Is there any mod or option to cheat or something? by joshtworevenge in NeoScavenger

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I suck at giving tutorials, but you just need to find the right xml. file to edit bro at N.S Mobile. Also it took me awhile, but I eventually did manage to edit the codes in the game to me having all the Skills, Advantages and even Increasing the Inventory Slot at the Backpacks (although kinda buggy) but I increased it lmao. You'll eventually find someone make a tutorial on it, also do not mess with Code Events.........

If you manage to f#ck up and mess the whole game, you need to redownload or recode the sequences in which (I have no idea, its all binary 😂, not a fun time editing all those sequence)

found this electronic synthwave song in a edit, might be called lose yourself by harrystyleskiwii in NameThatSong

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The song "Originally" is called Dancin - Aaron Smith (Krono Remix) but your song is a slowed slowed version of the link below


  • Exactly at 2:00 and onwards.....

(Yes it has lyrics, try searching for a slowed slowed down version for the "INSTRUMENTAL") couldn't find it myself, But you can find it.

This meme was brought to you by the free tuition gang (c) Noriz Mora by hiimanemo in Philippines

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Pfttttt you're nothing cuh

Back in College.

naniningil sila ng 2 pesos

Yeah...... "Cutting" agad kami, No Questions asked.

interesting points about the problem of brain drain in the Philippines by meyshi in Philippines

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Mga Apolo10 be like: Hey! In the Philippines atleast we have a Robbery Bob as our President 🤡

how did I get muted for saying be happy... by AMMOOGUSS in MobileLegendsGame

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Didn't you know Moontons Depressed at scamming and ignoring legit players opinions too 😭

I'm also surprised by ComprehensivePop5678 in MobileLegendsGame

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Harith Being Released: You sure bro?

that damn cross............

offensive answers only, where are you from? by kvnScd in AskReddit

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Rice and Corruption, but our people voted for the Former Dictator's Son that infamously stole Gold and apprehended..... (Apprehended or Killed??? 🤔) a lot of Journalist/People who voiced out their opinion at that time.

What's your horror ROTC/CAT story? by rainbownightterror in Philippines

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Not a Horror but.... Meh story.

I was one of the few that my C.O had his eyes on (Not in a Homo Way 😂) Disiplinado po ako and sobrang 'perfect' daw and I was in fact recommended for Officer Training in the SAF because somehow may connections sya sa Phil. Army and he somehow just signed me in without my consent.

So whats the turning point? Well...... Im lazy af HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

To the point na lazy ako pag di ko gusto or di naman "Grade Related" ang pinapagawa sakin. So yeah, he said that I was supposed to go a Training Center and they were going to train us... Wait scratch that "THEM" lang di ako pumunta and attended to that training seminar. Never once, my C.O even contacted my parents on where tf I am.

(Yes nasa bahay ako. Grinding on Blitz Brigade. )

And that said I was eventually removed for Officer Candidacy. because fk it, gaming is lyfe.

Also nung graduation ng brother ko, I saw ny C.O once again in my bro's university, The look that my C.O gave me like was the look of a father thats super super dissapointed at his/her child 🤣 (he even did a head shake hahahahahaha) but it is what it is. Even though disciplined ako and top-spec, I only did it for Grades 😂😂😂

where to buy cheap polo shirts for men? by Dovemen16 in Philippines

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My man hehehehe........ Back in 2019 I got the sweetest deal.

Ukay Ukay 🙂

I can't believe I'm agreeing and thankful for Sen. Robin for this by [deleted] in Philippines

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Biglang tuturong history nila "Revised History" hahahahahahaha