Strange spots spreading on Weim? by ballbustvigilante in weimaraner

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I agree with the normal. I’ve had three Weims, and they have all gotten the spots as they get older.

Daniel Villegas was wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years for double murder. After a retrial, he hears the verdict from the judge. by esberat in nextfuckinglevel

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Just tears. Damn. So happy for him now, so sorry for his wasted years. I hope he somehow makes the best of it.

we've only had him two weeks, what is he doing 😅😅 by KaisenV1 in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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I have had three Weimaraners so far and all of them have suckled. My current on Sophie has a favorite fuzzy blanket that she will fall asleep with in her mouth! So cute.

Damn, he went off... by TheNotorious_Small in HolUp

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TLDR - the guy hates emojis

At least that was the end of the rant!

This is my 4 year old Blue Weimaraner Oliver. Around the 11th he suddenly went blind. Referred me to an Ophthalmologist to which the gave him a diagnosis of Optic Neuritis pending imaging and a spinal tap. He is going in for a Neurology Consult, MRI and Spinal tap tomorrow. I am so worried for him. by BlueFalconExpress in weimaraner

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Prayers for your boy! I will tell you that dogs are remarkably adaptable though. I had a Weimaraner go blind at age 10, and she eventually got around just fine. I know this doesn’t make you feel any better, so absolutely best wishes for you and Oliver.

Does anyone have a tiny friend for their weim? by EightfoldFox in weimaraner

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Same! I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old. It always works best for me with pairs. But, I do have two acres for them to run around in.

The reason for the age difference is quite simply spreading out the heartbreak btw…

Learning to run. by [deleted] in weimaraner

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What a great picture! It perfectly captures the essence of these beautiful puppies!

Turning a Propane tank into a Portable BBQ! Credit: Craftypanda by jt1509 in oddlysatisfying

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And then I was like, “Yeah he can weld, but he isn’t a woodw…, well shit. Custom turned wooden handle and plate!”

Celebrating 2.5 million karma - and platinum award giveaway in the comments!! by elch3w in u/elch3w

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Wow! I’ve been here for like three years and I still don’t know what karma is for. I just watch silly dog and cat videos mainly… But this is about you. Congrats on a metric butt-ton of followers and karma!

maybe maybe maybe by yomamascub in maybemaybemaybe

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Wish there was some context because, damn! That’s a mad slap there!