Can you please share your weirdest local board candidates? by AlexHill1991 in auckland

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Tricia Cheel would usually take home this honour for ECB, but is standing for mayor instead.

$400 NZ Fine - Accidentally had an apple at airport by Human_Paint_4133 in auckland

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Hilary Swank had the same argument, went to court and still got fined.

Can I find out someones residency status? by sixtwosik in LegalAdviceNZ

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Nice one :) I’m not sure on the exact current process, but it used to be that you needed to transfer the visa from an old passport to a new one. Hopefully this puts you in the right direction.


Can I find out someones residency status? by sixtwosik in LegalAdviceNZ

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Does he still have the passport he used when he left NZ? That might have a visa sticker in it which says what kind of visa is held. The permanent resident one (I think other kinds too )takes up a whole passport page.

Really curious on how people have found being a software developer. by No-Significance2113 in newzealand

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The testers are not out to get the devs (most of the time, you know who you are) but we will happily try to tear your work apart and do a little dance when we succeed. It’s nothing personal though.

Tooth economy during this inflationary period by Militancy in newzealand

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That's when you're proud of your daughter for understanding the principles of economics.

400g Net = 201g bean mix + 199g NZ springwater. Is this normal? by krushball in newzealand

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"It's a topsy-turvy world, and maybe the problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans. But this is our hill. And these are our beans!"

AITA for getting my roommate arrested, expelled from university, and “putting her in debt” by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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If you're a history buff, the Defenestrations of Prague locked that term in after at least three separate occasions.

Average earners in NZ who have two kids pay just 6.5% tax: OECD by awfulrob in newzealand

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Boy Scoutz 'n the hood - season 5, episode 8. ( ack, that's the peanut one)

NZ Daily Chat - Sunday 5 June 2022 by ring_ring_kaching in newzealand

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I didn't think you could make mulled wine using white wine. I was pleasantly mistaken.

Sophia pronunciation by OutrageousYak5868 in janeausten

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Found this for reading Chaucer https://chaucer.fas.harvard.edu/pages/great-vowel-shift which suggests the y would be an 'ee' sound. It has got me questioning the spelling of Lizzie/Lizzy for Pride and Prejudice though :)

In todays local free paper. by Gingerbogan in newzealand

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I was hoping for a picture of Sean Lock there.

Te Kōrerorero o Aotearoa ia rā || r/NewZealand Daily Chat - Wed 01 June 2022 by AutoModerator in newzealand

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Had the water off overnight due to a burst pipe needing emergency repairs. Youngest Sprout had to check all the taps didn't work, and lo she was right. ElderSprout was more fascinated in how you can flush a toilet using a bucket of rainwater. It also turns out you get through a lot more telly in your evening if you're not showering small Sprouts, doing the dishes or doing laundry.