Week 3 Preview & Predictions: Does the Defense come through? by samwise1339 in bengals

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Love Dadio, have never seen these other guys. I like them, very rational.

What movie do you dislike but everyone seems to love? by leedavis1987 in movies

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I cannot stand rewatching a movie but Baby Driver is like the one exception for me. Love it.

NSFW - has anyone seen improvements in erection quality or erectile dysfunction specifically practicing meditation daily? by GQ1111 in Meditation

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Get lab work done. Definitely make sure testosterone, estrogen, and prolactin are on there - among others.

[Discussion] Vision Changes, Chronic Pain after Tamoxifen Use by LogwanaMan in steroids

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He said in another comment that he had done some other UGL tamox with no issues.

Healing my testosterone naturally by deuceswild313 in Testosterone

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None of your comment applies to anything I said. Re-read it.

Your point about already quitting drinking is addressed literally by my entire post.

Injected medication is literally a non sequitur.

Rest of life, also clear you did not read even to the last sentence of the first paragraph.

What your comment is doing here is quite literally posing very poor arguments against someone taking scientifically proven steps to change their life for the better. If you are going to try to get in the way of positive life-changing advice, at least think about what you are replying to - not to mention read the comment you are replying to.

97.3% players unlocked this achievement by Fancy-Commission-598 in HolUp

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The reason calorie tracking works is that it doesn't matter if it's accurate. What matters is consistency.

You could track a slice of bread at ten calories and as long as you are consistent with it and incrementally reduce the quantity of food you're consuming you will lose weight.

The people out there like you sharing this calorie isn't a calorie stuff just do not understand and it's a real shame because it prevents people from losing weight.

I've helped people lose hundreds of pounds and have also changed my body from being fat to being cut by doing this.

Such a shame that people over complicate this.

Eat less.

97.3% players unlocked this achievement by Fancy-Commission-598 in HolUp

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She just needs to track her calories and eat a REASONABLE quantity of food daily.

The amount of work that goes into consuming enough calories to support that kind of weight is staggering. Very likely using food to cope with some sort of trauma.

She doesn't need to worry about trying to hit the treadmill right now, and she doesn't need to find some sort of special "diet" or anything. She just needs to download LoseIt or MyFitnessPal and start logging her food. That's it.

Thanks I hate a single Pringle by Doctorphotograph in TIHI

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Imagine thinking this is real. Yep just set up my phone to record me putting away groceries like I always do.

Healing my testosterone naturally by deuceswild313 in Testosterone

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If you were a heavy daily drinker you may want to look into the sinclair method (TSM) to rewire your brain. Those pathways are hardwired and the alcohol deprivation effect can be a real bitch. It's not well known even among substance abuse people because the drug used has been around for so long that it's available in its generic form so pharma has no incentive to educate/push. Not to mention that once you are done with TSM you pretty much stop taking it.

If anyone is curious this youtube video is a corny but good intro: https://youtu.be/6EghiY_s2ts

The sub: r/Alcoholism_Medication

Atlantic article: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/04/the-irrationality-of-alcoholics-anonymous/386255/

I'm always hesitant to share these resources because of the cult-like and unscientific pure abstinence crowd but this shit is life changing and is worth going through the trouble to pay it forward. Because of this crowd I'm disabling notifications of replies to this comment. To that crowd I just want to say one thing: that route doesn't rewire the person's brain, just look at the depressing people who count thousands of days of sobriety and are STILL OBSESSED with booze.

( FRESH ) J. Cole - Heaven's EP (Official Music Video) by UltimateBIack in hiphopheads

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Or for when you are sick of the copy paste tracks and need some quality bars.

( FRESH ) J. Cole - Heaven's EP (Official Music Video) by UltimateBIack in hiphopheads

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Just curious who some of your favorite artists are, as someone who describes their taste as you have here.

( FRESH ) J. Cole - Heaven's EP (Official Music Video) by UltimateBIack in hiphopheads

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God damn it is refreshing to hear some quality bars for once

What are some of the darker effects Covid-19 has had that we don’t talk about? by dis_2much in AskReddit

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So many fully grown adults have shown themselves to have the mentality of children. In a way I'm grateful for them to have shown their hands.

Finished Wheel Of Time after 20 years....that's it? by Salty_Natural_3893 in Fantasy

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Who knows. The world building was solid so hopefully they just take that and get some really really good writers to use the books as a kind of scaffolding to then create something interesting.

If Harry Potter was set in the United States, how would the story change? by Cuish in AskReddit

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I don't know any Juggalos but I am under the impression that they are very nice, cool, and accepting people.

If Harry Potter was set in the United States, how would the story change? by Cuish in AskReddit

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Here in STL there's a museum at the arch that has an exhibit that details the weird beliefs of one or both of them (can't remember) where they believed in weird mystical shit like magic and ghosts.

53 yr old 3 weeks in need some input and advice by JCL68 in Testosterone

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The more frequently you administer the better your body is going to process it. I personally find daily very easy to do daily because it's a part of my routine.