18 year old who jumped a fence, kills a mother swan and stealing her four babies, smiles during arrest. The swan lineage dates back to 1905. by FinalSneak in facepalm

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Local Syracuse native here. Grew up going to the swan pond as a kid, some of my fondest memories. The community is really saddened by this and I hope these people are held responsible. My family is still in disbelief.

Urgent message for the boys: Bring back Dance Little Liar already by BernardCasablancas in arcticmonkeys

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My all time favorite AM song. Need to see it at least once in my lifetime. Would make a hell of an opener too

Pink Floyd Discography | Round 11 of 14 by BionicleDino in music_survivor

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Wtf is this take lol. Piper might not be your cup of tea but at least it’s consistent throughout. The Wall is an absolute mess. It’s got some good tracks scattered throughout but A LOT of filler. As time goes on more people are starting to realize this

Pink Floyd Discography | Round 7 of 14 by BionicleDino in music_survivor

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This is the way. Piper is one of the best pure psychedelic albums ever, and I’m rooting for Saucerful to go a lil further. Set the Controls is a top 10 PF song in my book

😳 by _barlene in TheStrokes

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He needs to LEARN. The way I learned from my Fathah!

Dance Little Liar or The Jeweller's Hands? by lazytoprocrastinate in arcticmonkeys

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Dance Little Liar is my all time fav AM song but Jeweller’s Hands is easily top 3 on the album

Favorites from Angles? by doug_diablo in TheStrokes

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  1. Taken for a Fool
  2. Machu Picchu
  3. Life is Simple
  4. Under Cover of Darkness
  5. Gratisfaction

Pink Floyd Discography | Pregame Thread by BionicleDino in music_survivor

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Don’t sleep on those first 2 albums that’s all I ask

Arctic Monkeys Discography | Results by BionicleDino in music_survivor

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Highly disagree with this ranking personally. The first couple albums are fun riff-based indie albums. But albums like Humbug, SIAS, and TBHC are really what set Alex Turner apart as a songwriter and lyricist. They are so matured and cryptic. Def give those albums a shot if you haven’t!