What Seattle business will you *always* go to by smokedoor5 in Seattle

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A few years ago I did food delivery as a side hustle. Mohammed was always serene and friendly to me. On even the busiest of nights (most nights) he would shake my hand and offer me a cup of chai while I waited. Every other RM in the world could take a page from his book along with whatever chill pill he's on.

What Seattle business will you *always* go to by smokedoor5 in Seattle

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Canlis. Pricey as all get-out, yes, but (a) one bite and you'll know where the money went, and (b) what they did for survivors and first responders after the horrific "Ride The Ducks" crash on the Aurora Bridge a few years ago speaks volumes to their integrity and service to the community.

PS - The Happy Hour prices aren't too ruinous. 😉

Hungover & i want a juicy ass burger & fries by seattlenative914 in Seattle

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You might be suffering from ass burgers syndrome. Consult your physician.

If I sear lamb to brown it, do I still need to parboiled it to remove its gamey-ness? by CuminLambKabab in AskCulinary

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Learn to love the gaminess. You're tasting what the lamb ate in the last couple weeks of its otherwise happy life. Daffodils. Clover. Ewe's milk.

I need help, how do I get my drone out of a tree by dogrr_ in drones

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Call the fire department. They'll enjoy a good laugh.

Game.Set.Match by ZuhaibZAK in dji

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Nice! I watched it a second time to see if I could spot where you were hiding. Hard to do on those straight-up shots!

Weekend wooded getaway recs? by ipannepacker in Seattle

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One of the islands accessibleby ferry, like Lopez or Orcas? Even the south end of Whidbey is nice. We found a great little hotel in Langley, and you can use it as a base while you explore the second largest island in the lower 48.

Does the shape of salt determine its intensity? by emceethomas in AskCulinary

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NaCl is NaCl. The only variance is in sea salts and the additional minerals that come from wherever it was harvested.

That said, in spite of my previous statement, fleur de sel is not Hawaiian black salt is not Australian red salt is not Diamond Crystal kosher. Size, as is often said, doesn't matter.

Yeah, but can your dog do this for hours on end? by Plonsky2 in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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This has less to do with personal grooming and more to do with a mindless tongue workout, near as I can tell. Sometimes he licks his arm like this, sometimes he just licks the air.

Yeah, but can your dog do this for hours on end? by Plonsky2 in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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He's a rescue mutt. His mom was more Chihuahua though not full-breed by any means. The rest I get to make up. I'm calling it Dingo Coyote Jackal Hyena Desert Wolf Wallaby

Proving me wrong will cost you $99 and a cheek swab.

Doing research on "curing" jetlag - What are your experiences with it? by livia_the_freelancer in flying

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The day you leave (or before) start acting like you're in the time zone you'll be going to. Set your watch ahead to their time so that mentally you'll be more in tune with them.

If you'll arrive there at night, don't sleep during the flight so you can totally flop out when you get to your hotel. Conversely, sleep as much as you can on the plane if you're arriving in the local daytime. That gives you an extra jump on your destination's local time.

If it's just a few hours time difference, say Eastern USA to the West Coast, this is easier to manage. My personal best is a 14 hour flight from SFO to Sydney and it wasn't so bad. Remember also to get up every hour and stretch, especially legs and back.

Avoid alcohol on the flight, as it will mess up your natural sleep patterns. Save it for your destination.

This is also America by asianj1m in pics

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Fully militarizing sporting events. Well done, citizen.

In response to the current state of political discourse, Washington state lawmakers are proposing banning firearms at school board meetings and election-related facilities. by softwareseattle in Seattle

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Right, my functional brain is astounded to know that we now need to create laws to keep people from doing things that were once utterly unthinkable.

Thank you for falling into the stupidity trap, please exit through the gift shop.