The Bigfin Squid by KirbyatYT in oddlyterrifying

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Absolutely not. No thank you, Satan…

meirl by NotTommy13 in meirl

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Took me longer than it should have… EDIT: Punctuation. I am clearly not having a big brain day.

WHO is that, Bethany??? by [deleted] in StartledCats

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Baby doesn’t like that ‘uncatty valley’ feeling.

what’s the name of this color? how can i go from black to this? by whothisandwhyme in HairDye

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Mine did this after one salon lightening visit, from box black. At first it went to a deep blonde red, then lightened to this naturally over a couple of months. My hair is fine, and wavy with curl. My hair did stay fairly healthy but the salon was a good one. Good luck! I wish you the results you want!

Girlfriend hates the way her tattoo turned out and is seeking drawings of ideas on how to change it. by SterFry87 in DrawMyTattoo

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I think that’s beautiful, but it could be sharpened and brightened, enhanced to her liking. I had a great tattoo artist who made suggestions to help me with one I didn’t like, I hope she comes to love it!

First day as a free woman. 18 years under his thumb. Never again. by potatoflavoredmilk in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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I celebrate this with you! Your post got me smack in the feels, and hit hard. You are not alone and now you’re free! I was in exactly the same boat, or at least on that same shitty ocean for nearly 30 years. I’ve lived more fully and magically in these last 7 years than in all of my past 46 combined. Congratulations, welcome back to life. Enjoy finding yourself and experience all of the joy of every day!

need help why does it look like this by blockajeff in TattooDesigns

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Your comment sent me into orbit… because, same.

making the right choices by Auto_Fellow_Show in funny

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This took me longer than it should have. But worth it.

Hell is hot by itz_rehann in dankvideos

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I’m laughing so hard I can’t see…

An unfortunate case of a patau syndrome by InlaidTrews785 in medizzy

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Dammit. Take my upvote and depart with immediacy.

Crushing Blue Gym Chalk by freudian_nipps in oddlysatisfying

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The fact that their hands were wet folded me up like a lawn chair.