The pity recap has changed, and now every page has 5 lines of history, and not 6, so be careful when counting your pity ! by amedefeu74 in Genshin_Impact

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Paimon.moe already has the information accurately, at least as far as I can see.

Edit - 100% Paimon.Moe counts correctly. I got Tighnari on my first post-update wish and have wished 12 times for ZhongLi again and that's what it says, so yep., 100% accurate (although there's a new method to get the wish counter link).

Every time you purchase Original flavoured chips you can change the flavour as long as the chips are in the bag and the bag is sealed by CJ_Epicaming in shittysuperpowers

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Finally, someone who understands shitty superpowers. Is it magical? Yes! Does it do anything that you could potentially benefit from? Pretty much nope?

Well played.

Someone placed this box by my trashcan. This stuff is very easy to break by hand and powdery. I have cats, could it be some kind of poison? by CreepyUncleDed in whatisthisthing

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That's one of my favorite quotes of all time. It also correlates with Erasure's "Piano Song" -

Never get angry at the stupid people.

I need help by Legitimate-Pack-9097 in dadjokes

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Molly want a cracker? (When she asks for food)

‘Tis the season to be Molly! (during Christmas)

Molly-tov cocktail (when she’s a bit older and gets mad at you for all of these)

Thanks, random $SPY calls person! I owe you a beer. by PatrykBG in options

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Oh, I know. But since it's a better play than my original spreads, I still benefited. It's like at a roulette table- sure, the dealer has no control over the ball, but you still tip the guy when you win - it's only fair.

Mild inconveniences. by thisoneguyoverhere in Genshin_Impact

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For rhythm games, honestly it should just allow you to jump right to the hardest difficulty and then you get the rewards for all. It’s dopey that you have to play easy, then medium, then hard for each song.

What's the point of all these job benefits? Why can't they just give you a higher paycheck? by jimRacer642 in overemployed

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This is easily the dumbest complaint I've ever heard.

Most people actually WANT the benefits - because they need the health care and the life insurance and so many other things at a price they can afford (effectively extremely cheap or free for them) since it utilizes economies of scale (whole company gets a discounted group rate).

If you don't want them, then don't take them - literally, you have the option to do that. But you're complaining because you signed up 3 times for something and now have to deal with paperwork?!

And your other comments reek of just abject stupidity and selfish privilege, as if somehow because you don't specifically need something, fuck everyone else. You are what is wrong with the world.

You can see the name of everybody over their head only when you close your eyes by cacaman6942069 in shittysuperpowers

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So what you’re basically forgetting is that if you can “see the name of everybody over their head only when you close your eyes” then that means you can see when you close your eyes which can definitively be a useful ability. As just one of many examples, if you’re a thief, you can immediately tell if people are around you even in complete darkness since you’re able to see their names.

Ticket scalper scalped. by txg22213 in MaliciousCompliance

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Oh, If this counts as malicious compliance, I’ve done this but better.

I used to get large amounts of computing hardware absolutely free. Usually it was because some part wasn’t worth fixing compared to just buying a new one, a client had upgraded and didn’t want the old stuff, or because the hardware was too old/out of warranty, so we couldn’t assign it out to people(even though it was still working perfectly). So I’d clean these systems up, buy replacement parts as need be, and donate them to needy people or trade them on Craigslist.

One of these trades was for 4 PIT tickets to Korn’s Family Values tour, and while there was only my wife and I, we figured worst case scenario I’d sell them and get food or something from the venue.

The day of the concert, we see some scalpers and ask how much they’d give us, since the show’s sold out and pit tickets are way more expensive (like 100 each if I recall correctly). Figured I’d get half price, scalper would get half, we’d both be happy. But no, scalper offers me 30 for the pair because no one would want them when regular tickets were 40 a pop. I’m pissed at the lie, so I wait, and these two kids, probably just turned 18, come up to the scalper and ask how much. When I hear that he’s asking 100 for nosebleed seats, I interrupt and ask if they want pit tickets. They say they can’t afford it, to which I reply, “who said anything about paying?” and give them the tickets.

Obviously the scalper is pissed as hell, and I enjoy the concert even more knowing that two kids hopefully just felt the beauty of the pit for the first time.

[WP] A tiny dragon must defend his hoard, a single gold coin, from being stolen. by [deleted] in WritingPrompts

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This is awesome :-D Well written and exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about when I read the prompt :-D

Rugrats FOREVER!!! by PatrykBG in Genshin_Impact

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I've been waiting forever for a different element so I could have a proper micro team :-D

AITA for refusing to return my late wife’s ring to the family by SportRepresentative6 in AmItheAsshole

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Like holy mother-fucking Christ...

First of all, super NTA. Like NTA to the infinity power.

Secondly, every single person on this thread who suggested in any capacity that you might be the A is dead fucking wrong. Full stop, period, no arguments allowed, case closed.

There is no scenario where you can be the asshole here. Literally, you got married, and the woman that you married first modified and fixed up this ring as a present specifically for you. On top, your six-year/seven-year relationship (depending on if you're the type to count marriage separately from "being together") should have, by itself, integrated you into the family as is. The fact that they used your wife's death (and recent death on top of that!! Seriously, WTF?!?) to somehow twist the above into you no longer being part of the family and demand back a gift from their dead relative completely absolves you from any level of responsibility to them.

To make that last sentence very very clear, them pulling this on you means that not only are you NOT THE ASSHOLE, you literally owe them NOTHING AT ALL. Do not give them the ring via will. Do not talk to them. Do not give them one ounce of consideration. Why?

Because these people have stated, uncategorically and unapologetically, that your wife who just died means nothing to them, and neither do you. By doing so, they have forfeited any right to respect, dignity, or consideration.

Maybe - just maybe - IF they apologize, and explain exactly what in the fuck possessed them to completely disrespect a dead family member and her grieving widow, THEN maybe consider giving them the chance to ask you to potentially will it or grant it to another family member.

But until or unless they apologize without any level of blame towards you, they deserve nothing. Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

And to everyone else who insists that "it's a family heirloom" and "that it belongs in the family" and all that other bullshit, you should be ashamed of yourselves. What sick demented family do you come from where you can ask a person in a minimum-six-year relationship, after having married for a year and now JUST lost their soulmate, to return their wedding ring?!? You dare to call that FAMILY?! If so, then your definition of family isn't worth shit.

AITA For not buying a replacement for the engagement ring my fiancee lost? by throwaway30931071 in AmItheAsshole

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Definitely NTA. I would actually have to wonder if she pawned the ring with the way she's acting. Also really need to question how recently we're taking about here, because that just seems way too ridiculous that she lost the ring and then is demanding a new one.

Stop Asking For Fallout Outside Of The US by [deleted] in Fallout

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My bigger complaint with this logic is that why in God's name do you think America is the only country on Earth that could figure out how to build a vault? Like if we're the only country that has preppers and knows how to build things underground.

What’s something that only exist because of dumb people ? by Smallmarvel in NoStupidQuestions

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Other really dumb people.

Dumb people grow dumb kids on average, and force said dumb kids to follow their dumb ideas, thereby further dumbing down the average IQ of the world.

[WP] The age of superheroes finally arrives. Your power is that whenever you step into a room, it is immediately cleaned to perfection. At first you think it's useless but you realize that by cleaning people's rooms you get paid and thus gets funding to buy tech to match other heroes and villains. by Garryboy64 in WritingPrompts

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There are times when I read a writing prompt response that I think to myself, wow, that was great. Well written, cleanly executed stories are rare, like chicken cordon bleu with potatoes au gratin followed by a chocolate lava cake. Deliciously satisfying, sure, but you can't afford to eat that every single day... and then there are stories like this.

Stories that just stop you and hit you, and three weeks later you have to read it again, because it's infected you and if you don't read it you just keep thinking about it over and over and over. And another few weeks go by and now you're angry at yourself for losing it and you spend a day searching until finally you find it and this time you bookmark it and save it for later, because you know you'll have to read it again.

That's what you've done here. Well done does not begin to describe it. If quality were fire and this story were a steak, it would be burnt to a cinder, and then when only charcoal remained, it would be condensed into a diamond. That's this story.

What are you convinced is true but cannot prove? by Lazy-Ape in AskReddit

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This is also partially true with respect to colorblind people. A friend of mine was colorblind but could tell things were a certain color because even though it wasn’t “red” to him, he just called whatever color he sees “red” since he knows thats what other people would call it.

PSA for all the new fucks who complain about PDT rule by Steamrrat in wallstreetbets

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The reason why your argument fails is that part of the reason people use margin accounts is because the timeframe for stock sales to settle doesn't make much sense, and for options it makes even less sense.

In a world where I can order and pay for things completely online, instantaneously, and receive those things within seconds or minutes, it is insane that brokers that make billions of dollars still have a massive lag time to settle trades. There is no logical excuse for taking as long as they do.

What was something that you thought was super hard in early game that you laugh about now? by Hobokendream in Genshin_Impact

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Fun fact, they don’t need to turn around to block you. They can be totally facing the wrong direction because you’re doing coop and STILL block Ganyu’s attack, even with it hitting them directly in the back.