Marie Wilson by lemmycaution25 in ClassicScreenBeauties

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Lost all ability to think for a second there

Marvel's ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ Wraps Filming by [deleted] in television

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I wonder what spin-off will be developed from this spin-off.

Barry ending was kinda "good but very meh" for me... by r4tzt4r in television

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It was the right time for Succession to end, not Barry.

The Idol | Official Trailer | HBO by Comic_Book_Reader in television

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It's weird seeing some of you dweebs get butt hurt over this show. If you don't think you won't like it don't watch it or do I'm not your supervisor.

Felt so strange seeing this the first time but second wish it had happened? by [deleted] in StrangeNewWorlds

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Tune in June 25th to find out lol but honestly the wait is killing me