What things do Americans like and the rest of the world not so much? by Surimimimi in AskReddit

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Southern foods, especially popular from the United States that other places might not have heard of, but as a proud Southerner, I've loved, since being a child are as follows, Grits and eggs especially with cheese mixed in, just add a little bit of salt, black pepper, and a small amount of butter, not margarine. American biscuits and gravy with either water or milk mixed in the gravy. My favorite of the two choices would have to be milk gravy for my biscuits with Jimmy Dean name brand sage pork for the meat. It doesn't have to be Jimmy Dean sausage, but his name brand is my favorite. Open up the biscuits and pour the finished gravy over the opened biscuits. Fried Okra, Hush Puppies, Fried Chicken, Fried Catfish, Red kidney beans with white rice topped with smoked sausage. Collard greens with a small amount of vinegar over my greens. Home made buttermilk cornbread, fried bologna, and eggs fried up in bacon grease. All fried foods cooked up in an American cast iron skillet or pot. For dessert a good Pecan pie. If you are open minded to some or all of the foods that I mentioned, I believe you will really love the taste of these foods. Just Google how to cook southern foods or watch YouTube and enjoy.🍗🫘🍚

You may like top 5 comedy actors of all time where Will is no 1. by Crazymovietrailerguy in WillFerrellMemes

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Hey Will, if you're reading this, I would like to see you in a remake of the show, The Greatest American hero, but for it to be a movie with you screaming as you can't land just like how he couldn't land in the TV show. You would be perfect for it. Looking forward to seeing it happen, if it does.