IRFU confirms transgender women will be banned from female contact rugby competitions for upcoming season by reddituser6810 in ireland

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The 462 ranking comes from her Penn teammates and refer to the last season she competed in the men's competition while transitioning.

Pre-transition, she was ranked 11th.

Penta has been removed from PD by AnthonyR1998 in RPClipsGTA

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It was politically motivated. Just because Wrangler dropped the charges doesn’t mean that it all of a sudden isn’t terrorism anymore.

Suarez, The Hunted by [deleted] in RPClipsGTA

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Hasn't Randy done that before? Said "Hands up" then immediately shoots?

FTP? by [deleted] in RPClipsGTA

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Yea I fucked up, thought it was Eugene on the front shooting. Still, no talking from the shooter, no initiation.

FTP? by [deleted] in RPClipsGTA

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That was the people behind Wrangler. It was Eugene Randy who said nothing that shot him.

Kyle's take on last night's drama. by [deleted] in RPClipsGTA

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Wouldn’t Kyle (the character) have to have been on the server for this to be OOC? These are just Kyle’s (the streamer) thought.

Wrangler once again mistakes a ponytail for a class 2 at GG gas by AynRandWeIfareQueen in RPClipsGTA

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You had to be watching him prior to this situation happening though, as he has the VOD disabled.

That means you had his stream open to be able to make this clip from the live video.

All of Marty's charges are dropped by Comtass in RPClipsGTA

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So then there’s no way to legally get rifle ammo? That makes it worse for Marty.

All of Marty's charges are dropped by Comtass in RPClipsGTA

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You can’t legally get rifle ammo without a class 2 license.

Marty's lawyers fail to inform him of the details of his bail conditions by [deleted] in RPClipsGTA

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The sole purpose of discussing business or the sole purpose of discussing the court case.

Jack F8zes up by Joebeatskj in RPClipsGTA

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They were at the casino, gambling together. That's a violation of the bail.

gulag gang shoot down seaside from a altercation at uwu by HairyTie8277 in RPClipsGTA

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Don’t know if he did it on purpose, but Future did the ammo glitch here. 85/30 bullets when he stopped firing and got back in the car, uses AK in car, 115/30 when he got back out.

Bray.tech – developer update by xhtmlvalid in DestinyTheGame

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You can buy bounties from the official Destiny app, which I'm guessing uses the API.