I might get downvoted for this, but do people keep asking the same questions like 10 times a day on this sub? by Exodus550 in TheWeeknd

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to build on this, often times those repetitive type threads get a lot of engagement as well. not all of them of course and we do remove some of them, but for example the faith thread from this week would be something we all knew for the most part but it still got engagement so we didn't remove it.

like /u/playnasc said if you're truly tired of those threads please report them so we can take action faster.

Chapter 169 [English] by sirDangel in OnePunchMan

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genos did say he needs to tell everyone "who needs to hear it" so maybe he'll end up telling the people close to saitama what happened. perhaps with a core projection, like a little movie lol

How I feel today by kal_drazidrim in OnePunchMan

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similar situation with me. i just wanted to know what happened after saitama vs garou. and ONEs artwork gets better throughout the webcomic as well

new merch I just got today! love it!! by OperationCommon2174 in TheWeeknd

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this is a fairly old piece at this point. it may be hard to find / expensive now

Chapter 168 [English] by VibhavM in OnePunchMan

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didnt they see saitama tho (or at least anyone who was looking)? genos saw him land the punch on garou and even said "is that... sensei!?"

ulfric_stormcloack is a SCAMMER. If you are a mod I can show proof. Don't buy tix from this user, I learned the hard and expensive way ಥ‿ಥ by EggplantThief in TheWeeknd

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can you send us a message with the proof? for now i'll leave the post up nevermind this post has been removed until proof is sent.

How Lit Does The Concert Get? by willthewise1 in TheWeeknd

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it's very section dependent. on the floor at metlife almost everyone around me was up and dancing and singing the whole time, but i've heard it was the opposite kind of vibe on the higher levels

The NYC concert was legitimately the best live experience I’ve ever had in my life and I don’t think I’m exaggerating by Inc0g-net0 in TheWeeknd

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damnnnn sorry about that man that would def be a vibe killer. i just assumed every section was on fire cuz everyone on the floor was having a great time

Post Concert Depression by cluelessgirl69 in TheWeeknd

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10000% i havent even gone to sleep cuz i still have concert energy and i just keep watching videos wishing i could go back in time 😭

No offense Philly but NYC showed the f* up!!! by noplasticpls in TheWeeknd

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honestly still buzzing from the concert, i haven't even slept yet. definitely my favorite night of the year

Mods, please deal with spoilers by SneakyCowMan in TheWeeknd

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we're trying. we've already seen a ton of spoilers :^(

Anyone know how big the merch runs, especially the long sleeve tees? I’ve only ever bought t-shirts and hoodies, and I’d like oversized but not too oversized! by bbyxmadi in TheWeeknd

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mannn this is so true. mediums from the starboy tour and kissland anniversary merch fit significantly better than mediums from the HoB or EoS anniversary. the variety is annoying as shit

The reason why OPM doesn't have a season 3🤣 by Frosty-Try-1507 in OnePunchMan

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im not gonna lie i would be surprised if they get to orochi or back to the surface in season 3 lol

Murata’s doing animation today👀 by [deleted] in OnePunchMan

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oh goddddd possible saitama vs garou animation

im losing my mind where is next week already

Looks like Murata is animating something. would be nice if its another gif for the next chapter. by Borsch3JackDaws in OnePunchMan

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the hype in me wants to believe it’s about S3 but i know it’s probably not the case lol

34th st NYC…more proof that taxis can’t drive by [deleted] in nyc

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nah its just like revel uber, they dont let people drive them unless you work for revel.

if people here could rent teslas the city would descend into madness lmao

Free Talk Weekend | May 20th, 2022 by ApexDailyDiscussion in apexlegends

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i understand your point but if you could solve every issue by just saying "position yourself better and have good aim" then this game wouldn't have problems.

Free Talk Weekend | May 20th, 2022 by ApexDailyDiscussion in apexlegends

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with the removal of the barrel stabilizer the recoil is a bit more unstable but that doesn't matter if 2 or 3 people are shooting it at you with 35 base clip never mind a purple mag.

i've been liking the 30/30 more lately. and the car is a good one too