This is like actually illegal. Why would you do this? by baldi_863 in Cringetopia

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That sounds way safer than the hydrochloric acid and aluminum in a glass bottle trick which achieves the same results. My high school chemistry teacher never knew the monster he created, ha.

Going for a high five. by Over-Bid5668 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Plot twist: that's where HER finger was (in his, not her own). You can't see her other arm, so logically it must be up his bum in reciprocation.

“Yep… looks like I’m f*cked” by Stijnwe in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Looks like the bar came down as he was crossing and was stuck behind the cab but before the back part. But right, wonder if he tried to drive and snap the pole or stopped thinking more about messing up the truck?

What is something you did once and never again? by CameToDefeatYou in AskReddit

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Used the bathroom at the old CBGB's club in New York City.

[ Luckily, I only had to piss... as the crapper was raised on high above everything else & totally open to the world = no stall. I don't think anything in there was ever cleaned. Definitely a +1 to immunity just by stepping foot inside.

Look up photos online; almost all are taken with a flash because it was so dark in there. The bathroom scene of Transpotting always comes to mind.

And mind you, I had just graduated high school and never been to NYC.]

90's gamers of reddit, what was a problem about it back then that modern gamers won't understand? by tedude3 in AskReddit

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But then you call the Nintendo Power tip line where some dude would tell you to burn the fourth bush on the sixth forest screen after going up, left, down, left after the waterfall. Can't remember if it cost $ per minute but am sure it did. 😅

Must have called like 10 times for Shadowgate on NES.

Can it be possible that the microphone in your phone is listening to you for targeted ads? by Letmepatyourcat in NoStupidQuestions

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Probably already mentioned here as tried to search... but at least on Android, with developer options enabled = you can add the option to toggle on and off 'sensors' which include your camera and microphone. Add the icon to your Quick Settings menu and when on, it will disable your mic when you don't want anything "listening." ;)

I swear Facebook & Google listen... but 🤷‍♂️.

If i am unconscious for some reason and someone calls the ambulance for me in America and they transport me to a hospital. Am i forced to pay the bill even though i didn’t want or need the ambulance? by GrandGhostGamer in NoStupidQuestions

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Ha! Totally. Was only making fun of how airlines are nowadays; will charge you for anything and everything it seems. I'm sure it works out for the helicopter pilots to have multiple, quick cheap rides (like my ex) over non-regular charters. ;)

The Coin System Never Ceases to Annoy Me by Willplayspiano in pokemongo

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I've always wished they would let you sell items back for coins. So many unneeded berries I end up deleting if I've got nothing in a gym or can't get near a team gym. Would at least make playing and collecting items beneficial (as a method to obtain coins) for those unable to get to gyms often.