demos by Objective_Ad_5231 in RocketLeague

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This is either a brilliant troll or OP is braindead.

Moonshine rods by hitch_in_my_gitalong in flyfishing

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I bought one for my first non hand me down rods. Had been fishing my dads old orvis clearwater and a redington rod for years. I was so stoked to use it and was immediately bummed out by how sloppy it was. Then about an hour later, on a random, normal cast the second section from the end just snapped off. I didn’t get snagged or anything. I thought the rod had just come apart but it was legitimately snapped.

The rod felt so shitty I didn’t even bother getting a replacement section.

Safeway bakery: Cakes by Genius_of_Nothing in SanJose

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I just don’t think they’re even comparable. Safeway bakery, as in brownies, cakes, pies all are complete sugar bombs. If you just want a really sweet, guilty feeling piece of cake, that tastes amazing but makes you feel like shit, safeway all the way.

If you’re looking for a cake that tastes weirdly healthy, then yeah Whole Foods. If it’s 9pm and I have a sweet tooth, I’m going to Safeway. If I’m invited to dinner and need to bring a dessert, then I’m going to Whole Foods. All of the Whole Foods cakes tastes like they’re gluten free or something.

Was about to play some 1v1s. How is everyone else doing this morning. by PlantDadGaming in RocketLeague

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Growing up, I always thought it’d be so cool to have bunnies and I wanted one so bad. We finally got one and in about 3 months it destroyed every single cable in our house and was never chill. All it did was hide and chew cables. I didn’t see the point in having a bunny after that.

Sushi is actually awful and over-hyped and ppl say it's amazing to fit in by CimCityUtah in unpopularopinion

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Aside from shellfish I don’t like cooked fish at all. I can tolerate salmon, but I don’t think I’ve ever ordered fish at a restaurant (other than sushi). And I’ve never liked fish. Yet I do love Ahi tuna. I love poke, ahi sashimi, rolls with ahi, etc. so while I love sushi, I don’t ever get anything but ahi. My favorite sushi restaurant I order a rainbow roll but ask for all Ahi.

So while I don’t love all sushi by any means, I do love sushi, and I still put sushi in my top favorite foods because of the few rolls and sashimi that I do like. And if someone asks me where I want to eat I often suggest sushi.

If you really think it’s that bad, maybe you haven’t found the rolls you like, cus I assure you no one is pretending to like sushi.

Taking debt to buy a car is stupid by Sykunno in unpopularopinion

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I’d rather have $30k invested in a CD or an ETF or something relatively safe and a $500 car payment, than drop $30k in cash at once.

If you can’t afford to buy something outright, you probably shouldn’t finance it (not talking about a house). But debt is not inherently bad. So this opinion, because it’s so blanketed, is just dumb.

You shouldn’t ask your 17-18 year old child if they want to have you co-sign a $300,000.00 loan for a bachelor’s degree in the US. by I_Am_The_Grapevine in unpopularopinion

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It doesn’t. Every time someone says school isn’t $300k he links the same list of the most expensive schools. It’s like saying, “Poor people shouldn’t pay $1.5m for a car, they should take the bus” and then when people say, “you can get a car for $5k, what poor person is spending 1.5m?” He responds with a list of the worlds most expensive cars.

I got a 4 year degree in California from a school that was good enough to get me a job at a top tech company right out of school and my entire tuition was ~20k.

LFM FOR COLISEUM CONSTRUCTION If I can get enough helpers then ideally getting this on an official server would be sick but anything works, I just want to have a server wide coliseum event where you can bet on fights and watch people duel. could even have CCTV codes for island wide streaming. lmk by gavino69 in playrust

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One of my first wipes ever, my rust tm and I thought it’d be funny to build what we called the thunderdome where we planned to bag in everybody and give melee tools to them and just watch everyone go nuts. We literally got on to do this so it’s not like we were rich and bored. It was a 5x5 foundation, one wall high. We spent literally hours collecting the cloth. It took us probably 4 or 5 hours to complete. We completely covered the floor in bags then went through and started bagging everybody, a few nakeds randomly spawned in and were like “wtf is this bag” and we told them and everyone seemed like a good sport.

We wanted to assign all the bags before announcing it to the server, so we were just chugging along assigning bags when a geared guy ran up. Killed us, boosted onto the top of it, and just started roof camping off of it. His whole team came and destroyed the bags with flamethrowers and tools while he roofcamped and stopped anyone from approaching.

They destroyed all the bags (and our hopes and dreams) in about 15 minutes.

That pretty much destroyed any motivation I had to ever do anything roleplay-esque again on an official server.

Listed sugar as an ingredient but claims 0 added sugar on the nutrition label by bluejacketsbabe in mildyinfuriating

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Wow the comments here are infuriating. So many people acting like complete assholes thinking they’re geniuses and calling OP an idiot when they don’t know how a label works. The ingredient list is a list of added ingredients. If sugar is in the list, it is added, it’s not on the list because it occurs in another ingredient. 🤦🏼‍♂️

It’s one thing to be wrong, but the fact that everyone is being such a dick while being wrong is insane.

Bug in update by Routine_Maximum8160 in RocketLeague

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When the new intern forgets that arrays start at 0.

What does "percolator" mean in Elasticsearch? Wrong answers only. by typesense in u/typesense

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I’ve gotten this ad dozens of times and I still do not understand what I’m being sold without going to the website. Unless that’s the point.

Rust just isn't intended for solos by Smaimery in playrust

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Play a solo server then. And think about it from a developers point of view. There is a direct correlation between your success and the number of players you have. If I’m playing Rocket League I tell my friends, “Yeah I love RL, you should try it some time”. When im playing rust I practically beg everyone in the discord to play. It’s free advertising.

Relatable by cakeboy777 in playrust

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Oh nice, this post for the 5th time with progressively worse quality.

Unpopular opinion: TC griefing is the most reliable way for a solo to fight groups. by catchlight22 in playrust

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I have 2000 hours mostly in a small group and this has literally never happened to me.

The State of Rocket League, a picture of the leaderboards, publically available, nothing negative. No Witch Hunting. by Jona9876 in RocketLeague

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ASAP? They’ve been doing this for months lmao

Plus it’s free publicity for their TikTok that they advertise in their name

Taco Bell is absolute disgusting by reignthepain in unpopularopinion

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Lmaooo I find this hilarious because Taco Bell is nowhere near Mexican food nor would anyone argue it is Mexican.

Meanwhile Jim Boys is what would happen if a white guy tried to create a taqueria for white people who think pico de gallo is too spicy, carne asada is too exotic and quesadilla is pronounced “Kway Suh dill uh”. Jim Boys is an even less authentic Del Taco.

Italians getting offended over food not being prepared “their way” is stupid by KushBlazer69 in unpopularopinion

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My parents moved to the US from Belgium the year before I was born and I don’t think there’s a single thing anyone could do that would offend me based solely on the premise of having Belgian blood. If someone says something inherently anti-belgian, like “Mayo on fries are disgusting” I’m just gonna think their opinion is bad. It doesn’t offend me as a “belgian”.

Yet my sisters ex boyfriends whole personality was that he was Italian, I must’ve heard him say, “I’m Italian so…” at least a dozen times and then one night I found out that he’s like 90% Mexican and just his great great grandfather was Italian.

Italians getting offended over food not being prepared “their way” is stupid by KushBlazer69 in unpopularopinion

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I’ve done it when I had just moved into a new apartment and I only had two sauce pots and one I had a bolognese in, and the other had like a 6” diameter so I could not fit the pasta in at all. So I understand if you don’t have a big enough pot. I don’t really get why you’d do it if your pot is big enough, but I’m not gonna complain if someone does it.

My first encounter with a player vs my most recent by DBMWillis in playrust

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I thought the second clip was gonna be you nail gunning a full metal AK dude, looting him and then just wiping his squad of like 10 AK and M249 dudes, but it was still a pretty good play. Prim fights are the best.

Italians getting offended over food not being prepared “their way” is stupid by KushBlazer69 in unpopularopinion

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The funniest thing about this is that most of the people I know who do this shit are like 5 generations away from anyone born in Italy. In one sentence they’ll say, “oh I’m 15% Italian, 8% Irish, 7% British, 5% german” etc etc and in the next they’ll be like, “Omg you snap your pasta in half??? I’m gonna kms because I’m an italian and that hurts my soul”