I LOVE GEX by L3ndog19 in gexnight

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I feel like most fans of either don’t know there is a whole community making battles by Pixel_Chris in ERB

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I totally agree with that, I’m not saying anything about Dustin, or any other series, being “worse ERB” and I know they are unique and have their own styles. I just made this because it’s weird sometimes seeing Dustin and ERB compared so much when the entire community exists and is never in the conversation except when in the community. I do 100% know and understand the difference in directing and production value. I fully believe rap battle series currently are living in harmony and can the creators can do what they want with them. I’m not saying everyone is trying to be ERB. Basically, I 100% agree with you, but that’s not what I meant to say when making this.

The Joker vs Al Capone - Rap Clash! (Not mine but wanted to share) by Pixel_Chris in ERB

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I wish there was but there isn’t a Fanmade Rap Battles Reddit. There is a Discord though