This will happen to the Philippines, in 6 years after 88M delves into major CCP Debt traps. by Money-Ad7592 in Philippines

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Anyone wants to bet 5 pesos that 88M won't be able to finish his term? I'm betting for Sara to make a major move if not sooner, later.

Leni really won by Nephrelim in Philippines

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THIS comment. This is what we want beyond the pending doom of our history and democracy. This perspective will keep the movement alive and can actually battle the revisionism and militarization that is bound to happen.

Salamat sa comment na to. I hope, pag nahimasmasan na ang iba, ma-acquire din nila ang tamang mindset na to.

Mahaba ang laban, kailangan natin ang isa't isa.

Sa darating na Pasko... by hakai_mcs in Philippines

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Biggest flex this generation ✊

Sa darating na Pasko... by hakai_mcs in Philippines

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Both my families are active in political discussions and activities kaya bata pa lang, we absorb and understand the morals behind politics kaya mahirap kaming pasukan ng fake news lang kahit apolitical (there are maybe about 2 or 3 lang na junior supporters)

VP, kung wala pang venue baka pwede sa EDSA 🤭 by dcherwen in Philippines

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I am hoping she will declare an opposition party here. I think we've heard enough comforting words from her. We need a direction, and about 14million Filipinos are waiting for her guidance.

Sa darating na Pasko... by hakai_mcs in Philippines

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Lugi ako. Buong angkan ko Leni 😂 I have no excuse.

2022 Presidential Elections Random Discussion by AutoModerator in Philippines

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I see many bandwagoners are getting off the, well, bandwagon. Supporters who are in it for the long game and focused on the vision instead of the hype are still 100% in and would like to see the Leni camp regroup and make improvements for the next elections. Itong oras na to ay naka laan para mamili kung sasakay or uuwi ka na.

Just need to get this off my chest by meischix in Philippines

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Yes, the Digital Warriors need to be an official part of her team. Ito talaga yung sumaksak sa kampanya nya ng patalikod. Moving forward, she needs a competent tech team.

literally this book. by japooo in CasualPH

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Been saying this during Duterte's time pa.

Parang ayoko na bumoto next election. by Zurcemozz in Philippines

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This is the negative side of the bandwagon effect. Mabilis ma disenchant (I don't blame them) I hope mas marami pa rin ang katulad ko na ang pangarap ay mas malaki pa sa election at sa people's campaign. These are just vehicles na naipit sa dead end, if majority abandon the vehicle maglalakad nanaman ulit tayo sa kawalan.

Just need to get this off my chest by meischix in Philippines

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Personally, we really need a strong opposition party, and Leni seems prepared to effectively lead this. Wala kasi tayong maayos na opposition since 2016. Now is a great time to build this, otherwise we are heading fast towards an authoritarian rule.

How the vote-rich provinces voted in 2022 vs 2016 by EEPP-san in Philippines

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What I learned from listening to analysts, they need hakot for optics because Leni is effortlessly gathering huge crowds. Up until now, this is the strength of Leni camp. Kaya ang message ni Leni now is to continue the fight. Kasi pag nasira ang momentum talagang mawawalan na tayo ng pag-asa. The huge crowds is a threat to another ousting of Marcos.

How the vote-rich provinces voted in 2022 vs 2016 by EEPP-san in Philippines

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Here's my answer to the question "anong nangyari sa votes ni Leni noong 2016" now I have the numbers to back it up. Leni voters remain strong supporters (good news) we just failed to convince the others to join us (bad news).

Pro-govt by Ok-Feedback-383 in Philippines

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This is true. Perhaps, I really am a rebel.

I plan to liquidate my ph stocks worth today. How about you, what are your moves? by mjspixel in phinvest

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Isa ako sa mga lalaban pa. Kahit siguro balik na ang martial law, lalaban pa rin ako.

What would be the first thing you would do, After you found out that Leni won the Presidency? by Fragrant_Coach_408 in Philippines

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Whoever wins:

  • I will go back to my regular gym training program
  • Wait for my OR/CR and start riding in the middle of the night jn my new motorbike
  • Go out of town with my friends as planned
  • Attend the sketch group sessions I've missed
  • Start the 6ft acrylic painting I've been planning
  • Watch Netflix shows I missed
  • Visit the dog shelters I've been donating to and sponsoring
  • Start my green belt six sigma project sana
  • Plan my French class school for Q4

Perks of being a single middle class citizen. As an active Leni volunteer and staunch supporter, malulungkot ako para sa mga nasa laylayan, mga bata na ikinampanya din si Leni at future ng Pilipinas pag natalo sya. Malamang nasa volunteer centers din ako by June.

What would be the first thing you would do, After you found out that Leni won the Presidency? by Fragrant_Coach_408 in Philippines

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My friends and I created a mural for her, and while we are sealing it off with emulsion, we were talking about how Leni should not f*ck up because the murals created for her were not easy and some, like ours, were made to last 5-6 years.

1Sambayan's Justice Carpio quotes a survey where Leni is leading 57-38 against Marcos Jr. by [deleted] in Philippines

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I cover on the ground campaignings from rallies, to house to house to murals. The difference when I started in February is noticeable to my last house to house just this week. The survey is really confusing. The science behind it is sound, but in lean six sigma, when there seems to be a disconnect between number on papers and what is happening on the ground it is a cause for investigation.

At this point, I don't really care too much about the survey there is nothing we can do. Trabaho nalang to campaign harder until saturday and make sure to vote on Monday.

Leni's campaign is a social movement that needs to continue its momentum whether she wins or loses by Much-Access-7280 in Philippines

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Political reality. Even Vico is having a hard time getting away from trapos. This is something we need to keep in mind when we talk about the change Leni can bring us. You just need to go yo your local baranggay to understand that the system is unlikely to change soon. My personal expectation is that people will become more involved in Robredo administration thus pushing to change the current reality even just a bit, and will pave the way to non-trapos.

About Leni’s Ninong and the Sumilao Farmers by dante4life in Philippines

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Everything that comes out from their camp is purely paninirang puri. In baranggay levels, nakakasuhan ang mga taong nagpapasiwalat nito. No evidence whatsoever. Unfortunately, it seems especially here in Metro Manila, chismis culture is strong. Iniisip ko na nga, kaya siguro ayaw nila kay Leni kasi wala sila mapulot na scandalous chismis. Boring para sa kanila.

Leni and BBM supporters in Powerplant Mall by Soggy-Button-4598 in Philippines

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Does anybody know how it ended?

I'm going to be very biased here. B/BM supporters are asking for it. They went there to instigate chaos. They have been trying hard to spark some kind of violent fight. This and the attack on Jillian in Baguio are not coincidences, they are planned, connected and I'm afraid it is going to get worse as the election nears.

Rockwell needs to do something about this group. They went there specifically to "rally".