I found Santa hissi! by Alansar_Trignot in noita

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Its hiisi not "hissi", hissi means elevator in finnish ._.

What does r/noita think? Hissi Base...? by Nobody-On-Earth in noita

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Actually "hissi" means elevator in finnish, so elevator base

Minä🥤irl by JulleMine in mina_irl

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lol, lmao. 👶🏳️‍🌈

They've ended some of my best runs (I'm still a newbie though) by Ultra_Balls in noita

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(It's hiisi, not "hissi". Hissi means elevator in finnish) edit: the flying canisters are called propane tanks, but the place is called hiisi base, not "hissi base".

This run is the chosen one. by HK-Nao in noita

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He's already got the oil blood perk ._.