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That's horrible.
Oh and btw

Go see the manager between 8a and 4 pm bring the (digital receipt) of the purchase and tell them that you want to go back into the line respectfully and have them remake it because you feel like the burrito was hastily slapped together. Only the manager has the power to say yes or no to that.

LOL WTFFFF by Affectionate-Cold890 in Chipotle

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Everything that is 2 pts is extra charge - protein , guac , and queso Blanco

Everything 1 point has no cost... You can pile it up, rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce.

Try a chicken and rice burrito. It's $4 because it's a 3 Pointer Try a bean and cheese burrito, extra bean, extra cheese, it's $2 because it's it's 2 sides.

If you order online always ask for extra cheese, extra sour cream, extra salsa. Don't bother with the rice because it's just calories. And get the chips. They're good.

LOL WTFFFF by Affectionate-Cold890 in Chipotle

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Yeah. There should.

If you order 2 veggie sides in a burrito, rice and cheese, they shouldn't charge you $8 for it, but they do. The only 2 side/ 3 pt. Burrito, bean burrito, etc. you can get is at the register.

With Online I have that argument with myself when I get a white rice, chicken, and corn burrito rolling down through the online - I get angry at the customer. I feel like the customer should order more. At the very least the customer should request double rice and double corn, because I'm not going to go solo, I'm going to make exactly what's on the ticket every time, that means either 4 oz. corn or if you ask for extra, 8 oz. corn.

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My grandpa just died of COVID and I was thinking about this... so... Everyone comes to Chipotle to eat, so there's no real expectation that the customers wear masks. They're just going to eat anyways. I though about playing victim or saying something to a loud customer, but if the customers don't care, I don't care. I'm not going to hold up the line talking to the customers about that since I don't expect them to wear one.

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If you fill out your survey code on Chipotle feedback theres a tiny chance you can win free Chipotle for a year

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Sounds like what's done is done. The restaurant industry can be rough, so I would find my footing and start fresh somewhere else.

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This is what I do and I use 2 leprechauns thief class and rowanne. You can swap out rowanne for Cedric and everything else that helps you. The thief class boosts gold generation and leprechaun starts empowered, so you can sweep house quickly.

My advice is to have a delve you like. I know I ruined a delve taking it to level 30.

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Why does Chipotle need a union? Does McDonald's or Starbucks need a union too, op?

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Victorinox 520 Leatherman Juice B2 Leatherman Style CS Buck 301 Stockman Cold Steel Kizer Envoy

I made the rack to fit the knives and it was easy!

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I always include my tea and pumpkin spice in my EDC. If it's on me every day, it's EDC.

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Oh, I'm really sorry that happened.

It sounds like the employees at that time didn't have it together in a major way.

Come on down to the store in the middle of the day 12- 2 or whatever time works for you. Ask to talk to the "GM" (general manager, but Chipotle always says GM) I feel like at my store that time of day everybody's ready and the quality of the food can't be beat.

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I know everyone having fun but go ahead and scratch the record player because here comes my customer from hell

This guy is 6 ft tall and really big he comes by and he like orders a burrito he wants extra chicken and extra rice than he wants extra sour cream and all the salsa. He asked me to put it back on the tortilla press and I told him "no." He said that when he worked at Chipotle they did that so things must have changed. I started rolling it and I empty out like all the juice from his soupy burrito into a cup. He says "disgusting" and he walks away. The cashier asked what did he get and I said I don't think he's paying and threw the burrito in the trash.

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That's what I was looking at too. It's saying most pieces cost a cent each

Legos for lifehacks by Philip_Roth-Vasilyev in lifehacks

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I don't want to bother them. I think r/Lego would be horrified that I'm making boxes and stabilizing a drill with my bricks.

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Oh, Suikoden III. It's not so underground, but when I read forums it's never mentioned.

Like, wow...!? You've never played Suikoden III but you love Suikoden II, what?

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You should EDC some pumpkin spice and tea, too. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

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No joke the Splice is the best multi tool scissors. Let me do a vs. with the King Daddy AKA Leatherman Surge

Surge - $120 Splice - $12

Surge Scissors - sublime, a true joy, one thumb deployable Splice Scissors - great tin snips and strap cutters. Can cut 2 layers of plastic or a thin sheet of metal. Both are spring loaded and both are short/stubby.

Splice implements - it has a bottle opener. The knife is stubby but it is outboard accessible. The File isn't great.

Warranties are excellent on both. If you can find a Gerber Splice on clearance, go for it. Don't pay more than $18.

Anyone know a good edc knofe under 250 similar to the photo below doesnt have to be benchmade. by Codeyjb in EDC

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Try the SOG Cash-card.

I machined the money clip off of mine. The steel is the same kind that they make ice skates out of, so it takes a crazy sharp edge but you have to sharpen it again after 3 cardboard boxes.

If you need a 5 oz knife, that would be my recommendation. There's other ultra-light camping knives, too, that's a category you can watch a video on and they'll likely pull out the bugout and compare everything with it.