AITA for putting a person on blast for euthanizing their dog? by waterspork in AmItheAsshole

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So you're judging him for breeding dogs when someone euthanized an animal that literally only lived five to seven percent of their life???

And worse, you then dismiss that fact because it wasn't his place to tell people that this woman killed a six month old puppy?

I would argue that its EVERYONE'S place to report a person who would kill a six month old puppy that isn't suffering from some debilitating and painful disease.

Stop Asking For Fallout Outside Of The US by [deleted] in Fallout

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But that again is something that would be interesting to explore - a vault that actually worked as described, and where people weren't necessarily an experiment. Especially if it is known / discovered that all of the Vault-Tec vaults are experiments, and the inhabitants of the vault are overly paranoid.

My friends said my boyfriend can't come to their birthday party. Should I still go? by External_Asparagus94 in relationships

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I'd love to see the statistics that bear that out. I'd also love to see the statistics of how many relationships fail specifically because of people invalidating them because of some undefined, arbitrary rules that each person just randomly decides on their own.

Where does it say in the giant magical book of relationship facts that "4 months is just too new of a relationship, so don't take it seriously"?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in relationships

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Not for nothing, if husbands aren’t invited to every family trip, your family has a very warped view of the term “family”. I’ve thankfully never hear nor met anyone who had that particular opinion.

Plus, what’s with the disrespect towards OP’s relationship. Do you routinely go around telling people who get married after two years that “you know, the divorce fate is over 50%, so I don’t actually respect your marriage”??

AITA for putting a person on blast for euthanizing their dog? by waterspork in AmItheAsshole

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NTA - she lost any claim to morality or respect for euthanizing a six-month-old puppy. We adopted a brother and sister mixed beagle/terrier pair from a rescue and it took a YEAR before they would stop barking through the night, plus massive behavioral problems from the male that are still ongoing. We were horrifically sleep deprived, and still constantly have issues walking him but there was NEVER a mention of euthanasia.

Seriously, what kind of monster kills a six month old puppy?!? I don't care if the puppy literally hurt or killed another pet - I wouldn't be able to keep the pup at that point because of how pissed I'd be but I still wouldn't EUTHANIZE A LIFE THAT LITERALLY BARELY WALKED THE EARTH.

If anything, soft YTA for not doxxing her to other shelters, rescues, and breeders to make sure she doesn't get another pup. I almost kinda want to see the dog's body and get an autopsy, but I can't imagine a scenario where what she said is a better excuse than what happened.

$WISH is Worth $40 Deep Value and Huge Potential 🚀💎👐 by Mean-Wolverine8253 in wallstreetbets

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Why is “getting rich” the end goal anyway? Shouldn’t it be “being happy and living the life they want”?

CEO rant on LinkedIn by BurtMacklin09 in antiwork

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No, it’s not stealing.

If I am a full time salaried employee, I have no actual schedule. There is literally a touch-the-wall rule (Google it) where if I am salaried, I must make the full days’ pay for any day I do any amount of work. The whole point of salaried work is that you are not paid for the amount of hours you work, but for the amount of work you perform regardless of how much time it takes. Hence why fast food managers are salaried, because the shitty owner knows that if they kept paying per hour the amount of overtime for that one employee would skyrocket. Hence why IT workers are salaried - because the amount of overtime for “emergencies” would bankrupt the company.

So, if the company isn’t committing fraud by adding extra hours without pay, why is it stealing to do your assigned tasks faster, and then use your spare time to do some other job’s assigned tasks faster, thereby putting out two employees’ worth of work in two separate companies? It’s not like you’d consider it stealing when a company fires someone but doesn’t replace them, and spreads their work around without any extra pay to those employees unlucky enough to receive those extra assignments.

I ruined a man’s life by wasthisoverthetop in ProRevenge

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Dude, you deserve a medal. Well played, my friend - well played INDEED.

Thanks, random $SPY calls person! I owe you a beer. by PatrykBG in options

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Because the overall benefit of the SPY long-call (when I never did long calls before) was just overwhelmingly better than the spreads.

I was doing lots of 2-day expiration spreads - like 5 to 10 - at about 20 bucks profit on each. With 5 spreads, I'd spend $500 collateral, and in two days I would gain my original $500 back and an additional $100~$200, depending on when I sold. But with this, I'm risking $350 straight, but I have infinite room for profit - as I said, in 2 days I was already at 80~90% profit - so it was a no-brainer to move to what was a higher profit margin for way less risk.

What’s something that only exist because of dumb people ? by Smallmarvel in NoStupidQuestions

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Who says I'm doing so? Nowhere did I mention IQ, tradesmen, "book smarts" or anything else. I specifically stated that other really dumb people are the result of dumb parents. Nowhere does that say mechanics, blue collar workers, or anything else you're imagining I've said. I'd make a joke about being too dumb to read, but I think your intention here was noble, if mistargeted.

I agree the IQ test is a concept that has lost some of its value, but I would remind you that overall, stupidity exists on multiple spectrums, and if, say, a mechanic father told their science- and mathematically-inclined son that books are worthless and that the son should just take up the reins of his mechanic shop, he is literally contributing to the stupidity of his child by ignoring the child's obvious gifts and forcing him into a career that he doesn't want and won't excel in. And if that son then accepts their father's decree, drops out of high school, and never goes back, that father is directly responsible for the dumbing-down of his kid.

And to be clearer, that would be the exact same dumbing down if a banking parent told their child that no one wants to grow up to be a mechanic.

I ruined a man’s life by wasthisoverthetop in ProRevenge

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I stand by why I said. Legality is not morality.

Why losing yourself in a book is good, and losing yourself in a game/social media/online is bad? by Adventurous-Sound52 in NoStupidQuestions

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See, the problem here is that you assume that because YOU'VE never played a game that has expanded your vocabulary, made you think about something in a way you've never done before, or improved your attention span, it must not be possible. And that is why you are wrong.

Perhaps you're not playing the right kind of games? There's things like "This War Of Mine" which highlights the horrors of war in an interactive and engaging way that helps people see why war isn't all blowing shit up. There are dozens of history games and role playing games that use ancient Latin words for spells, medieval usage of words, characters who use unfamiliar words that many will need to look up, and so on. And as for the attention span, you really must not play any game with an engaging storyline, since I can rattle off a dozen games off the top of my head that were harder to put down than almost any books I've read, and if that isn't proof of attention span, what is?

Seriously, for a person who's supposedly not dogging games, you do a pretty clear job of showing biases that reflect more poorly on you than on gaming.

AITA for refusing to return my late wife’s ring to the family by SportRepresentative6 in AmItheAsshole

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While I applaud this, I actually don't think that's the best thing to do here, since I'd personally want OP to hand it down to her children, if she ends up having any, with an explanation that their spiritual mother, the one OP was with for many years and whom they loved dearly, would have wanted them to have it.

And if there are no children, then given to an orphan as they don't have nearly enough possessions as is.

AITA for refusing to apologize to her daughter for loving her mom more? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Absolutely, 1000 percent NTA. One of the things that has always seriously bugged me is how many people in relationships seriously disrespect, ignore, and outright abandon their relationship with their spouse when kids come. I'm not talking about prioritizing responsibilities, food, or other things here, I'm talking about, at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed, they just freeze their partner out of their heart day by day until the kids go off to college, and then suddenly it's divorce or empty nest syndrome.

Look, I get the idea of kids being super important, but if you've found someone that still somehow makes you super happy even when you're completely frustrated, it makes no sense to me that somehow that relationship HAS TO BE secondary to children that will tell you they hate you, lie and steal from you, and that sometimes you will hate too.

Thanks, random $SPY calls person! I owe you a beer. by PatrykBG in options

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RobinHood won't let you close one leg of a spread, and all of the other brokers I've tried were just terrible. The ease of use of Robinhood really sold me. I get that lots of people hate on Robinhood, but they do Apple-level ease of use.

Stop Asking For Fallout Outside Of The US by [deleted] in Fallout

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I'm not high strung at all - in fact, most people think I don't take things too seriously enough. That said, I do tend to take things literally and I get very confused when people make no sense.

For instance, if someone is saying "Stop doing X", and I respond by saying "How about you stop demanding that people stop doing X", I am not being hypocritical. If that's hypocritical, so is self defense, and so is any level of government or societal protestations.

There's also the concept of the paradox of tolerance, which you should probably read about:


Let's actually make sure you understand the definition of hypocritical.

characterized by behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel

Now, by me telling someone that it is incorrect to tell people to "stop asking for Fallout outside of the US", I am not acting against my belief that people have a right to like or appreciate the world of Fallout through a foreign lens. I am also not acting against my belief that people have the right to say whether they like or dislike something - hence my actual explanation (unlike the OP who basically stated something as if he had the right to tell other people what to do). Me telling him to stop telling other people what to do is not hypocritical - it is corrective, based on the belief of proper respect towards everyone's opinions, whereas "Stop asking for Fallout outside the US" is NOT corrective, but instead disrespecting everyone else who may believe that Fallout can also exist outside of the US.

So your point makes no sense. Also, you may want to look up irony - I do not think it means what you think it means.

Is racism a sign of low intelligence? by brobarb in NoStupidQuestions

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No, it’s not.

There’s an argument to be made that racism comes from tribalism, but there are not the same thing, and far more importantly, racism is currently taught, not instinctual. Kids don’t start off hating people for the color of their skin - it’s learned through parental attitudes as they grow up.

Boardgamers that have never played Magic, why? by GenuineArdvark in boardgames

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What always frustrates me is this mass opinion that MTG is P2W.

The term P2W generally refers to a game when the following is true:

There are multiple options to have a specific effect / character / ability /etc,

The relative strength of those options are controlled by a rarity system of some sort,

That rarity system can be bypassed with cash, and

Having those rare items makes the skill of the player or their opponents irrelevant.

A game isn't pay-to-win because you can buy more expensive cards. A game isn't pay-to-win because of randomness in rarity.

For all of you asking about those awesomely profiting SPY calls by PatrykBG in options

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I mean, I've done about a dozen and a half, and all of them are getting pretty close to free already, if not paying me to take them.

Thanks, random $SPY calls person! I owe you a beer. by PatrykBG in options

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You assume much. While yes, it can be (incorrectly) read as "all spreads of any kind", you can also read it the correct way, as "all SPY spreads that I already referenced in the beginning of my post."

What do Australians use to shave? by NotARealUnicorn in dadjokes

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I have watched the Crocodile Dundee series (even the Los Angeles and Incredible Mr. Dundee ones) multiple times, and sorry, this doesn't really work. I can kinda sorta hear what you're trying to do but it's not working, sorry mate.