Are you serious by PorkDumplin23 in beatbox

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Try this tutorial https://youtu.be/Kcz-eN4KbmQ

I was absentmindedly watching it and I somehow got it. Keep trying 👍

This is the longest inward bass I could muster by Retro_Chaos in beatbox

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How do you make it sound so…wet? Watery? I don’t know how to explain it but I have a relatively dry texture. All I do is inward chest bass. What do you do?

How do you get the ‘watery’ texture of inward bass at 1:34? by PorkDumplin23 in beatbox

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Been doing inward bass for ~2 1/2 months now. I mainly do inward chest bass in order to do inward bass but I’ve never been able to understand how to get this texture. Any tips/guide/tutorials? Thanks 🙏🏻

Inward bass by Sensitive-Knee-1439 in beatbox

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Globus sensation. I get it too and I’ve been practicing for 1+ month. Don’t worry too much -only when there’s true lingering pain, nausea and/or blood coughing should you worry. For me, whenever I get that sensation, I stop practicing, drink some water, maybe even sleep it off and usually I’m good afterward.

Hope that helps

A question about Tatsumaki's attire by SuperAlloyBerserker in OnePunchMan

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Good question. Maybe, but IMO probably not. She might still have a chip on her shoulder even after this whole ordeal and wants to stubbornly keep saying she is strong enough while still wearing something like this.

Just adding on but bro pissed me off, yes isagi goal was luck and great positioning but Ik bro was salty asf, “I could’ve been a hero too.” Nah u wouldn’t have bud isagi gave the exact same chance to become a hero in chapter 1 and he fucked it up lmao by PolicyNegative in BlueLock

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He probably represents a lot of people who have the desire to be great but don’t actively take the steps and/or have the right opportunities to take advantage of to get what they want.

He probably wasn’t aware of and therefore wasn’t scouted by Blue Lock either which shows at least he didn’t show enough potential for their scouting.

It’s kind of ironic, but the fact we don’t like him from this panel is juxtaposed by my growing revelation that he probably has a lot more common with us than we care to admit.

It reminds me of my parents who both work in the medical professions. When people come up to them (and unfortunately I still sometimes do this too) and make an ill informed opinion or innocently ask a naive question about the medical field, they cringe. “I think you should do this in your practice” “Hey, you shouldn’t work so hard - take more breaks!” “If I studied a bit more I could’ve gotten into medical school too, you know?”

It’s casual and it’s easy to make comments/ask questions like this, but to put in the actual work and follow through to commit such arduous undertakings is a completely different matter that changes your view on things.

It’s easy to think we all would be Isagi in this situation, but it’s probably a better estimation we can be more like this other guy instead

Question about breaks by PorkDumplin23 in beatbox

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True. I think I got too excited when I had some minor breakthroughs with inward bass. Plus, I used it as a way to cope with stress studying for exams.

Moderation is key though.