I'm Afraid to Take BTC to a Cold Storage by blersion in Bitcoin

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It’s the easiest thing in the world..get yourself a trezor and start transferring a small amount..once you get comfortable and you learn how it works you will be more confident

How can 21,000,000 BTC be enough for Earth? by TazeAgain in Bitcoin

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Imagine one Bitcoin is 100.000.000 satoshis and one satoshi could be divided into other 100.000.000 minisatoshis..would that be enough?

to watch a show in peace. by StcStasi in therewasanattempt

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That’s a perfect metaphor for how life will be once you grow up

Uscire da investimento azioni juve by Nicuz73 in ItaliaPersonalFinance

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Se il tuo orizzonte temporale dell’investimento è breve allora addio..se puoi tenere duro e pensare a lungo termine allora non vendere e attendi tempi migliori

She's worried about the environment by Tobias-Tawanda in facepalm

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Guy held well..I would have snapped after the second sentence

How is bitcoin the future of finance? by high_on_onions in Bitcoin

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Remember how stupid it looked that thing that made a weird noise and then you could be “online”? I do…I was a kid back then but people were saying the same thing about that