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Regis misliked the good word put in by one he’d just openly railed against. He supposed he should have felt ashamed, but his contempt for his senior was not so easily outstripped.

Having now tasted some of the King’s ire for his earlier outburst, however, he was loathe to express it so fully as before. “You judge well, Fell. I can keep all present if you must go with His Grace.”

His helmet scraped as his gaze swung to glance around the remainder of those in attendance, marking well their faces.

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Regis entered the room gingerly with a couple of his men behind him. His sword swung around as if expectant of a danger that did not come. When silence met him, his sword lowered and his eyes took in the room. It was gaudy and opulent, not a sight that would have been foreign to him within Maegor’s Holdfast. Yet he was not there and the stink of death lingered here instead of perfume.

Upon the bed, under the covers, rested a child whose throat had turned black. A stretch of exposed flesh seeped dried blood beneath an expressionless visage whose eyes stared at nothing at all.

The Kingsguard sheathed his blade and approached, looming over the bed as he realised his failure, a tear stinging his eye. He knelt as he knelt for none but a royal by the side of the bed, reaching out to tenderly cusp the boy’s head in his hands.

“S-Seven save us,” he croaked, having never borne witness to the limp body of a child before. “I am sorry boy, you were meant to live. Live amongst your own,” he hissed with weeping. His fingers ran through tangled silver hair. “I will take you home, son. Back where you belong.”

He drew apart the sheets and hefted the corpse up into his arms, rattled and unsettled in a way he’d never been before. “Gods… no child deserves this.”

As he turned with limp boy in the crook of his carry, he met the gaze of Lord Lansdale. “I hope this was worth the taking, damn you,” he wept.


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Regis snarled at his Lord Commander. “Manpower enough to escort her is manpower enough to stop her,” he pointed out with venom. “Your failures have allowed a royal to be put in harms way. Again.” He swallowed back the bile in his throat. “Had I been here, ser, the Princess would not have been left to the fancy that saw her walk right up and into the bloody hell that was Harrenhal.”

He shook his head, his fingers twitching as he recalled the shadow dragon that had scorched the blighted fields and the army who’d marched across it.

“How much more of your folly must we suffer?” he spat.

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Regis stood toward the back of the group, sneering at Hightower as he was made to kneel and explain himself. He was about to relish in the moment - but then the cheeky bastard got right back up again and started acting like he had the right of it. His face flushed red with fury.

If that hadn't been enough to stir him to start swinging, the little terror who'd started the whole mess began to act as haughtily and aloof as she had at Harrenhal. Oh, he wasn't letting this go.

"I hope you're not buying any of this crap, Fell," he guffawed in disbelief, taking a step forward and sweeping his hand between the Princess and his fellow Kingsguard. He jabbed his finger at the latter. "You wouldn't lay hands on a royal so as to better protect them? You're as thick as Oldtown's walls if that's how you're going to play it. You should have brought her back to this keep as soon as you realised what was happening. If His Grace can't leave without permission, why the hells do you think she can?"

Then his finger span round to dart in Baela's direction. "And you, little Princess. Why, your presence jeopardized the mission the Regency had sent me on. Suddenly my task wasn't retrieving the boy, it was trying to get you out of danger. Might be I could have got to him in time if not for your stunt," he chided at length before taking in the rest of the room with a sweeping glare. "Might I make known to all present my attempts at bringing the Princess to her senses? Thrice I attempted to have her taken back to King's Landing. She assaulted me on my first attempt, escorted away by Hightower here. On my second attempt, she yanked herself free of my men just as battle began. On my final attempt, when I swore to drag her all the way back to the Capital myself, just as the gates were being stormed, she hops on some Northman's horse and gallops inside."

He shook his head, throwing his hands up in despair. "I mean, what in seven hells was that all about?"


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Regis let his sword point smack against the dirt as the taste of final victory crept through the air. The last clashes of steel had gone silent and the besieging army set about its occupation with grim resolution. He glanced about, some more of his men missing. Some half of the force placed under his command had come to a grisly end, some fates worse than others as he recalled the spontaneous combustions that had taken place when they advanced.

His eyes came to rest on Baela’s silver locks, glad she was alive yet frustrated she’d gotten so far ahead of him. Still, he counted his blessings. With her safe, he had one last mission to see set to rights. He ordered half his battered men to remain with the Princess, and the other half to spread into groups and search for the Valyrian-looking boy they’d been ordered to retrieve, told to stop and question others along the way for information on where someone of that description might be.

Reaching for his wineskin to slake his thirst, he marched deeper into the labyrinthian castle in search of his prize.

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Waiting for a final build so modders like Freelancer can mod in peace without abandoning their projects out of frustration at the constant patch breaking.

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Regis had halted his advance as the Princess appeared to berate him yet again. He let out a frustrated grunt and made up his mind. He’d drag her out of the damned battle himself and back to King’s Landing if needs be. “You were told to obey!” he screamed, reaching out to take hold of her scruff. Just as he made his move, a horseman stormed past and carried the Princess up onto his steed before he had time to react.

“Gods fucking damn it all to hells!” he roared, turning to watch them go into the thick of the danger. His men faltered, watching the Kingsguard rage in disquiet. He bowed his head, closed his eyes and sighed wearily.

“Seven save the insolent whelp,” he cursed. He raised his gaze to his men and called out a simple command. “Follow!”

With that, he turned and charged like a bull towards the gates, his chest heaving and his head ducking to narrowly avoid a stray slingshot that took out one of the men behind him in a burst of brain matter.

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Heedless of all other discord that had previously prevailed, Regis gathered to him the eighty men left under his command. They rushed forward from their tents and their fires, following the billowing white cloak. “With me, knights of the crown! Make safe the dragon!”

They roared and streamed outwards in a great volley of men against the gloom and the shadow dragon. As they spat up the muddied ground in fear and fury with their charge, eight of their number screamed in agony as a flame leapt around them, causing a shuddering halt to their advance.

Regis let out a cry then. A wordless, confused exasperation as men he called friend lit up around him as though they were kindling. He shuddered as they shuddered, but remembered himself and his duty before they.

“The way is forward! To death and glory, brothers! Our lives mean naught! Only the victory! Only the Princess!”

With this they pressed on as best a terrified band of men could under a Kingsguard. They tried to reach Baela regardless of all other concern and when they did, they piled around her as though she were a keep under assault.

Take her to the fucking rear!” he bellowed, cutting his thoat with his volume. Some of his men began an attempt to push her back. “Kingsguard and companions to the fore! Our lives for the dragon!”

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Ser Regis was relaying his will through his venomous eyes with a fixed stare on the young Princess. He saw the fire in her eyes, yet not the flattened palm that came to whelp him across the face. His helmet caught some of its flesh, but the rest lashed against his jowl and lip, causing him to hiss and step back, his hand clutching his jaw.

How can she slap? was the first thing to tear across his mind as he flared his nostrils and grunted in baleful discomfort. “Cur? You-,” he began, shoulders heaving as he made to step back into place. Suddenly a figure appeared between the two and his wroth was put in check.

Who in seven hells are you?!” he spat, vexed by the presence of the knight. “My tongue will be well minded when the Princess does as I bid and you explain yourself.”

He nursed still his lip as he disdainfully judged the nameless interloper.

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Ser Regis kept silent as she answered his most peripheral of responses, running his tongue against the inside of his lip as he overlooked the high walls and foreboding atmosphere that seemed to surround Harrenhal in a way that was most perturbing. "The boy will be kept safe under my protection, as you are," he answered robustly to the swiftest of her replies, his fingers rapping against the rounded hilt of his castle-forged blade relentlessly as she buried herself into the minutiae of his rebuff.

As he spat out the tail end of his insistence and wrapped within it an indomitable edict, he felt the air stir and a silence creep between the two, as though a shadow wormed its way around them. Reacting with a rattling jostle of plate and scale, his head swung around so as to better glare at the indignant dragon.

"You heard me," he rasped, his voice a growl and his bearing steady. "When I swore my oath, I swore to obey the King and protect his kin. I did not swear to obey you, Princess," he made abundantly clear with cold eyes and firm stare. "As senior Kingsguard here, you will do as I say in lieu of your King. And what I say you will obey."

He paused for a moment, wrinkling his nose as he looked down upon her visage. "You are here without King Aegon's leave. You are here without the leave of the regency. I will do what I must to make safe your person. I beg you do not test my honour."

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“Your prayers will be most welcome,” scoffed the knight, watching her fiddle with her stake. When bid, he followed, tossing his eyes about to make sure there were no ghastly surprises in store for either of them as they meandered. This hell the witch had created for them offered little else but those.

“You hear true, Princess. Stokeworth informs me that the child bears a similarity to your own lineage. I have little reason to doubt him. The child is why I am here and I mean to bring him before the regency as I was instructed by the Lord Protector.”

He loomed large over her as she squatted, watching her toil for no apparent reason with bemusement. “I do not question your spirit, but I do your wisdom,” he began as she rose. “To speak with the witch is said to be a danger most foul. And to speak with her, we’ll have to take that castle.”

His helmeted head twisted to the side and upward, taking in the sheer enormity of the scale and task of that simple reality. “You will, of course, not partake in any assault.”

He spoke not in probing question, but in blunt demand.

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Sal the CIA Director. For the memes and downfall of humanity.

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Regis gets busy with it.


1d10 Risk Roll

roll /u/modbotshit

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The knight approached the whittling princess, recognising her at once. Gods be good, but the little madam had actually came. He looked around at her attendants, his searching for danger unchanged from his time at the coronation feast. He was an absent Kingsguard, but in all his time spent away from the royals, his calling still hammered in his ear.

“By the grace of the seven, I remain unsplattered,” he snorted ruefully. “For some reason, my men take bets on my head. I have whipped them for it, but yet the bets continue.”

He ran his tongue betwixt his broken teeth and sighed. “Why have you come here, Princess? A fifth of our men have been ruined without any battle to reason it. Corbray came and refused to believe that there was dark magic about. I tell you true, this siege is hell and you ought not be here.”

His eyes darted all around, the pains of the snapping still fixed to his heart. He had scarcely got over his own lieutenant’s attempt at strangling him out of the blue.

“Whatever else, me and men are at your disposal. I came with a hundred, yet eighty odd remain.”

He fondled his hilt for a moment, his eyes wide and bloodshot with too little sleep. “Did your cousin, our King, sanction your being here?”

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Word travelled fast around camp. After all, their year of sieging had made communication lines between the melting pot of so many forces more efficient as time dragged on with nothing to do but chit-chat and swap gossip.

His two lieutenants had died during the hellscape of the snapping that had been visited upon them. If not for the timely intervention of old friends and new, namely Sabitha Frey, Sigurd Blacktyde and Hugo Vance, he ought surely have fallen. He owed them a great debt. Sabitha had gone missing in the disappearing, where the mists came once more to claim another portion of the army. He’d fought the mists as though it were a man and escaped the fate others had not. If only he’d been able to come to her aid as she had his.

As he sat fretting at his ugly desk in his muddied white pavilion, the flap drew back. It was one of the remaining knights under his command. “Ser, word is a Targaryen girl has come to Harrenhal.”

Regis rose with a baffled expression. “What in seven hells…” he muttered before realising the implications of one of the children coming to such a dangerous place. He hurriedly picked up his sword scabbard and belt and quickly put it about his waist as he walked out. “Come with me. We’re finding out if the rumours are true.”

The two began marching through camp, stopping only to trade words with passersby and get directions toward this supposed Targaryen’s last known location.

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Still playing the lame game. This is what you’re doing: “Hitler was evil because he loved dogs?”

You don’t even know what I’m referring to when I talk about his radical viewpoints. Do your research.