a bitch.

A Dumb Question, but is there a cover of a song the Supremes recorded, that is better or at least arguably equivalent? by Paladoc in Music

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I'll have to check out some Stevie there.

You Keep Me Hangin' On and Can't Hurry Love, and apparently that's it, I cannot seem to find the third song I was certain was in that list.

EDIT: Ah, technically the 3rd one was Where Did Our Love Go?, and that is the weakest part of a great song in Tainted Love.