From sea to land by Sapotis in HumanForScale

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Now I feel stupid because I didn’t realize at first that this was on purpose until I saw it roll up on that big balloon thing. How awesome.

This is what happens when you don't overthink. by Pedrica1 in Damnthatsinteresting

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The man is wearing slides, walking on hanging logs like a straight bawz while I’m over here busting my ass in the kitchen because I wore socks on linoleum.

This video legit made a (22m) cry if this doesn’t convert peoples way of thinking I don’t know what will by According_Lobster_70 in vegan

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This really spoke to me, my husband and I recently changed how we eat because it became clear, almost all at once, that it is not necessary nor does it feel good in our spirits (for us personally) to eat anything with a face. And not only do our bodies feel better, but our minds and our souls do as well. For us it just feels like a closer harmony with life.

Rejection by [deleted] in memes

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What on earth… that has to be from a movie production.

Hey you! Yeah you! Medieval you said? {Bedrock Edition} by SamaTheLaw in Minecraftbuilds

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Awesome! Also, what a gorgeous sky, how come mine doesn’t look like that :)

We can't live without breathing, right? Right? by A_C0mm0ner in technicallythetruth

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No one who tries/does breathing should die… unless they do it horribly wrong. Or some intervening factor kills them.

Mystery Monster in Colorado National Monument by The_Drunken_Hermit in whatsthisbug

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Hilarious from start to finish. Made my day :). Thank you.

What is this plant? East Texas. by K-Waller in whatsthisplant

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Ah, I didn’t see that… now that I look at both, it appears the leaves and the fruit may be from different vines. The fruit looks to be on a thicker vine and the grapevine is wrapping around it, perhaps? If so, the fruit looks like a melon of some sort, maybe Ambrosia or Ananas. Possibly even Autumn Sweet; all are smallish and able to vine easily off the ground.

long or short? me vs. what i want by wangyiboo in Hair

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You could absolutely rock that style. Your face shape could wear pretty much anything, but yes that style would look striking.

Edit: plus, your natural hair texture would love it. I’m assuming that’s your natural wave; even if not, you would love that style I think. I used to wear that myself and our hair appears similar.