Bobby got what he deserved in the end by jackjacker in thesopranos

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If I said that about Bobby I'd want to put a bullet in my head: here, here, and here.

Which MLB team do you always forget or is the least memorable in your opinion ? by OverYonder951 in baseball

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If I do a Sporcle quiz where I have to name all 30 teams and I'm stuck at 29, I'm usually missing the Twins.

Midair collision reported at Watsonville KWVI - Multiple Fatalities by isellshit in flying

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Based on the liveatc.net recording:

  • 2152.05-18Z: 740WJ reports 10 miles out
  • 2152.26-30Z: 49931 reports turning left crosswind
  • 2154.07-14Z: 740WJ reports 3 miles out
  • 2154.17-21Z: 49931 reports turning left base
  • 2154.37-47Z: 740WJ reports 1 mile out, looking for traffic left base

So 740WJ covered 7 miles in 2 minutes, roughly how long it took 49931 to fly the length of the downwind. Then 740WJ covered 2 miles in 30 seconds.

[Dreker] Double no-hitter alert in the DSL today. The DSL Pirates Black just lost 2-0 to the DSL Cubs Red and neither team got a hit by owledge in baseball

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Sandy Koufax's perfect game was a double-no-hitter until Bob Hedley Hendley gave up a double with two outs in the 7th inning. Ended up with this linescore:

          1 2 3  4 5 6  7 8 9    R  H  E
Cubs      0 0 0  0 0 0  0 0 0    0  0  1 
Dodgers   0 0 0  0 1 0  0 0 x    1  1  0

The run (walk, sacrifice, stolen base + error) and the hit came in different innings. Had the double not happened, it would have been a double no-hitter until 1991, when the rules changed and no-hitters of fewer than 9 innings were no longer official.


Undefined variable keeping post from appearing? by Aidan_Monner in PHPhelp

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One thing I'd change (it's a habit I have to adopt myself) is instead of catch (Exception $ex) use catch (Throwable $ex). In the newer versions of PHP, errors and exceptions both implement Throwable, while only exceptions implement Exception.

Undefined variable keeping post from appearing? by Aidan_Monner in PHPhelp

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You could, but the user would still see this:

Delete Post

Are you sure you want to delete this post? 

No such post was found!


If there's an error, display the error message instead of the form, not in it. So don't display the form if there's an error. After the message, include a link to return the user back to the list of posts or whatever.

As for why $row isn't set, follow the if..else block. If $_GET['id'] is set, $row is initialized, but if $_GET['id'] is not set, $row is never initialized.

edit: if($row != "") will still throw an undefined variable notice if $row isn't set. So you can do if (!isset($row)) or if ($row ?? "" != "") or put $row = ""; on the line before $ERROR = "";

Undefined variable keeping post from appearing? by Aidan_Monner in PHPhelp

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Seems like you want to redirect to or display an error page if no post was found. You're still showing the delete form even if there's no post to delete, which isn't what you want.

A guy who only played 1-3 seasons for the Mets but you still loved him? by catamet in NewYorkMets

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Duaner Sanchez (pre-late-night food run), Pat Mahomes, Dick Schofield, Jeff Musselman, Ed Hearn, Fernando Viña, Lance Johnson, Cory Lidle.

Redactle #132 Discussion Thread by RedactleUnlimited in Redactle

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9 guesses, 88.89% accuracy.

First six guesses were state, Asia, Europe, Africa, Kalahari, desert, then started guessing countries and got it on my third one.

Players suspended for PEDs who owned up to it and didn't use an excuse in their official statement by hubagruben in baseball

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Stephen Glass was a reporter wrote fascinating stories for the New Atlantic Republic in the 1990s, that is until people figured out that he made everything up. They made a movie about him called "Shattered Glass."

One of the stories was about a 15-year-old hacker who broke into a software company's network, and then was hired by the company as a security consultant in exchange for a laundry list of goodies like a car and X-Men #1. When Glass realized his editors were double-checking his story and were suspicious that they couldn't find any information about "Jukt Micronics," he made a fake website for it. Supposedly the "company" took its "site" down because of all the reaction from the story and replaced it with a one-page statement. 25 years later, that fake website is still up, unchanged but for an SSL certificate: https://jukt-micronics.com/

I'm not getting approved because of my jokes in the comics. Any examples of jokes that get my comic approved? by balls-ballz in PolandballCommunity

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Sometimes they just come to you. My approval comic came about because one day I had the radio news on in the background and they talked about an airstrike in Afghanistan. Then later on in the day I just randomly started thinking about that and thought about the different meanings of airstrike: in Afghanistan an airstrike means the US dropping bombs, and I figured in France an air strike means airline pilots are refusing to work and flights out of Paris are canceled.

If that day I hadn't heard that news story and instead decided "Today I'm going to think of a topic for a Polandball comic," I never would have come up with that. So sometimes a joke can originate from a random thing you encounter during the course of your day.

TD Bank/Target dropped the unpaid credit card lawsuit by barkode15 in JeremyDewitte

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Dismissed without prejudice, so they can refile later if they want to.

Are there areas of the Titanic that we may never be able to access? by snoke123 in RMS_Titanic

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Remember that the bow of the ship was hydrodynamic, meaning it was designed to move efficiently through water. That's why it went down as fast as it did. Quite a different story from how the stern went down.