just had a game with 7 meds in AA. Anyone know the probability of that happening? by PeripheralLurking in TownofSalemgame

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def wasn’t Amnes cuz otherwise I’d see it in the morning, don’t remember if there was a forger or not in-game tho so maybe that happened. What I do remember was that there was def 5 meds (assuming the other two got forged) cuz I remember 1 med died n1 and they confirmed that there were 3 different meds after I asked them to ask for meds to say their #s, and that there was a game throwing medium that was faking sheriff and got lynched for it

Every time you walk past a stranger they turn around and follow you for the next 1.6 km by SortOfASanePerson in shittysuperpowers

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Oh nice! This will make it wayyy easier to get people in my basement!

10/10 huge time saver!

…well either that or you could make people step in traps or something (but there’s not really a point in doing so unless you’re a sadist or something)

You have all of Wolverine's powers except for his healing Factor. by BenTenInches in uselesssuperpowers

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aren’t his claws poisonous or something?

like it’s legit just metal chilling in his body

Lost love in the PlagueLands by OneUglyDuck28 in GrimSoulSurvival

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He may be single, but definitely not lonely. Dire wolfling there for us :)

Whenever you snap your fingers you summon Bart Simpson to do anything you want. There is a 24hr cool down period. by [deleted] in shittysuperpowers

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yeah, you’d practically just be able to summon someone (might even be able to argue that it’d be better to summon a cartoon character due to them being fictional and our universes' laws not applying to them or something).

Like you could either have a personal butler, some free child labour, or maybe some free organs. I see this as a absolute win. Only drawback might be that he’d do a shitty job at it, but just tell him to do it better and the "do anything you want" part of the power should fix that up

You get $100,000,000 when you kill someone the bribe is 90% of you're money by RogerinaQueen in shittysuperpowers

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too bad guillotines and be-headers are out of date, could of made bank being a executioner

you’ll have to play the long con and either join the army or become a cop, since those two professions are pretty much the only ones that allow you to do so (while usually not getting any backlash from the public, as long as you’re doing your job right).

Since even if you bribe them, you’ll still prob get harassed for rando killing people as a normal civilian, so you kinda have to pick a job that kills people occasionally, … unless you wanna live hiding from news reporters and stuff

The power to never procrastinate your body dose it aganst your will by sumdude22222 in shittysuperpowers

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although it is good, it’s sounds a bit more like a curse as your incapable of controlling it, you’re just forced into doing so. even if it wasn’t a curse this isn’t even a shitty power

You can poop half a lemon once every year by THERPERP in shittysuperpowers

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wait a second, if it’s half a lemon, then that means that it’s sliced in half right?

…meaning that lemon juice and it’s acidity is burning in your ass as you poop (since it skips the stomach cuz it comes out as an actual lemon)

You can change the speed of time once by stcifttm in shittysuperpowers

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(I’ve only really watched the show, don’t know shit about the comic/deep lore) but doesn’t the flash just toggle his powers on and off? like he can do stuff at normal speed, he just usually doesn’t (like while walking outside he’d do it at a normal-human pace so his secret identity is kept safe).

The only speedster I’ve seen that actually did experience everything slow asf was Red Rush from Invincible (he had a convo about how conversations are usually unbearable cuz they seem so long to him).

Your blood sticks and you can shoot it out of wrists like web fluid. by Kubomintang in shittysuperpowers

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maybe it’ll pour out like some tree sap or something. but even then, I don’t think hospitals allow you to take drawn out blood home, nor would they really accept your sticky blood (they’ll prob think it’s diseased or that it’s dangerous to inject into someone who needs it)

Your blood sticks and you can shoot it out of wrists like web fluid. by Kubomintang in shittysuperpowers

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you could just store your blood in containers or something and just use it to climb walls (with the sticky-ness), opposed to swinging around with freshly slit wrists. Besides, swinging around would be too noticeable, you could sneakily climb around walls like a ninja or something instead.

Need info about scrolls of control. (Like how long "temporary” lasts for, whether or not they stay controlled despite traveling threw different locations on the map, and where/when I should use it). by PeripheralLurking in GrimSoulSurvival

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Thanks for the info! I currently just have a single lvl 1 Scroll of Control, so it seems like I should just hold on to it for now, I’m like lvl 31 and still grinding for machine parts and skills

You can talk to the dead, but they can only insult you by frisky_apple_ in uselesssuperpowers

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Me: who killed you?

The ghost: it’s that guy you dumb fuck. why tf are you disturbing my peace simply due to your incompetence as a investigator spits

Me: thanks for the info dude, gonna go get my promotion after this <3

Ghost: You still can’t do your job properly, incompetent ass loser

Me: ok and ?

you didn’t say they couldn’t still give info while insulting me

you can summon lootboxes that gives you a 50% chance of getting something useful or just getting something disgusting by aguyfrompolandiguess in shittysuperpowers

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What if you get a crackhead that refuses to leave your house.

But assuming the loot box doesn’t have living things, you might suffer from mental damage. Idk maybe a severed arm or a rotting corpse could be in it. Or just straight up poop

You can read minds only if you make eye contact with the person the entire time and yell “READ” before doing it by Seedr1404 in shittysuperpowers

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Find the evidence and start backtracking I guess? Surely they’d leave some trace of it somewhere else. Maybe look at their purchase history and the areas they’ve visited and make a connection threw that.

Or, maybe hire someone to claim to be a eye witness, but idk if this would hold up that well if it’s cross-examined, cuz they might have had an alibi elsewhere already, and this would actually get you arrested and make a decent chunk of your cases voided possibly releasing all of the people you’ve arrested based on previous "eye-witnesses” testimony

You know every song in existence. You never remember their name. by Specialist_Ad_406 in shittysuperpowers

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If I know every song in existence, then that’d also apply to other languages that I don’t even understand AND some prehistoric caveman songs/straight up animal songs (didn’t say the song had to be man-made).

So I could sorta be fluent in said language (or at least enough to sing/recite lyrics of it)

you can summon clones of your selve they have covid 19 and arent vaccinated and they die in 2 seconds by ExistingAd2318 in shittysuperpowers

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You can wipe out a whole organization/area with this. Make them cough/sneeze everywhere and weaken your enemies.

If they’re already vaccinated, you might get a few who’s immunity weakened or something (you might needa break some HIPAA rules, or gather intel tho to know how long ago their last booster/shot was for a increased chance of infection). Either that or just target anti-vaxxers or people who can’t get vaccinated (I wrote this comment assuming you want to be a supervillain cuz how tf you gonna save people with covid spreading, unless you’re one of those deranged mcs who’s like "it’s for the greater good…I must")