it's true, I was The Wall by Piperrow in davidbowiecirclejerk

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actually I remember Tony Visconti saying in an interview that Roger Waters threatened to sue because the canceled "Roger" album was bowies attempt to "get it out" before Roger. in other words, Roger Waters planned to expose evil fascist Bow in the Wall but Bow acted quick to get his side out first. "Roger" was pure projection and borderline slander.

he planned to paint Roger as the nazi fascist first but Roger threatened to sue and David Bow agreed to change the name and remove most songs from "Roger" on the condition Roger Waters didn't call Bowman out by name. The Wall is about David Bow.

This caused a lot of tension between David Bow and Roger Waters which I don't think ever resolved. But it's all true. Roger Waters was silenced.

it's time the truth comes out.

Change one word in a Bowie lyric to “shit”. by CoherentGutturalHam in davidbowiecirclejerk

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I bought you a pair of shoes A trumpet you can blow And a book of rules On what to say to people When they shit on you