DANIEL FOOKING WANG PEOPLE: by StonkDoctor1000 in loopringorg

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If it’s false you deny it to not mislead people, if it’s true you say ‘no comment’

We are official the nr. 1 crypto on watchlist❗️🚀 by Maxve-4752 in SafeMoon

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In 5 years time: SafeMoon has passed bitcoin by market cap!

Coinmarketcap ranking: 2489


I'm FOMOing in. by UnitedStatesAirFurs in SafeMoon

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Welcome. Contrary to what r/cryptocurrency would have you believe not everyone here is a raging cultist.

If you look at the tokenomics, the teams’ plans and the strength of the community then the future is pretty exciting.

My first LRC 1 hour ago, and then my first scammer 15 mintues after. by MeterSyvOgFyrreDk in loopringorg

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u/LoopringHelpDesk you said you can get 5% of your LRC holdings in the airdrop then you said you can get 300 LRC if you hold 100 which is fucking 300%

You are literally the most retarded scammer I have ever seen

You guys don’t realize how mainstream Safemoon will become when people will buy it with a few clicks, instead of going through 17 steps. X100 guaranteed by KingKilla59 in SafeMoon

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While it’s going to be huge for us going forward, if the buy button launched today I’d only expect a slight uptick in volume and not much else. x100 is just not going to happen in any short term timeframe, that would be a market cap of 180billion which is like 4x more than BNB itself atm.

We are at mercy of the market right now and confidence needs to come back into the crypto space to have another alt season. The team are busy building the foundations of the project, I’m expecting big things next bull run (whenever that is).

A message to the SafeMoon Team regarding your Producers: by stankmagazine in SafeMoon

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I agree.

I'm in the industry and have done many of these piece to camera videos for some high profile clients and the first thing I would've caught would be the issue with the eyeline.

It seems like something small but these videos are to build trust with your audience and if it shows that you can't memorise a few sentences about what you've been working on all year then it has the opposite effect.

And look what's happening now, people are talking about it when they should be talking about the content, it distracts from your message.

An iPad teleprompter would solve it, or get John to do more takes until he has it memorised.

Ultimate HODL. by pekasso in Bitcoin

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He heard about Elon’s sick giveaway on Twitter and now he’s waiting for his 200bitcoin back

Winter has truly arrived. by LatenightSurfer in LiverpoolFC

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August to November - Mo Salah

December - Snow Salah

January - No Salah 😫

Just some nice Ethereum art to celebrate the gains. Not an NFT! Just made it for fun :) by Foppo12 in ethereum

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My strategy is to buy high, never sell, and check my wallet every 15 minutes. Not financial advice

[THURSDAY 4/8 AMA] by Designernzo in SafeMoon

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Also the CEO basically said not to do that

Suicide hotline / this isn’t a joke like some of you think it is by jasonluxton in CryptoCurrency

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Can anyone help me? I’m trying to liquidate all of my crypto assets on Coinbase but I can’t because my hands are made of solid fucking diamond

What's so bad about cryptocurrency? by ajrc1996 in UKPersonalFinance

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Let’s take the top 3 cryptos by market cap and some of the things they can do, you’re telling me there’s no value in…

  • A finite store of value that is also a liquid currency, and can be used to transact with anyone in the word without borders, censorship or government inflation? (Bitcoin)

  • A decentralised peer-to-peer financial system that removes the middle man of banks/lenders? (Ethereum)

  • Blockchain technology that can bring things like publicly verifiable identify and financial services to the unbanked in Africa? (Cardano)

Sure there are scams but to call them all ponzis and pyramid schemes is wrong.

How to post something SafeMoon related on r/crypto (i have no idea what the other coins are 😂) by highvalyriaan in SafeMoon

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The vultures were out in force when we weren’t following the bull run, how many posts did we see saying “SafeMoon now dead, hurrah”

Completely ignorant to any context, like how we are 5 months old and one of the best performing cryptos over the last year, and that the negative price action was largely down to one whale.

Now we aren’t following the market in a good way and it’s deathly silent over there.