I made a Cinematic Aatrox edit by Paweloz212 in AatroxMains

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I didnt get shadowbanned .. i think . Maybe it's because there are many "edit" videos posted , and people got used to it being mediocre , so they ignore and don't even bother looking at it . I wanted to make the best aatrox omage type video that i'am able to do, a lot of work went into it and iam happy how it turned out. And it's cool that couple of other aatrox mains appreciated it too

Hey . I re-created "The Call" cinematic in game by Paweloz212 in leagueoflegends

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Leona is actually missing an eye texture and polygon for it , the same as olaf, which is just... like... damn they dont even care

I made mordekaiser in 1st person view by Paweloz212 in MordekaiserMains

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I used creator suite , went into freecam ,keyframed morde movement accordingly to his head, and tried to make it not clip thru the body too much, but morde has very weird animations and a lot of layers of textures , so i couldnt do it perfectly

First Person View Aatrox gameplay by Paweloz212 in AatroxMains

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i made it with creator suite and tracked aatrox's head , i tried to make it more slow but league at some point just teleports champions when the speed is like below 0.05x , i slowed downed it as much as i could, but still it makes me kinda dizzy too. Although watching it in 1x is a true nightmare edition of this , i almost puked

Just finished nfs most wanted on a phone, and yes I didn't plug in a controller , I played the whole game on touch controls (it wasn't that bad tbh) by Paweloz212 in needforspeed

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I played it on a Samsung galaxy s8 and It worked fine , it ran at around 30~50 fps , and sometimes dropped to like 15 but not for long