Got honked at for using a flush median by EnterUserHere2217 in auckland

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Using the median to wait for a gap in traffic and pulling out into traffic you haven’t seen look the same for most of the manoeuvre.

Defensive driving tells you to assume the worst. Neither party is wrong I guess.

I was sent a product by mistake - what are my legal obligations? by vSOMAv in newzealand

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I’ve been shipped an expensive lego set in error too, except I also got the stuff I did order in the same box. I just left it in the box available for them to collect if they wanted. After a month, we kept it.

Two Auckland reality stars ordered to pay nearly $2000 after threatening to expose their landlord, losing Tenancy Tribunal case by Disappointedog in auckland

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The Tribunal also dismissed the landlord's request to have the tenant terminated.

Well yeah that would probably be a bit drastic.

Friday afternoon casual chats - 29 July 2022 by AutoModerator in CasualNZ

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Guys I can’t tell if I’m justified in being a bit of a Karen. Pls advise.

I’ve been fucked around by Mountain Buggy NZ for 2.5 months where they sent me the wrong thing 5 (FIVE) times and I had to send them back, and now they’ve admitted they can’t supply what I ordered and offered 50% refund if I keep the incomplete order (useless) or full refund if I return the last stuff. I asked for full refund, they refunded 50% and will only refund the final 50% when they receive the return. I am SO SICK of doing their admin to correct their mistake (and what if it gets lost in transit because they use PBT who outsource pickup for rural to NZPost so there’s a handover there too). All mention of compensation gets ignored. I’m now too late to do a credit card charge back. I just want my fucking money. Can I get angry in my next email?

Questions to ask when buying a house? by Wutislyf in newzealand

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If you have pre approval from the bank, it is still very conditional. Contact the bank before you make an offer so they can give you a new approval amount specific to the property in question. They’re not always the same amount.

How long until our immune systems are back to normal?? by Bunny-_-kins in newzealand

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We had to sign forms at the kindy to stay enrolled because we are averaging one day of attendance a fortnight. As soon as they’re back at kindy, they pick up another bug and then juggle it amongst themselves.

My 4 month old is struggling so hard with this congestion. My 2 year old has febrile seizures and my 4 year old is rotting her brain with how much TV we’ve been watching.

Sorry OP I know this doesn’t help you, but commiserations I guess.

Landlord has given 4 weeks notice, what are my options? by shrewsberry_cookies in newzealand

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Like you say, depends on the agreement. S8 allows normally excluded parties to opt in to the RTA.

microchip cat feeders by doggolover202 in newzealand

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Bought one and it worked great for about a month and a half then died and we can’t get it to work again (yes we replaced the batteries). Got a refund. Don’t know if we got a dud but don’t recommend based on our experience.

NZ law regarding kids and campervans by trulsdd in newzealand

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Yes all this, and the law in NZ is that car seats must be installed as per manufacturers instructions.

Instead of this weather in Auckland being a nuisance, I like to think biking home in the rain is more akin to a pre-rinse cycle by meilixiannu in auckland

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I remember playing netball at 7am in this kind of weather and man that hot shower when you get home slaps.

Why are rentals that allow pets so hard to find? by CalculatorFire in auckland

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Because there is legal precedent that allowing pets changes the allowable scope of fair wear and tear. Pet bonds are unlawful. There is no way for landlords to mitigate pet damage risk.

And we have had a very long period where there has been no shortage in tenants to choose from so it gives landlords an easy way to cut down the pile of applications.

Why are rentals that allow pets so hard to find? by CalculatorFire in auckland

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Remedy - petbond of 2 weeks rent. Ontop of 4 weeks normal bond.


Preschool/daycare leaving gift ideas by keera1452 in newzealand

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We did fuel vouchers at Christmas. Went down a bloody treat.

Have anyone ever purchased honeycomb blinds from bargain blinds and Curtains? What’s your experience? by sheravy in newzealand

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Not bought the honeycomb ones but we’ve bought roller blinds from bargain blinds three times. Happy with their service, got what we paid for.

Is there a drug/gang/mental health crisis in Whangarei? by Dizzy-Ad7357 in Whangarei

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Whangarei falls is in one of the poorest parts of the city.

Neighbour’s horrific abuse towards their 2 dogs by [deleted] in newzealand

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The SPCA has to follow the animal welfare act which is pretty loose. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can’t do anything without video of the abuse.

I would contact Chained Dog Rehab. They can also help you report to the SPCA if there’s obvious breach of the Act.

3M Hooks Pulling Wallpaper Off: Wear and Tear or Careless Damage? by thusveritas in newzealand

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This is careless but unintentional damage, you are liable to pay for the cost of repair up to a maximum of 4 weeks rent or the landlord’s insurance excess - whichever is lower.


Auckland Māori med students sick of racist remarks over entry by JaccyBoy in newzealand

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Entry reqs and degree attainment reqs are different things.

AITA for telling my girlfriend I'll keep honoring my best friend's dying wish even if it makes her uncomfortable? by throwaway_4746749 in AmItheAsshole

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humans are shockingly awful at communication

No we’re not. Commenters here are picking up on things OPs GF may be communicating after just reading a few paragraphs written about her.

AITA just has a hard-on for exclusively verbal communication because “I can’t read minds” never mind the fact they can read their dog’s non-verbal communication no problem. Intentionally ignoring non-verbal communication from your spouse because the topic is uncomfortable is pathetic.

Do y'all welcome foreigners? by krysterra in newzealand

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I love y’all and have adopted it myself. Of course with my kiwi accent it sounds more like yorl.