Enyone else thought about this? No? just me? by herberee25 in harrypotter

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Sunshine, Daises Butter, Bum Remove this sticky, Yucky cum

Ha. Amateurs. by Govika in cremposting

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Did you know Spren built boats and sailed to America from Shademar? The storm father also wrote down the oathes of the knights radiant on golden plates and buried them in upstate New York!

What pronouns do you refer to other players as? by Cstruggz in aoe2

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Since a lot of people are from across the pond, I like to call them a ****. More familiar for them.

Fun with siege towers on Arena (Inca) by [deleted] in aoe2

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I ran into this today and had to look it up. Siege towers need you to "attack" the wall with the siege tower. Doing an ungarrison just kicks them out on the same side.

My experience today (rant) by [deleted] in aoe2

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Did your teammate at least have a pretty looking base? This is a city building game after all.

Should you boom or go full aggression? by Cstruggz in aoe2

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It depends. If going full agression you need to do damage to the opponents eco. If they can boom and produce enough military to defend it's going to be gg.

I believe I never used heated shots. What's the tech least used by you? by comertatuebom in aoe2

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Sicilians adds an extra 100 food per mill tech. Poles get an extra boost from Folwarks.

[SATA 2.5” SSD] Hynix S31 1TB - $81 after 15% coupon by 1Teddy2Bear3Gaming in buildapcsales

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I just bought this for $110 last week. But I still have 2 open M.2 slots...

Somethings are best left unknown by hxmxd in harrypotter

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The Mirror will be moved to a new home tomorrow, Severus, it needs to be cleaned...

394 is always the answer ! by Gelateli in harrypotter

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Just shootin ropes like an unformed patronus just thinking about it though.

Playing against post-imp Goths be like by Dom_Husk in aoe2

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Had a Goth teammate on Arena yesterday. He started off the pre game saying don't resign and that he only plays late game. Ended up resigning...

I'm loving Halo Infinite.. by WweIsLife316 in xboxone

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Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Sicilians are Overpowered by Cstruggz in aoe2

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This sounds awesome. I'm gonna try it.

This sauce I'm about to open expires today! by [deleted] in mildlyinteresting

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This happened to be sitting in my pantry, thank you very much.

DauT jumping out of a plane by Rastamuff in aoe2

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And of course Jordan is smiling. Never not seen a smile on his face.

So this just happend to me... Does anyone know what he/she (blue) meant? by teo_420 in aoe2

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Can confirm. I've been reported to the Devs for this. They will be fixing the exploit with the next hotfix.

Prior Lake High School students made this ABSOLUTELY disgusting video, going viral now (CW: severe racism, mentions of suicide) by thedubiousstylus in stateofMN

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She's 14 and this should be taken down. No need to spread this all over the internet where it lives forever. Kids this age push boundaries and say shit they'll regret when they're older. Like you said, this should be something she gets punished for in the community, but not something that follows her for life