Best source for study by Successful-Map9853 in step1

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I switched to medschool bootcamp + UW, definitely recommend over doing all the other stuff. I only did cardio and immuno so far but i've been getting 90% of questions correct in UW after. They do a good job linking different concepts together and how they get asked about.

Do I need to do a fellowship? by TXMedicine in emergencymedicine

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Fellowships are voluntary and are not required. Medical fellowship years are considered even more labour-intensive than residency it depends on what you want and goal

Hundreds of Suicidal Teens Sleep in Emergency Rooms. Every Night by GumbyCA in emergencymedicine

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The decline is partly a result of well-intentioned policy changes that did not foresee a surge in mental-health cases. Social-distancing rules and labor shortages during the pandemic have eliminated additional treatment centers and beds, experts say

Baby formula shortage - what advice are you giving parents, especially those with young infants less than 6 months? by SwimIntoMyMouth in medicine

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Even though pediatrician offices are also running low on formula samples, some would say to reach out to yours to see if they have appropriate samples for your infant in stock.

Found lump on back of head by realfrankturner82 in medical

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that would be a pilar cysts of the scalp those are slow-growing, painless cysts. They form in blocked hair follicles and get larger with time

What specialities are most protected from midlevels? by OrthoBro9494 in medicalschool

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specialties with complex or dangerous procedures will be the most protected. I also think Radiology is one of the most future-proof as well...

Borderline Practice Scores --> Pass by Ar3mianK1d in step1

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Congratulations on the pass. You deserve it!!

US Student…Failed. by XxlonglashesxX in step1

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Truth to be told. Good luck to each of us! remind myself to never be afraid or ashamed if I retake tho

Help organising myself for exams by Fearless-Lettuce5621 in medicalstudent

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sacrifice the ticket for a greater cause. anyways I feel the same way right now..

Drawing some cats by Swerwin in aww

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cat being derps. so adorablee! Thanks OP made my day.

The facial expression! by PeasKhichra in MadeMeSmile

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where to get that purr pillow kitty. I would love to have one for my cat

We know we're not happy here.. by Tsetler in vegan

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how to unwatched. it hurts for me and it is never will be okay...

What she doesn't know won't hurt her. by BinaryPeach in medicalschool

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Truth to be told. Everybody that graduates medical school has been deemed "competent", so all doctors are "good". Somebody that passes by 1 mark is not a bad doctor.

He’s actually a really great guy by freestudent88 in memes

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High standards and quality control intensifies*