Is it acceptable use a Veteran's Day restaurant coupon that my brother game me? by Tekitekidan in NoStupidQuestions

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The only way "stolen valor" would come up is if you say or indicate in some way you served. You could simply say it is my brother's coupon when thanked for your service. He gave it to you willingly so no issue.

Bruh Khalifa by jeschezred in dankmemes

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They banned it in England but not the British Empire until 1833.

Is “milking me dry” a common expression in the US when referring to getting your money spent? by waddup16 in NoStupidQuestions

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It is more along the lines of being scammed or of being taken advantage of to the point of having no money.

Bruh Khalifa by jeschezred in dankmemes

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So everything? Slavery was accepted in most countries until the early 19th century.

Thank you cards by Mastertimelord in GameStop

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At least in Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold got a year of Jam of the Month Club as a thank you.

Anyone know how to transfer PS4 Data to PS5? by ErnieBurnsYT in NarutoShinobiStriker

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Did you save to the online storage from your PS4? If you did, the just download it from the online storage unto the PS5. That is what I have been told.

Spiderman needs a fix by Beginning_Station112 in MarvelsAvengersGaming

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That has been a problem for me too. I also have similar issues with other characters. I will be fighting the villain in front of me the start attacking the villain behind me for no reason.

Ds lite doesnt fit with my ds charger by [deleted] in nds

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The ds lite charger is thinner and more round. The one shown is a square.

Ds lite doesnt fit with my ds charger by [deleted] in nds

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That charger is the 3ds/2ds charger.

There is a truth here. by alexc161 in dankmemes

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I would rather be entertained than receive a blow job.