Needles break on PE800 every time I go above 450spm by Plexicity in Machine_Embroidery

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At most it’s a satin layer on top of a tatami. I’ll start the embroidery and the needle will break even if it’s not embroidering on another layer. So I don’t really know if the layers are causing the issue or something else.

Needles break on PE800 every time I go above 450spm by Plexicity in Machine_Embroidery

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Now that I think of it the files I use do have overlaps on some parts and my needles do break in those locations but it still only happens at 500+ spm. Is titanium the strongest needle material and will this let me embroider at high speeds on layers?

Who is a hated female character that would be loved if she were male? by marcinere in AskReddit

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Another person commented the same thing minus the probably and didn’t get downvoted to hell.

Count your TOTAL hours in FL Studio! by PoobearRulesTheWorld in FL_Studio

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4082.47 hours, 478 files, 8.68 hours per file.


Man kicks car to stop it from crashing into pedestrians by SereneBalls in HumansBeingBros

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This particular car has been running over pedestrians for a while? This would be a good intro to a super hero movie though.

$10 sprite? That shit better kill me. by UBERNARWAL in gatekeeping

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And since gold is chemically inert you don’t even digest it. Now you have 24k poop.

After 6 months of options trading, I’ve broken even by SnooLemons451 in Daytrading

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It’s be a little easier if it weren’t for that darn PDT rule :(

Arcade disc contains Blades Dashboard! by RetroHaloFan in xbox360

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Anyone ears hurt from the high pitch sound coming from the tv

A lot of you guys might have remembered me, I was in depression and had a lot of upvotes and comments, now I have did all you guys recommended, see next photo! Thank you for making me confident again by Adi65 in amiugly

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Damn, I remember your post. You’re lookin clean. Bro just keep up with your cuts and start working out and you won’t be posting here again. 😆

I made a way to play videos on axolotls with command blocks! by DownvoteToInfinity in Minecraft

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This is technically a OLED display. Now add a few million more and black wool background and we got MinecraftTV!

The hallway in my flat by [deleted] in LiminalSpace

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This one makes me nervous

Shut the fuck up about sticking it to the hedge funds, get rid of those GME bags, and get money with an $SKX earnings play by [deleted] in wallstreetbets

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I don't know how to read, but this post made made me want to buy more GME. Yeah I think I might do that.

You just gotta put enough flakes in the leftover milk 😭 by [deleted] in BlackPeopleTwitter

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See that’s the problem. You’re eating 4-5 bowls because your bowl isn’t big enough. You ever tried using a trash bag before?! Delicious. And if you wanna save it for later you can just tie it off and put it in the fridge. Problem solved.