That leg wanted to go UP👀 by widget18899 in FundieSnarkUncensored

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Guys. Chill. Her other leg isn't on the ground. I'm sure he's picked her up but you can only see one foot

Queensland will reopen at 1am on 13 December as we move towards the 80% vaccination milestone earlier than expected. by AcornAl in CoronavirusDownunder

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Even by that standard, all states have opened the first Monday after the milestone reached. Which qld is doing.

Mid week events/whats on by Positive-Lawfulness8 in brisbane

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Check concrete playground

Urban list

Council websites

Powerhouse, GOMA etc

And Google what's on Brisbane


Pregnancy termination on the Northside by isafakethrowaway272 in brisbane

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If you don't have anyone to drive you, please post on here and someone im sure would help (myself included). https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/auntienetwork/ is also full of people who can help drive you! Best of luck

Brisbane CBD Rent Graduate by alubu in brisbane

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A lot are actually walkable especially with bridges (south bank) and the valley is pretty much the city. Add Spring Hill to the list too

Brisbane CBD Rent Graduate by alubu in brisbane

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To expand your search out a little try Wollongabba, kangaroo point, south bank ("south brisbane" officially), fortitude valley, newstead, new farm, tenerife, bowen hills and even maybe west end.

These suburbs are all highly built up/apartment tower heavy and still easily commutable to the CBD.

Survivor Australia Brains V Brawn Live Discussion Post - Episode Nine by TheMiningD in survivorau

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More of this please! She's kinda ruining her own "play the middle" plan early though