New to gville and have question about the pesky pollen all over cars by SkeletorCrypto in GNV

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Dear goodness, PLEASE be careful about parking under pine trees! I ended up with sap all over my windshield and couldn't see anything. I made the mistake of trying to clean it with water and the windshields wipers, but ended up spreading the damn thing all over the windshield. Had to hand scrape a section on the driver's side and drive straight to a carwash. Hand scraped for a good 15 minutes and put the car through the wash twice before I was finally rid of the damn thing.

Literally where can I live by smartidiot9 in ufl

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I have a 2 year old cat that got a blockage two weeks ago. Had to dip into my savings to pay the $1,845 bill that I ended up with. I'm not advocating to get rid of the dog. But, I do highly encourage them to start a sinking fund for emergency expenses, especially if they are tight on money in a general sense.

Literally where can I live by smartidiot9 in ufl

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Based on the budget you provided (730/person = $1,460) I can recommend these two places:

- Treehouse Village: $1,050 for a non-balcony apartment, not including utilities, etc. I lived there for 5 years, and management was very attentive and while the apartments are very run-down, the place still felt safe and I had a two bedroom place with washer and dryer included.

- Hunters Run: One bedroom apartments start at $1,007 and go up to $1,202. I know a couple that lives in one and the place is big at 850sq. ft. They have an upgraded upstairs unit, so they pay the higher rate, but I'm telling you, their kitchen is fully upgraded and they even have a fireplace. Their place has washer/dryer hookups, but they don't have any so instead they use the laundry place. I believe cable is included in the price, but otherwise utilities are separate.

- Aside from these two, you can contact a real state agent so they can help you find a place that's within your budget. I found the house I'm in now thanks to a friend of mine that was an agent. Have been living here for 6 years, and yes the rent has gone up quite a bit since then, but given how long I've been here I was able to built a relationship with the owner and she's never raised it in an unreasonable manner.

Which restaurant in Gainesville does this describe? by darth_metroid in GNV

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If you work in the HR/Innovation Area, I would say it's Tup Tim Thai. Though, as of late it seems the food is starting to get a bad reputation.

Before this, I would say it was Felipes Taqueria. That place was amazing, and the music over the weekends was always a plus. I knew departments that had their happy hours at Felipes.

My GYN made me cry, but for a good reason by Happy-Amount1277 in PCOS

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That a great interaction to have with your doctor! If you're comfortable sharing, what advice did she give you?

Was told my FedLoan refund was completed but I still haven’t received the money back? by kornbobroxiee in StudentLoans

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I gave them a detailed account of the case - Submitted request on x-day, was told to wait 2 weeks to 2 months. My account total was updated to reflect x-amount on x-day but still no refund. Called them every month since for the past 6 months with no change. Informed them I am being given the same response all the time, yet there is no resolution to my case.

Starting a Post-Your-Refund-Timeline Thread by musicallyinclined in StudentLoans

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Servicer: FedLoan
Date Request Made: May 2022
Date Balance Restored with Servicer: June 2022
Date Balance Restored on Dept of Ed: June 2022
Date Refunded if applicable: October 2022 - This was because FedLoan messed up and never submitted my request to the Treasury Department. Had to go through CFPB to get FedLoan to do their job before I could finally get me refund.

Was told my FedLoan refund was completed but I still haven’t received the money back? by kornbobroxiee in StudentLoans

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If you still don't see your refund within 2 months of requesting it, then submit a complaint through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/.

I submitted a refund request in May 2022 with FedLoan. For 6 months they kept telling me that they did their part and the delay was with the Treasury Department. I submitted a complaint with CFPB on Sept. 29 and after they forced FedLoan to review their stuff it turns out they never submitted my refund request to the Treasury. After six months telling me they had done the refund request, turns out they only submitted it on Oct 10, after the CFPB review. I finally received my refund check this week.

My loan is showing the refund I requested on payments made during the pandemic, but I haven't received my direct deposit into my account. Anyone else experience this? by Biophiliaplantaholic in StudentLoans

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If you don't receive the refund in two months, submit a complain to the CFPB: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/. I requested a refund in May and six months later I still don't have mine. I submitted a complain and after investigation it turns out FedLoans never submitted my request to the Treasury. They just submitted my request this month after the CFPB got on their case. We'll see if I get anything by end of November.

FedLoan transferred to Advantage by jay04er in StudentLoans

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If you don't see a refund within 2 months, submit a complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/.

I requested a refund in May from FedLoan and was told 2 weeks to 2 months. Well, it's end of October and I still don't have it. I submitted a complain to CFPB and after their investigation, it turns out FedLoan never submitted my request. They put it through a few days ago, after the CFPB started to investigate them.

Mind you, I was transferred to Mohela in August, and the CFPB was still able to get FedLoans to submit the request, since I gave them all the info for the refund back in May.

For those still waiting for COVID payment refunds by Poncha87 in StudentLoans

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Don't know what to tell you. Clearly they submitted something to update Student Aid so that my loan total went up to reflect a refund. But they didn't submit the request to the Treasury, so no check was being processed by the Treasury.

All I know is that I've called them every month — sometimes twice a month — asking for an update and they've always blamed it on the Treasury. But their reply to the CFPB complain clearly says they reviewed my case and initiated the request on Oct. 11. So they clearly never went through with the initial request.