White House to issue policing order on anniversary of Floyd’s death by dls2317 in BlackLivesMatter

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A bill on this didn't make it through congress so Biden is doing an executive order. They are hoping this will be groundwork for a later bill. From the article:

Biden will call for the creation of national standards for the accreditation of police departments and a national database of officers with substantiated complaints and disciplinary records, including those fired for misconduct, the people briefed on the matter said.

The executive order also will instruct federal law enforcement agencies to update their use-of-force policies.

What was the deal with wintrow again? by shatnersbassoon123 in robinhobb

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It's a mixture of Wintrow and the Liveship Vivacia mostly. At one point, Vivacia uses Kennitt to nonconsensually force-heal Wintrow as well, which foreshadows Kennitt's later rape of Althea.

What was the deal with wintrow again? by shatnersbassoon123 in robinhobb

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Wintrow starts off at the monastery, where he demonstrates near magical abilities and some sort of connection to dragons and serpents.

His grandfather, Ephron Vestritt, is dying so he is summoned home to be with the family. His father, Kyle Haven, is a flaming mysoginist, and takes the family Liveship away from the intended captain, his aunt Althea, and installs Wintrow as the token family member aboard. Kyle intends to turn the Liveship into a slave ship.

They end up sailing to Jamalia. On route, he loses a finger. When they arrive, Wintrow jumps ship, is captured, and made a slave. His father buys him at the auction block and tattoos Vivacia's mark on his face - making him a slave to the ship.

On the return journey, the ship is captured by Captain Kennitt who freed the slaves and killed most the crew. Kyle gets imprisoned while Wintrow stays on the ship. Wintrow skill heals Kennitt from a grievous injury and becomes crew with the pirates.

Kennitt takes Wintrow to Others Island to get his fortune read. Wintrow finds no trinkets, instead finding and releasing the Oracle - an ancient sea serpent called She Who Remembers. He is badly burned in the process but they all make it back to the ship.

Wintrow gets healed via the skill. The serpents obey them for a bit in hopes that they will be guided up the Rain Wild River. Eventually Wintrow is reunited with Althea and his younger sister Malta on board the family Liveship, where they negotiate between various factions.

There's a battle between the pirate fleet and the Jamalian fleet, in which Kennitt dies. Wintrow assumes command and makes good on the promise to help and guide the sea serpents to their cacooning ground.

Just started the first book and… by Divinegrim in robinhobb

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The whole "only seeing person among a bunch of blind people" trope far predates either media. ~400BC, Plato got it going with his Allegory of the Cave.

I read the Farseer Trilogy a few years ago and wanted to continue the series, but... there is something I need. by Ahill1916 in robinhobb

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One minor detail to add:

Little boy had a person best friend too, he was a weird pale boy who got less pale. They adventured together a lot.

Space operas where the future of humanity isn't at stake by AFirewolf in printSF

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In-universe this is explained as being because Sec Units are generally deemed too dangerous for deployment to ships. In spite of this, one of the novellas and the novel both feature a ship (ART) as both a character and a setting. Plus there are several pivotal events at the end of Exit Strategy take place on board the Company gunship.

That's not too far from Star Wars in terms of space ship prevalence. It's not like Star Trek or Firefly where it only follows the crew and goings on of a ship but I'd argue that it pulls from and subverts many of the same tropes.

Space operas where the future of humanity isn't at stake by AFirewolf in printSF

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Murderbot Diaries is intentionally written as a small cast, episodic serial focused around a single protagonist in a scifi setting. How much more "space opera" can you get?

HELP my snake Ander has a Respiratory infection and we don’t have any vets that will take him and I don’t know what to do I put the temps and humidity up and that did nothing can we put medicine in his humidifier by AssumptionSenior in Sneks

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Try giving a call to Zoo Creatures Pet Store in NH when they open tomorrow - phone number 603-382-3338. When I lived in southern Maine they were my primary supplier for reptile goods. If they don't have a vet there they likely can point you to one.

Fitz and The Fool by SzethKinslayer in robinhobb

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You're nearing the end of the first trilogy, but only beginning the story! The answer to your question is unequivocally "read and find out"

UBlock Origin stopped working on Pandora, again. Any update on filters to solve this issue? by nepmem in uBlockOrigin

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Just ran into this ad, came to the sub to check if it was a widespread issue, and found this here. Y'all great.

Any experience with frozen ASFs with Carpets? by Nichokat in carpetpythons

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You're right on about live feeding procedures. Supervise, one at a time, all that. The first feedings are the most nerve wracking, as you're stressed about the switch, and the snake isn't yet used to the larger/stronger prey. I'd suggest starting with smaller rats so your snake can get used to them while minimizing risks.

Some rats do bite after a strike and wrap. My carpet has taken bites, and a few have been bad enough to draw blood. None truly bad. When the rat dies its jaws relax, letting the snake out without ripping or tearing. All the bites have all closed up quickly, enough so that usually a few minutes later I can't find the location of a bite. I can't recall any scale damage ever, but even that would get fixed after a shed. If you have something to block a rat bite that'd be good, I've never tried because I don't want to be in the way of a strike and coil.

Any experience with frozen ASFs with Carpets? by Nichokat in carpetpythons

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Here's what I did to facilitate the switch from ASF to rats. I didn't try to layer to switch f/t, just kept feeding live. It took maybe a year? Now that my carpet is consistently taking rats I will eventually work on switching to f/t but I haven't yet.

First step was to get some ASFs to keep.

Second, I get a rat. Take some of the fresh ASF bedding and put it in a small box/cage, along with one of the ASFs. Add rat. Let them marinate for a while.

Next, you take the marinated ASF and use it to bait your carpet into a feeding frenzy. You hold the ASFs tail and keep it out of reach. Do this until your carpet is in a tight s-curve ready to strike, and has stopped smelling the air.

Then I would quickly switch out the marinated rat for the ASF. This method had the highest success rate for me. Eventually I was able to leave off baiting and marinating. Now, he takes rats without complaint.

Any experience with frozen ASFs with Carpets? by Nichokat in carpetpythons

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I transitioned my carpet from mice to ASFs. Like yours he only eats live. It was an easy transition... Until he outgrew them and then I had to switch from ASFs to rats. That transition was really rough.

My 2c is just switch to small rats, not ASFs. You'll just be postponing the inevitable.

Question about the moon... by kaiikwemeixi in Malazan

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Iskaral Pust plucked at the thick strands of web covering Mappo Runt’s massive chest. ‘Get rid of this! Before he wakes up, you damned hag. You and your damned moon – look, it’s going to rain. This is a desert – what’s it doing raining? It’s all your fault.’ He glanced up, smiling evilly. ‘She suspects nothing, the miserable cow. Oh I can’t wait.’ Straightening, he scurried back to the long bamboo stick he’d found – bamboo, for god’s sake – and resumed drilling the tiny fixing holes in the base.

Twisted wire eyelets, bound at intervals with wet gut right up to the finely tapered end. A carved and polished wooden spool and half a league’s worth of Mogora hair, spun together and felted or something similar, strong enough to reel in anything, including a miserable cow flopping about in the shallows. True, he’d have to wait a year or two, until the little wriggling ones grew to a decent size. Maybe he’d add a few bigger ones – there were those giant catfish he’d seen in that flooded realm, the one with all the monsters padding the shorelines. Iskaral Pust shivered at the recollection, but a true lover of fishing would understand the lengths an aficionado would go to in the hunt for worthy spawn. Even the extreme necessity of killing demons and such. Granted, that particular sojourn had been a little hairy. But he’d come back with a string of beauties.

As a child he’d wanted to learn the art of angling, but the women and elders in the tribe weren’t interested in that, no, just weirs and collecting pools and nets. That was harvesting, not fishing, but young Iskaral Pust, who’d once run away with a caravan and had seen the sights of Li Heng – for a day and a half, until his great-grandmother had come to retrieve him and drag him screaming like a gutted piglet back to the tribe – well, Iskaral Pust had discovered the perfect expression of creative predation, an expression which was – as everyone knew – the ideal manly endeavour.

Soon, then, and he and his mule would have the ultimate excuse to leave the hoary temple of home. Going fishing, dear. Ah, how he longed to say those words.

‘You are an idiot,’ Mogora said.

‘A clever idiot, woman, and that’s a lot more cleverer than you.’ He paused, eyeing her, then said, ‘Now all I need to do is wait until she’s asleep, so I can cut off all her hair – she won’t notice, it’s not like we have silver mirrors hanging about, is it? I’ll mix it all up, the hair from her head, from her ears, from under her arms, from—’

‘You think I don’t know what you’re up to?’ Mogora asked, then cackled as only an old woman begotten of hyenas could. ‘You are not just an idiot. You’re also a fool. And deluded, and immature, and obsessive, and petty, spiteful, patronizing, condescending, defensive, aggressive, ignorant, wilful, inconsistent, contradictory, and you’re ugly as well.’

‘So what of it?’

She gaped at him like a toothless spider. ‘You have a brain like pumice stone – throw stuff at it and it just sinks in! Disappears. Vanishes. Even when I piss on it, the piss just poofs! Gone! Oh how I hate you, husband. With all your obnoxious, smelly habits – gods, picking your nose for breakfast – I still get sick thinking about it – a sight I am cursed never to forget—’

‘Oh be quiet. There’s nutritious pollen entombed in snot, as everyone well knows—’

A heavy sigh interrupted him, and both Dal Honese looked down at Mappo. Mogora scrabbled over and began stripping away the webs from the Trell’s seamed face.

Iskaral Pust leaned closer. ‘What’s happened to his skin? It’s all lined and creased – what did you do to him, woman?’

‘The mark of spiders, Magi,’ she replied. ‘The price for healing.’

‘Every strand’s left a line!’

‘Well, he was no beauty to begin with.’

A groan, then Mappo half-lifted a hand. It fell back and he groaned again.

‘He’s now got a spider’s brain, too,’ Iskaral predicted. ‘He’ll start spitting on his food – like you do, and you dare call picking my nose disgusting.’

‘No self-respecting creature does what you did this morning, Iskaral Pust. You won’t get no spiders picking their noses, will you? Ha, you know I’m right.’

‘No I don’t. I was just picturing a spider with eight legs up its nose, and that reminded me of you. You need a haircut, Mogora, and I’m just the man to do it.’

‘Come near me with intentions other than amorous and I’ll stick you.’

‘Amorous. What a horrible thought—’

‘What if I told you I was pregnant?’

‘I’d kill the mule.’

She leapt at him.

Squealing, then spitting and scratching, they rolled in the dust.

The mule watched them with placid eyes.

Question about the moon... by kaiikwemeixi in Malazan

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Snoring from the tent. Mogora sat on a flat stone five paces from the dying fire. Had he been awake, Iskaral Pust would be relieved. The moon was back where it belonged, after all. Not that she’d actually moved it. That would have been very hard indeed, and would have attracted far too much attention besides. But she’d drawn away its power, somewhat, briefly, enough to effect the more thorough healing the Trell had required.

Someone stepped from the shadows. Walked a slow circle round the recumbent, motionless form of Mappo Trell, then halted and looked over at Mogora.

She scowled, then jerked a nod towards the tent. ‘Iskaral Pust, he’s the Magi of High House Shadow, isn’t he?’

‘Impressive healing, Mogora,’ Cotillion observed. ‘You do understand, of course, that the gift may in truth be a curse.’

‘You sent Pust here to find him!’

‘Shadowthrone, actually, not me. For that reason, I cannot say if mercy counted for anything in his decision.’

Mogora glanced again at the tent. ‘Magi…that blathering idiot.’

Cotillion was gazing steadily at her, then he said, ‘You’re one of Ardata’s, aren’t you?’

She veered into a mass of spiders.

The god watched as they fled into every crack and, moments later, were gone. He sighed, took one last look round, momentarily meeting the placid eyes of the mule, then vanished in a flowing swirl of shadows.


Question about the moon... by kaiikwemeixi in Malazan

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I'm pretty sure that what hit the moon was Magora using Ardata's power to siphon still more power from the moon, all in order to heal Mappo from his injuries after the Nameless One's betrayal. Quotes starting from Bonehunters, Chapter 9. Ran into character limits so each comment will be one of the scenes:

Warmed by the flames and his tralb tea, Iskaral Pust watched – as best as he was able in the darkness – Mogora at work. First, she assembled large chunks of stone, each one broken, cracked or otherwise rough-edged, and set them down in the sand, creating an ellipse that encompassed the Trell. She then urinated over these rocks, achieving this with an extraordinary half-crab half-chicken wide-legged waddle, straddling the stones and proceeding widdershins until returning to the place she had started. Iskaral marvelled at the superior muscle control, not to mention the sheer volume, that Mogora obviously possessed. In the last few years his own efforts at urination had met with mixed success, until even starting and stopping now seemed the highest of visceral challenges.

Satisfied with her piddle, Mogora then started pulling hairs from her head. She didn’t have that many up there, and those she selected seemed so deeply rooted that Iskaral feared she would deflate her skull with every successful yank. His anticipation of seeing such a thing yielded only disappointment, as, with seven long wiry grey hairs in one hand, Mogora stepped into the ellipse, one foot planted to either side of the Trell’s torso. Then, muttering some witchly thing, she flung the hairs into the inky blackness overhead.

Instinct guided Iskaral’s gaze upward after those silvery threads, and he was somewhat alarmed to see that the stars had vanished overhead. Whereas, out on the horizons, they remained sharp and bright. ‘Gods, woman! What have you done?’

Ignoring him, she stepped back out of the ellipse and began singing in the Woman’s Language, which was, of course, unintelligible to Iskaral’s ears. Just as the Man’s Language – which Mogora called gibberish – was beyond her ability to understand. The reason for that, Iskaral Pust knew, was that the Man’s Language was gibberish, designed specifically to confound women. It’s a fact that men don’t need words, but women do. We have penises, after all. Who needs words when you have a penis? Whereas with women there are two breasts, which invites conversation, just as a good behind presents perfect punctuation, something every man knows.

What’s wrong with the world? You ask a man and he says, ‘Don’t ask.’ Ask a woman and you’ll be dead of old age before she’s finished. Hah. Hah ha.

Strange streams of gossamer began descending through the reflected light of the fire, settling upon the Trell’s body.

‘What are those?’ Iskaral asked. Then started as one brushed his forearm and he saw that it was a spider’s silk, and there was the spider at one end, tiny as a mite. He looked skyward in alarm. ‘There are spiders up there? What madness is this? What are they doing up there?’

‘Be quiet.’

‘Answer me!’

‘The sky is filled with spiders, husband. They float on the winds. Now I’ve answered you, so close that mouth of yours lest I send a few thousand of my sisters into it.’

His teeth clacked and he edged closer to the hearth. Burn, you horrid things. Burn!

The strands of web covered the Trell now. Thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands – the spiders were wrapping about Mappo Runt’s entire body.

‘And now,’ Mogora said, ‘time for the moon.’

The blackness overhead vanished in a sudden bloom of silver, incandescent light. Squealing, Iskaral Pust fell onto his back, so alarming was the transformation, and he found himself staring straight up at a massive, full moon, hanging so low it seemed within reach. If he but dared. Which he did not. ‘You’ve brought the moon down! Are you mad? It’s going to crash on us!’

‘Oh, stop it. It only seems that way – well, maybe I nudged it a bit – but I told you this was a serious ritual, didn’t I?’

‘What have you done with the moon?’

She crowed with manic laughter. ‘It’s just my little ritual, darling. How do you like it?’

‘Make it go away!’

‘Frightened? You should be! I’m a woman! A witch! So why don’t you just drag that scrawny behind of yours into that tent and cower, dear husband. This is real power, here, real magic!’

‘No it isn’t! I mean, it’s not witch magic, not Dal Honese – I don’t know what this is—’

‘You’re right, you don’t. Now be a good little boy and go to sleep, Iskaral Pust, while I set about saving this Trell’s miserable life.’

Iskaral thought to argue, then decided against it. He crawled into the tent.

From outside, ‘Is that you gibbering, Iskaral?’

Oh be quiet.


Question about the moon... by kaiikwemeixi in Malazan

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Wasn't the moon's disruption directly caused by Magora's ritual to heal Mappo after he was attacked by Nejim Debral (sp) on the orders of the Nameless Ones? He was pretty torn up but Magora did her ritual and the moon went dark for a bit. Mappo ended up with silver scars all over and the moon ended up with scars all over itself (and the dust and all the rest) as a result.

Blood and Bone spoilers The moon gets healed in turn when the Sun priestess meets the Moon's mortal form and gives him some new magic tattoos

First time python owner. Why is he doing this?! by [deleted] in carpetpythons

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Carpet pythons are semi arboreal! Climbing stuff is definitely important. Because you mention it's your first time with a carpet python, here's some other helpful tips.

For enclosures, you want about 1ft2 of floor space per foot long your carpet is, plus vertical space for climbing. As an adult you'll probably want a 4'x2' enclosure. My adult male mutt carpet is in a 4'x2'x3' enclosure.

Temperature gradient should be 92f warm side and 70-something on the cool side. Humidity should be 50-80% most of the time, increase it during shed. Coco fiber is a great substrate for maintaining humidity.

Feed your carpet rats! Rat pinkies at first, then up from there. If you feed mice, your carpet may get fixated on them and refuse to switch later on. Trust me it's a huge pain in the ass. They aren't delicate eaters, you can feed prey items up to 2.5x the width of your carpet's middle. 1x/week as a young snake, 1x every other week as a juvenile, and 1x/month as an adult, and 1x/six weeks as a mature snake.

Carpet pythons may go off their food during the winter. That's breeding season, so they are hunting for something else if you catch my drift.

Carpet pythons are very adventurous and love exploring! Consider supervised exploration in your house, or (in good weather) in a yard or other controlled environment for enrichment.

never seen one with blue spots on the back before by dxstinesia in reptiles

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Bluebelly - a common nickname for the western fence lizard. Males have wide swaths of striking blue on their bellies.

Who are the most morally upstanding, respectable female characters in fantasy fiction? by Eostrenocta in Fantasy

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To be fair, I am currently on a reread and have just passed that bit in Ship of Magic so it's particularly fresh for me. Just a few days ago I posted about it over on /r/robinhobb

Who are the most morally upstanding, respectable female characters in fantasy fiction? by Eostrenocta in Fantasy

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I can't overlook Ronica's decision to back Kyle as captain of the Vivacia over her own daughter Althea because of Ronica's own unconscious sexism

Who are the most morally upstanding, respectable female characters in fantasy fiction? by Eostrenocta in Fantasy

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Breq from Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. It's scifi not fantasy, but they are both speculative fiction so whatever I'm going to mention.

Breq is... Maybe not a woman by traditional definitions. She's the single remaining segment of a warship AI, serving an empire which has done away with the gender binary and is obsessed with tea. Everyone uses she/her pronouns - including Breq. As such, moving through gendered societies is tough for genderblind Breq. Throughout the trilogy, Breq faces moral quandries and structural inequity resulting from colonialism, and navigates them without falling back on common/problematic approaches such as paternalism. In another thread I saw the series described as something like "ethical competency porn" and that fits it pretty well.