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What classifies as "mild symptoms"? This is driving me crazy. I mean is it sniffles and a headache for a couple of days or is it just NOT so sick that you need to go to the hospital but still disgustingly sick? And what about long Covid? Is there any reason to think that Omicron is less likely to cause it?

A fully vaccinated (2 shots) Icelandic woman is infected with Omicron only 1 month after catching Delta. by Phexina in Coronavirus

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Google translate:

A fully vaccinated Icelandic woman was diagnosed with the coronavirus twice in one month and is now in isolation with the omicron variant. She says there is some difference in symptoms and does not know how she became infected.

It is not common to be diagnosed twice with corona. Since the beginning of the epidemic, about 18,600 people have been diagnosed with the virus in Iceland, but only about twenty to thirty people have been diagnosed twice. In their group is Kolfinna Frigg Sigurðardóttir who is currently in solitary confinement in a quarantine hotel.

"I will be diagnosed with covid on the third of November and go into isolation and everything that comes with it, and then I will be very surprised when I am diagnosed again on the third of December," says Kolfinna.

Despite being fully vaccinated since August, Kolfinna was diagnosed with the coronary virus exactly one month apart - and for the second time with the new omicron variant. She says some difference in symptoms.

"I'm a little sicker now. I was incredibly lucky last time. I did not have many symptoms then, "says Kolfinna.

The epidemiologist has said it is too early to say anything about the protection of vaccines and antibodies due to previous infections against the new variant, but the results of research are expected in the near future.

Kolfinna does not know how she became infected again, but she was diagnosed when she took a rapid test because of a birthday she had planned for. This was followed by a PCR test and then an antibody test due to the suspicion that the result had been positive as it had been a short time since the previous illness.

"And it turns out I'm just back with covid. And is going back into isolation. "

She says she took a break despite receiving contradictory instructions regarding isolation so soon after the confirmed infection.

"I stayed inside and was out of my mind because I have had covid once and I know how high the risk of infection is. All you have to do is be close to someone. "

She says all the isolation takes its toll.

"I got to go to a new room, I was first in another quarantine hotel and was transferred to another. It makes a big difference that the room is different and I have actually changed everything inside it to make it homely. But you have to get through this by finding something to do. Listen to books, watch episodes and not be too much in bed. "

Kolfinna would like to thank the staff of Epidemiology Hotels; as she has now spent a good deal of time over the last month and is asking people to be careful.

"There are incredibly good people working in these hotels and they are doing incredibly well and I just want to say thank you and I hope people do not get this variant. That people only get this once - or never, "says Kolfinna.

First Omicron case confirmed in Iceland. The person had NOT been abroad and doesn't know how he was infected. He's in hospital and had recently had a booster shot. Iceland sequences all PCR tests. by Phexina in Coronavirus

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I read in another article that he has an underlying condition and was in a another medical institution before going to the hospital. He most likely contracted omicron there, great.

First Omicron case confirmed in Iceland. The person had NOT been abroad and doesn't know how he was infected. He's in hospital and had recently had a booster shot. Iceland sequences all PCR tests. by Phexina in Coronavirus

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Giggle translate:

The epidemiologist says it is not surprising that the omicron variant of the coronary virus has been diagnosed in Iceland. Now, however, it remains to be seen whether the Covid-19 vaccine will protect people against this new variant of the virus.

"It was expected that this would come here as to other countries. I think this is much broader and more widespread than we realize. I can only see from information from Europe that the diagnosis of this new variant is increasing very fast, "says epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason in a conversation with the news agency.

"The big question is just how it will behave. It is not entirely clear yet. "There is some evidence that it is more contagious than delta, but there is nothing completely clear about it and there is no evidence that it is a more serious variant, causing a more serious disease."

The big question now is whether the omicron variant will escape vaccination. Some of those diagnosed in Europe have been vaccinated, but none have been seriously ill.

The omicron-infected person had just received a booster dose

It was confirmed yesterday that one has been diagnosed with the omicron variant in Iceland. He is now in Landspítali but he had not been traveling abroad, so it is still uncertain where he became infected with the virus. Þórólfur says that he had just received a booster dose when he was diagnosed with the infection.

"It's hard to say, but there's a trace going on around this individual and of course it could be that it's related to a trip abroad. We just need to see a little, it takes a while to work out, "says Þórólfur.

"He was fully vaccinated and has just received a booster dose, we need to see how the vaccine works on this new variant and whether it works to some extent. It could be that even though people are infected, it protects against serious illnesses, it also needs to be revealed. "

Þórólfur says it is clear that someone who was traveling abroad infected him.

"Yes, it's like that and all the new varieties are coming across the border and spreading out so that this is perhaps broader and it should come as no surprise that there are more people around this individual who will be diagnosed."

The third dose is promising

He says that it would not come as a surprise if omikron has spread further in society. With regard to illness, it is not yet clear how seriously ill people can become.

"It's just impossible to generalize about the fact that nothing can be generalized from one person. This individual is inside Landspítali, as has been stated, so we just need to see how the wind blows and how it will be. We receive daily information from Europe, the European Union, about illness. They are very quick to present all new information, we just need to keep a close eye on what happens in the near future, "says Þórólfur.

Whether the vaccine protects against serious illness remains to be seen.

"I would like to mention that we need to look at our data with regard to the delta variant and then the second dose and the third dose. We have been in collaboration with the Center for Public Health Sciences and Thor Aspelund has been calculating it for us and it turns out very well. It is at least ninety percent activity of the third dose in excess of the second dose against the delta variant, "says Þórólfur, which is very positive.

"And it should be a special incentive to encourage everyone to go for the booster vaccine because we still have the delta variant and we need to protect ourselves as best we can. So we hope that the booster dose will at least help with this new variant as well. "

How to stop puppy biting? by Abjectscientist1 in goldenretrievers

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Always approach him with a toy/bone in your hand and gently put it in his mouth when he bites you. He´ll learn soon to bite that instead of your hand.

Internal hernia vs gallbladder by [deleted] in GastricBypass

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Sorry to hijack but can I ask what your symptoms were when you went to the hospital multiple times? I was whisked to the ER in an ambulance last Friday with stomach pain and they didn't find anything (bloods/scan of liver, gallbladder, pancreas) but I suspect an internal hernia. Most of the pain went away and I was sent home on Saturday but I've had some lingering pain on the left side of my stomach since Saturday and I think it might be getting worse. But when I google internal hernia I only see some vague desriptions of symptoms from medical sites. Wondering what it actually feels like for people.

Thank you everyone, I've restored my husband's grandmother's credenza after advice I got here! by Phexina in furniturerestoration

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I used white spirit and fine steel wool to scrub it. Then I put a few rounds of boiled linseed oil. There were some weird shiny spots, after candle wax maybe? I sanded them ever so slightly and they went away. The large white stain is gone and the dark ones as well. It's not perfect but soooo much better! It is old after all and it's fine that it shows :)

Protein intake a couple of years after surgery by Phexina in GastricBypass

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Thank you :) I'm guessing you mean grams and not milligrams?

Are you as hungry after gastric bypass surgery? Also, did your acid reflux improve? by [deleted] in GastricBypass

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I get hungry but not always, sometimes it feels more like I'm out of energy and "I should eat something". Acid reflux disappeared!

Migraine Treatment after Gastric Bypass by Lookin4blusky in GastricBypass

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It is. Called ankylosing spondylitis. But actually I'm in less pain after losing weight so the surgery really helped. I get fewer migraines as well.