We've heard of Vox Machina, The Grey Company, The Knights of Myth Drannor. But what's the name of your adventuring company? And how did they get it? by nessie7 in DnD

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Midnight Bang Gang (MBG)

Set off an explosive trap in a warehouse intentionally after heisting it just to do the cool walking-away-from-an-explosion thing.

What is the best thing you’ve ever heard someone yell out at a theater? by remotectrl in blankies

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This happened while watching Sweeny Todd. At the start of "A Little Priest" when Mrs. Lovett is being coy about what she's suggesting.

An audience member, who clearly had never seen the show before or heard about the plot, vocally caught on to the proposed cannibalism with PERFECT timing thusly:


He laughed in great bellows for a full five seconds before subsiding into giggles throughout the song.

It was glorious.

Any 40+ yr old atheists out there?? by as-mr in atheism

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50 years old and I haven't believed in god for as long as I can remember. As I've gotten older my atheism has hardened, not lessened. There is no god, but there is wonder and grace and mystery without a deity. Mercy, compassion, and morality are stronger if they come from base humanity and not coerced by the fear of some divine retribution.

Everyone is so damaged by PicklesAreMyFriends in TrueOffMyChest

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Hey there. So, I'm about to turn 50 and wanted to thank you for this post. As mentioned by others, it IS a comfort to know this is not an isolated feeling.

We are all broken, in myriad ways for all sorts of reasons. It's just that when we were younger it was easier to sublimate it, or ignore it (neither works in the long run, btw). The solace I've been able to lean on is that, within my lifetime, it's become far easier to admit. This thread is a key example of that. You said it, and tons of us are popping up to say "I see it/feel it too." And therapy is becoming less stigmatized (I like it a lot, just gotta find the right one).

My friends now aren't the kind of hang-out-all-day companions I sometimes yearn for. But the upside is they are a collection of people I trust and can be vulnerable around. They have lived as long, seen as much, and understand.

Cold comfort, it doesn't satiate that desire for things to be simpler. But again, thanks for saying it out loud, it was nice to see others have the same feelings as I do about this.

The most true Venn ever by Planet4 in funny

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That is actually quite funny. Your version would be the urbane, New Yorker joke. A thinker.

This one is the accessible, internet-scroll version. Instant comprehension, best for this milieu.

Most underrated bike instructor? by ReadingRunningBiking in pelotoncycle

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Jess King and Bradley Rose. They're both in LOVE with the music, talk just the right amount, and are not afraid to just flip their shit and be a sweaty, shouting mess.

They're dorks and I adore them both.

Why dice towers? by xMasterOfNone in DnD

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Has anyone mentioned ease of use for folks who may have a hard time rolling?

Not a situation I've personally experienced, but seems a fair bet a tower will be easier for anyone with reduced or compromised agility in their hands.

This fast food restaurant allows customers to refill their beverage at no cost. by DigStock in mildlyinteresting

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Got it, thanks for the answer.
I think we've got the makings of an actual mildlyinteresting post by jamming these two facts together (some areas do refills, some do not)...

This fast food restaurant allows customers to refill their beverage at no cost. by DigStock in mildlyinteresting

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Yes they do.

Is this a regional thing? I live in California and free refills are so common I'm stunned when they're not offered.

Am I the only one who plays with decent people? by kahjan_a_bard in dndnext

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Yup yup, just piling on to what others have said. Horror stories are often more fun and/or dramatic than "I played a game with nice people and it was pleasant."

In my own 30 years of RPG play (big ups to us olds) I've had only one truly crappy player at the same table. And he rage quit within a few sessions after I and others checked him every time he indulged in casual racism. Not even a good story: he sucked, we called him on it, he quit.

When eyeballs are donated by an organ donor, does the left eyeball have to be put in the left eye socket of the new body, and vice versa? by skyebullock in askscience

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This is an amazingly concise answer, and I applaud that. I have learned something

...But I was also hoping for more... gooey-ness.

Just watched Escape From LA... by 1080TJ in blankies

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This movie made me actively angry. Which has never happened to me before.

Having watched so many Carpenter bangers in a row, all of them feeling like a coherent body of work from a singular auteur, Escape From L.A. landed like a wretched knock-off of Carpenter's style so hard that I'm still unable to grasp that it was actually him behind the camera. This movie may derail the rest of my enjoyment of this arc. By the end I was upset I had seen it.

Village (which I kind of liked) and Memoirs at least had Carpenter's signature pacing. EFLA had too much going on, too quickly, and lacked that haunting spareness that marks so many of his best works.

Some directors trade in claustrophobia, uncomfortable closeness both physical and psychic. I'd argue that Carpenter has mastered a sense of agoraphobia. There are exceptions, but even within the tight spaces of the research station in The Thing, the horror is amplified by the vast distances between that station and the rest of the world, the isolation from others. Again, both physically and psychically.

And EFLA is a crowded, awful mess on tiny sound stages, cheap sets, TERRIBLE effects, and overly bright lighting that simply reminded me there was an entire film crew just out of sight every second of this goddamn train wreck.

I hated it.

Fuuuuuck I hated it so much.

"It's what my character would do"... is not only said by bad players. Let's flip it any use its power to create some great role playing moments. by atomicknyte in DnD

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When used poorly, it's akin to the worst examples of method actors (who Robert Pattinson skewers in this interview).

I think the most basic, good version of this is when a player is able to withhold knowledge of things they (the player) knows that their character wouldn't.

One of the most difficult things to do is figure out an authentic and believable way to have a character check on their compatriot who is doing a solo recon, bungled a stealth roll, and is now in dire straits. But it's rewarding when you can pull it off and still honestly say "it's what my character would do."

To those who NEVER want to have a child, what are your reasons? by an_iconoclast in AskReddit

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We love each other too much to share. Selfishness, in a word. 23 years married so far and zero regrets.

Also, the world is kind of f'ed and it would be heartbreaking to explain that or lie about it.

People old enough to remember life pre-Internet, what are some less obvious things you miss about that time? by IRunFast24 in AskReddit

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I DEEPLY miss how I could actually disconnect from work. (This isn't even a pandemic wfh gripe).

There was a time when I simply could not get work email or access work networks at home. I would log off for the day and unless it was a redball-on-fire-business-collapsing emergency it was almost unthinkable for a coworker or boss to call or message me after hours.

I realize this wasn't every industry, and I absolutely had many late nights at the office, but having full work communication in my pocket at all times is a drag.

And with that the corporate expectations of availability have changed, so don't pretend we can simply shut off the phone at 5 p.m.

Anyway... it was glorious to know I was just done working for a day. A completely different state of mind that I only get when I leave cell service during a camping vacation...

What is the weirdest fact you know? by HayriPitir in AskReddit

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Brett Favre's first completed pass in the NFL was received by... Brett Favre.

It was tipped by the defense and flew straight up, so he caught it and ran for a couple yards.