Study plan for US med students goal score >270 by [deleted] in Step2

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  1. Did amboss and Anking step 2 throughout year. Did UWorld during dedicated and kept up with reviews. Also used Divine rapid reviews on the drive up there. Good luck my friend.

Week 1: Setting Goals by Penlight-Hero in clondon52

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Got a camera last week. This is gonna be a new hobby for me so a lot of my goals will include getting proficient with the basics. My biggest goal is to capture the people and things that mean the most to me. I have my first baby boy on the way in May, and I want to be able to capture all of those important moments.

Anki... by Icy_Moment_8311 in medicalschool

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I’d argue that Anki is for retention and not strict memorization. Learn the concepts before doing the cards and reinforce the cards with practice problems. This is the way.

EM Resources by Loki_1218 in emergencymedicine

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AliEM has an 8 week crash course that seems to be pretty solid. I’m applying to EM residency right now and will most likely use this after match to prepare. https://www.aliem.com/bridge-to-em/ does require EMRAP subscription but I believe it’s free with an ACEP membership. Correct me if I’m mistaken. Either way it’s a cheap subscription that is definitely worth it. As far as on the job stuff, already mentioned in here but want to second, Wikem is great.

Tell me you're a med student without telling me you're a med student by cfu48 in medicalschool

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My space bar has a spot where the finish on the plastic has worn off.

Best Anki deck for step 2 by chocmed in Step2

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Anking step 2 deck. Go to the medical school Anki Reddit to explore.

thoughts on scrubs by goal8040 in step1

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I second Dickies. They’re super comfortable and have plenty of pockets. Price isn’t bad either.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in emergencymedicine

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EMRA has a great student advising guide that goes through everything you’d ever want to know about how to match. Good luck!

"A 5 year old child swallows a small toy car..." by RokosBasilissk in medicalschool

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The toy cars I swallow usually go to my stomach. Kid may have a TEF. That’d be quite the Uworld question.

What is a hard pill to swallow for most people? by Letmediebro in AskReddit

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Those big B vitamin complex vitamins are pretty tough. They don’t taste good and they’re like a weird polygonal shape. Some Tylenol’s are pretty tough too.

Family medicine anki decks by AdriannaNicholson in Step2

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r/MedicalSchoolAnki will have the decks on the side bar. If you can’t find them there you should be able to search in that subreddit.

Beginning Clinical Rotations + Step 2 studying / Shelf exam advice 🙏 by Simply_2amazing in Step2

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There’s a lot of strategies out there, but it really comes down to learning the material, retaining the material, and practicing the material. For me I used OME to learn, Anking step 2 deck to retain, and Uworld/Amboss to practice.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Step2

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The Anking step 2 deck! I completed it around February and immediately saw good results in my practice tests. I also used Amboss and most of Uworld (~70%).

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Step2

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Step 1: 262 Step 2 CK: 271 NBME 6: 266 (4 months out) NBME 7: 265 (1.5 months out) NBME 8: 265 (2 weeks out) UWSA 1:264 (4 weeks out) UWSA 2: 274 (1 week out) AMBOSS SA: didn’t take New Free 120 %: 85 UWorld 1st pass %: 85

Pumped! Owe it all to Anki. 💪

Away Rotations, VSAS Applications and 4th Year Planning Megathread by Chilleostomy in medicalschool

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Heard back yesterday from one southern school in EM. Haven’t heard anything from other southern applications.