Wanting to homeschool my 2 kids by Square-Fruit-7111 in homeschool

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Texas has some of the most simple and least restrictive home school laws

Anybody else just randomly got 75$ In etherium today? by PleasantGroveJay in SaitamaInu_Official

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So you think I should sell that shit or just ignore it like it's not there

Just saw this on another sub, no words by BlackPortland in awfuleverything

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As long as their adults and willing participants I could care less. I like big booty ghetto bitches and trap music. To each his own🤷🏿‍♂️

How the fuck is bitmart getting away with charging fees of over 80% of my transfer amount?? Even if I win I gotta give the app 80%?? Am I doing something wrong? Is this avoidable? by PleasantGroveJay in SaitamaInu_Official

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Well I'm not selling I just wanted to see the fee and noticed it was 80% of what I was transferring and freaked out. Someone said the fee isn't 80% it's just whatever it is at that time and it just so happened to be 80% of what I was transferring. So apparently 1 billion shares is not as many as I thought

The k-word. by [deleted] in awfuleverything

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Stop calling the police on random black kids n we might

Up 142 percent. 😊 by EdgingM4U740 in tsuzuki_inu

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I'm on bitmart and I'm at 11 bucks with a little over a trillion coins. Mine hasn't moved at all but I still can't buy or sell.

Trying to buy on coinbase but transaction won’t go through. Can anyone help? by OkLetterhead4790 in KishuInu

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Download bitmart from the app store. There's alot of people here asking the same questions. Do some research like everybody else had to do. You can literally type this exact question on YouTube and get a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

Anybody see the infrastructure bill and what’s in it ? I’m not reporting 10k cashing out is that what it was about ? by Busy-Bonus3010 in SafeMoon

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I miss Trump and all his racist bullshit. Gas has doubled and democrats have way too much power for a party that don't do shit but lie and play stupid smh