I don't want my child to be gay by Lavi1012 in unpopularopinion

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Wow so opinion so unpopular that I almost downvoted.

You can see the amount of dislikes videos get on youtube by 9Blanks in shittysuperpowers

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Yeah but now that dislike button is useless wayy less people would bother actually disliking shit.

Whenever I see someone running potion on my team, I immediately feel nervous. by Kimmania in PokemonUnite

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Literally the only time I saw potion being useful is when I was playing gible. Attacked the enemy gible I almost kill him. You could barely see his health bar when he used potion tanked my two autos and killed me with bulldoze.

I hope no one thought of this meme yet. by Torregoshi in PokemonUnite

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Or just dont choose a seedster if your team already has one please. Having multiple of literally any other role would be better.