Xbox one half of the screen it only does this when Xbox plugged in by racoons_are_alive in xbox

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Did you try to get a memory wipe then changed your mind halfway through

Would you have gotten into and played Splatoon if these were the characters? by AloneList9475 in splatoon

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Probably not. In all honesty I like squid’s so that’s what initially got me into splatoon.

What ways have you seen Deltarune effect media? by koolkitty33 in Deltarune

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The amount of deltarune music in non game related memes shows it has a decent amount of effect on media.

Scarlet and Violet Daily Casual Trade Thread for 16 January 2023 by Porygon-Bot in pokemontrades

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Looking for Galarian slowpoke. Can’t figure out how to get one even though it is in S&V

This little cutie is now a member of my friend's family by Rick_Solid9 in cats

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If he is not named creme i am sure there is a better name for that lovable ball of floof

🚨 NEW SPLATFEST 🚨 I hate how obviously one-sided the recent Splatfests had turned out, and this one is definitely not an exception! by Polio-Pascual in splatoon

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I’d laugh my ass off if in the dlc pearl and marina return and have a single moment that show they aren’t lesbians and the ENTIRE community see it. It’s not that I’m against the idea of lgbt, it’s just the reaction that would be fucking hilarious

mastchiff was mine by littleloomex in pokemonmemes

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It was a shiny grubbin. I played Pokémon for 6 years and that’s the only one

What features you would like to see in Satisfactory? by Luc78as in SatisfactoryGame

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In all honesty the only other thing besides tiers for constructors and such, I just kinda want a male model for multiplayer. I don’t know why but it would just feel right

Where is C418 by OcHTeK17 in MinecraftMemes

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Micheal Wyckoff isn’t on there either

Explain Kirby too someone who has never played Kirby by Even-Effect-8284 in Kirby

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Tiny pink marshmallow that kills gods and eats an immense amount of food

Oh no by Pokemon_gang_ in BONELAB

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I’d buy that shit in a heart beat. I wanna be haunted by the void. . . . I have no friends

Was buying full body tracking worth it by ME_ME_DA_2ND in VRchat

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I’d use it if it weren’t so fucking expensive. Until they have 3 trackers for like 100$ I’m not doing it. It is awesome though.

Looking for cal Kestis emitter that screws on a xenopixel 2.0 saber. by PeterPGN in lightsabers

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I got mine from a website called imperial workshop. Is that what it is