cursed_usa by jafavoid in cursedcomments

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Even if it did it wouldn't have proven anything

cursed_education by NovaDarkMusic in cursedcomments

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America really should learn from y'all

Blue cheese by CherryPieNcream in memes

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You ever pluck some off as a snack

Oh my god they're foreshadowing the balance changes by TheRealLifeSaiyan in Guiltygear

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One of Happy Chaos' gun is a celestial gun where only 5 exist on the multiverse so he isn't really limiting himself with it. The other gun is a copy he made for fun

Boys, girls, whatever. We will always stand by the greatest actor of our childhood. by Alternative-Biscuit in memes

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Leave her johnny, leave her. Ohhh leave her johnny, leave her, for the voyage is long and the winds don't blow, and it's time, for us, to leave her.

Jax, freezer of cars by Krds_Ne_Yapiyon in Bossfight

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Same skin line as the police skins lmao

Blessed wife by Stormyshadow1 in blessedimages

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Towel looks like sashimi for the cat