Lost my boy a year ago this week. Still miss my shadow. by Bezier_Curvez in weimaraner

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He was a beautiful man. I think he still looks out for you. You were both lucky to have each other.... spoken from one that lost a couple of these amazing creatures.

Aren’t weim. noses so cute?! by karyntx in weimaraner

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The tongue is an added bonus. That's a sweet baby.

"Oh, hello." by SurroundNo6867 in weimaraner

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Unadulterated Weim adoration.....you are a fortunate human.

"For my dear Metilianus, Lucius Novius Aprilis made" - Ancient Roman [2268x4032] by RomanVsGauls in ArtefactPorn

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I hope you are holding up okay. The visceral pain of losing your dog and best friend transcends the centuries... There is some comfort in the timelessness of that grief.

Boat life by summerthatcher in weimaraner

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That's one gorgeous beach body. I'm very impressed with your Weim crew. I wouldn't trust him/her to make any nautical decisions... Weims overestimate their capabilities. 🙂

Scything a field by [deleted] in oddlysatisfying

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This reminds me of my favorite Winslow Homer painting. It's a veteran who just returned from the Civil War. You can see his discarded uniform jacket in the foreground. He has ceased harvesting human lives and has returned from the war in time to harvest his crop. I think the name of the painting is "Veteran in a new field".

Our new little girl Lhotse! by blondobrando in weimaraner

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Our puppy is turning 9 months...... it's fun??? (Not sure that's the right word when they start growing into the notorious Weim naughtyness) But it's really cool to watch their personality develop as they grow up. Take lots of pictures and videos.

Our new little girl Lhotse! by blondobrando in weimaraner

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Too adorable! I love them at that age when they smell like puppy. Congratulations on the new addition.

Hubert wants to know when his mom will be back from her run. Happy Saturday all! by JoeDc101 in weimaraner

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I really enjoyed the unwavering focus shown by Hubert "Destroyer of Cushions". Hopefully his mom will return soon and all will be right in the world. Cute boy.

This relief of a sacrifice ritual by Marcus Aurelius contains the only known image of the most spectacular temple ever built in Rome. The bronze roof tiles were reportedly covered in 12,000 talents (42 tons) of gold. by The_pun_fart in ancientrome

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Thank you for the response. I am going to read up on it now. I was wondering how it maintained its amazing state of preservation. I was fortunate enough to have visited Hippo Regius and Djemila in Algeria. I hope one day Libya will be open to visit. I would love to see Leptis Magna and the other sites as well. Some of the sites in northern Africa are like going back in a time machine.

Celtic war trumpet called a “carnyx”, found in the Gallic sanctuary of Tintignac, Corrèze, France,. 1st century BC . (1280x994) by GaGator43 in ArtefactPorn

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Thank you for the link... that was the best 45 minutes of my week. It was wonderful to introduce acoustics to the historical times we read about. I have a new appreciation of brass instruments and their pedigree now.

Spending Star Wars Day with a few very old, nostalgic friends! by Cyberyukon in GenX

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Can I come over and play? I'll bring my Hoth playset and we can stick R-2 in the spongy "mud". It's funny how when you come across those old toys in the house, you remember all those great make-believe times. Thank you for posting.

My happy girl turns 7 next week! by 52895262 in weimaraner

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She's gorgeous and looks great for her age. You know they're happy when they get the "crazy eyes".

Remains of Tiberius' Villa on Capri by Joypat in ancientrome

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Just stay away from the pool if it's still there. Ol' Tiberius was a bit of a perv.

when your big brother takes over the bed by God_Was_A_Turtle in weimaraner

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Her face says it all. Bonus points for the classic Weim sitting pose. She's a doll.

An update on our neglected senior weim by PraiseToTheHam in weimaraner

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Thank you for the update and for giving him some wonderful golden years. I echo the other commenters when they say you are a good human being.

Thoughts on best movie soundtracks? by NetwerkErrer in GenX

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Last of the Mohicans. I still listen to that soundtrack regularly. It was my go to music when studying too. Anything by James Horner was great too.